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  1. Well the old Sportrak color that I haven't used in 5 years and was having trouble locking onto my new address finally locked on satellites, so this will work. I also found a backup Sportrak Color for $20 that I'll use. I also have a handheld VHF radio. If I decide to venture into big water, which isn't likely, I'll buy a personal locator becon (PLB). I like the ACR RestQLink.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I didn't get an email notice, so wasn't aware there were responses. I should have been more specific. I'm looking for something that will allow me to store waypoints and work without phone service. I don't want to use my phone as a main gps. The gps also should float. Thanks
  3. What portable GPS do you recommend for a small watercraft (13' duck boat) that doesn't have battery or outboard that doesn't charge a battery. I have an old Magellan SporTrak color handheld, and it's come in handy in the fog, but it's on its last leg. Time to upgrade. Thanks.
  4. I bought a '97 SR5 tacoma, lifted a few inches with 285/70R17 tires. I will be returning the truck to original ride height (period) and stock rims. 99% of the time I will drive the truck on pavement. 1% of the time I hope to drive the truck on the east coast beaches (assateague and NC). What's a good size tire and tread for this use. I'm old and don't want a load aggressive tire on the pavement. Thanks.
  5. Looks good. I ended up buying a '97 tacoma. Now I'm searching for fuel-miser car to go with it.
  6. Hey, thanks for all the input. Good info.
  7. I don't have one. Researching them for possible purchase.
  8. Could a Subaru Outback or similar car handle driving on the beach along the mid-Atlantic; such as Chincoteague/Assateague Island.
  9. The auction ended at $2235. I didn't bid.
  10. Any thoughts on the approximate value of a very old 16' Whaler (trailer and motor) that has no hull ID number, has mostly been sitting for many years, 75 merc outboard that ran when last used, and no controls for the motor. I was able to look at it and saw some scuffing on hull. I'm told that there are no leaks and I believe they are honest. I would search the boat value websites, but I don't know what year it is. untitled-27-1
  11. Craigslist Free Section
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. The owner of a local shop said I'm all set as far as rods/reels and shared some local spots as well.
  13. thanks. your website doesn't show up in the thread.
  14. Thanks for the suggestion. What species are you targetting with that size rod? I plan to fish the surf at Back Bay, nothing else. Are my rods too big for rudee inlet? I really don't want to be buying more rods. I'd rather use what I already have. I suppose that I could trade them in or sell them. They are like new.