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  1. no. mono line made by Joy. 5ft radius. Haven't opened it yet.
  2. Where are the Virginia shrimp. I want to try cast netting. Live in Virginia Beach.
  3. I'm looking for a "kicker" motor for a Hobie Adventure Island. Want to keep it light as it won't be main power. I like the size of the Kayak Buddys' 50cc Honda on the outboard leg, but with shipping, price creeping up close to a decent used Honda 2.3hp. Watched all of their videos and seems solid, better than a glorified weed eater. Anyone using one?
  4. What do you use to protect your Sonar/GPS cable ends from the weather when GPS unit is removed and boat stored outside. My cables will remain in the kayak, but I remove the screen when boat not in use. I could use a plastis bag, but that seems lame. Didn't find anything on the humminbird website. I have a Helix 5.
  5. What kayak are you waiting for. Took some time for mine to arrive.
  6. Intersting. The mounting hole Hobie created is under the hull, tucked up so the sonar is protected.
  7. I've never owned a fish finder, but I have used pressure transducers. My Hobie AI has a built-in slot to mount a Lowrance fish finder / transducer. Seems like the mounting bracket covers most of the unit under the hull. How does that thing find fish when it's covered by plastic. I bought a transom-mount Humminbird 5 which I'm hoping can be retro-fit into the slot made for the Lowrence.
  8. Depends on what species you're fishing for. The title of your thread suggests your question is a about boating, but the question in the thread is about fishing. Exactly what are you asking.
  9. You haven't told us what safety gear you have. As you say, maybe you already have enough. Good discussion. I'm learning some things.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Maybe I didn't explain my question well enough. I simply trying to understand the size of the battery required to operate the typical chart plotter; car-size, marine trolling motor size, lawn mower, something smaller. What size battery are people on kayaks using/needing/finding adequate.
  11. I currently have a handheld GPS/plotter for use with a Hobie Island and day use. I'd like to get a suitable mounted finder/plotter/gps that I can use for multi-day trips, but I don't have a battery on board. For weight, I'd prefer to keep the battery small. What's the smallest/lightest battery that I could use for such a unit. Assume recharging during the trip is not an option. Thanks
  12. Went to the local bait shop, but they were very low on stock. Waiting for a truck full of supplies like many other stores. Ended up going to West Marine and buying a combo, 7' Penn Battle II with 5000 reel, and a 6' Tiger Lite Ugly Stick with Spinficher VI 3500 reel.
  13. Why do you assume I need to come up with a couple of bucks. I've got plenty of bucks and I'll be buying a couple of rods/reels/tackle better suited for kayak fishing. Won't be spending $500 on a reel though.
  14. Personally, as the thread starter, I appreciated the leash suggestion. It's not gloom and doom at all. Actually, I apprciated all the previous posts except yours.
  15. Hey, thanks for all the replies and suggestions. Still working on my trailer and waiting for the boat to arrive. Haven't had time to go rod/reel/tackle shopping yet.