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  1. Squall has sold. Avet SX still up for grabs. $200 color: red
  2. Want to sell two reels Avet SX in red - $200 Penn Squall 15 - $100 Im looking to sell it local, in person. STATEN ISLAND ONLY. Will send pics in DM.
  3. Hello hello. What are some lightweight Baitcasting reels. Something lighter than 7 oz with a gear ratio of 7.0:1 or higher
  4. Nope.
  5. Try out the Tica Surf, umga90mh2s. It is light as hell and when paired with a light reel its like you are holding a bag of lays chips.
  6. Good Topic! i was looking to buy a SM, so this is a good post! +1
  7. Ding Ding Ding. we have a winner. +1,000,000&1
  8. +1
  9. Thank you! Ok so i am going with a Shimano Stradic CI4+, but now which rod do i pair it with.
  10. So ive been looking and found a reel i like. i just need a bit of insight on it. the reel is Shimano Stradic CI4.
  11. So i now have 2 of 3 set up's i want - 11' Tsunami Airwave with an Avet SX, possibly changing to a Siegler Star Mag - St Croix Mojo Musky 8'6" with a Daiwa lexa 400 HD But now im in need for a light tackle spinning set up. Mainly used for saltwater but i will use it in freshwater regardless. Any Suggestions? No price range.
  12. i use an avet sx filled with 65 lb power pro. under heavy load its pretty easy to keep it level. casting is simple and no gloves are needed for both because you arent gripping the line, all you are doing is leaving a finger on the line to guide it on the spool.
  13. Yeah...ahh.... if it wouldn't be too much trouble, JimP... i understand you are joking but dont make those types of jokes.. That'd be swell. Yeah.
  14. dont want to say much but the Scar-H is still being tested. Currently the SV, scout variant, is being used and tested because of how versatile it actually is. 7.62's are my favorite bullet size but as to how much money itll take to produce it is insane. Although it wouldnt hurt us to actually have a 7.62 cartridge, itll create chaos within military politics as to why we cant do it or why it may be obstruct... which i think is dumb but oh well. Also to add, the 5.56 is still going to be used. Its not like the whole world will have immediate access to this body armor that can take the 5.56..... Im also pretty sure they were talking about a regular 5.56 NATO bullet. Not including its variations that can be mass produced such as a AP 5.56 or a API...( which will be cheaper than mass producing a 7.62 and its variations..)