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  1. very well put. Thank you my kind sir.
  2. im sorry to hear brother. Hope you everyone is holding up in this difficult time. Unfortunately, being a health care worker I am risking exposure to the virus. So to make up for me being at work all the time i spend my moneys in fishing and during lunch break go down the street and fish at this private beach that im not supposed to be on.. haha
  3. i was told to call bob today at 5. I will be doing so. However, with the covid-19 i don't think going to grumpys would be ideal at this very moment.
  4. Definitely braid. I’m probably going to be running Fuji LC guides. As for the stripper guide, on a conventional set up, is bigger the way to go?
  5. i will do that now. ill post the recommendations when i get an answer
  6. so what would be a better choice
  7. ah, yea. that's fine.
  8. Im starting to think I've been living under a rock.
  9. Ive fished with 16" and ive also fished with 27" both were customs that my buddy has. i don't have troubles with it at all. the only problem im having is that long handles don't work well for me. When you say moderate blank, are you saying average?
  10. Ok this is what ive got so far: Rod: Lamiglas GSB132-2A Reel: Seigler SM Guide Spacing: 13 Guides + tip Tip 2 1/2 5 1/2 8 3/4 12 5/8 17 22 1/8 28 34 5/8 42 3/8 51 1/4 61 1/2 73 1/4 87 1/4 12-10-8-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-tip Then from Butt to Middle reel seat is 18" That leaves me with 26.75 inches from middle reel seat to first guide at 87 1/4.... Is this good or bad?
  11. I learned something new. Ok. Im basing the build of a Seigler SM. Now im guessing the reel seat diameter is based on it Inside Diameter? So lets say i want a shorter handle rod, id be going with a bigger size like a 20 to make it go lower on the rod? the rod i chose to go with is a Lamiglas GSB132-2M. Id like the handle from the middle reel seat to the butt of the rod to be somewhere around 16"-18", how do i go on about that?
  12. Ive got a question. How do i decide on tips and guides? More guides or less? Which ones to go with? Also, how do i know which reel seat to go with?
  13. Ill look in to it. sadly with what is going on we must stay cautious. Im located in Staten Island, NY so there isnt much shops that are willing to build customs... I might be on my own on this one. haha. However i know there is a rod building workshop somewhere upstate. Im always up for the challenge and i saw on my first post where i was looking for a prebuilt someone suggested Mudhole for a kit. I ordered the start up supply kit. Now im looking at rods, and deciding if i want foam or cork grips.
  14. It's worth a shot, basically my whole family loves to fish. If i can make my own rod and do well, I think i can use rod building as a way to get Christmas presents instead of buying a new video game console or gaming pc components for the fam.. lol
  15. never in my life have I. This will be my first.