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  1. Old v20 wellcraft are a dime a dozen. They can be had cheap or free . Most deck space imo per ft. Not sure if I seen one with a shower but you can add a fresh water rinse down pretty easy. They are the only older bigger boat I know that can be pushed on plane with little hp. Most 115 4 stroke weigh the same as 140 .so 140 is where i would be on a 21-23 cabin at min. If you run 2 stroke you might be able to go 115 since its lighter .
  2. Go to their main website and they have a a section with a bunch of stuff on sale like 60 -70 % percent off in the bigger sizes.
  3. The manns strech have little action ,pay attention to the diver ,its round but work better for me the colder the water is cause the action is slower . The rapalas have a diamond shape for the diver and has alot better side to side action that moves faster that I use on warmer waters. The manns are better pulled slower then the rapalas streches. Both work great . Just dont put alot of stretches out cause they swim into each other . Then you have a bstretches. Tandem mojos or bft work good where I'm at as well. But Again I'm down in va.
  4. Call my brother he's the suzuki guy where I'm from. I'll PM you his number. We have many parts motors and he rebuilds from bottom up. So he can upgrade you on trade in or rebuild it or send you some parts at discount I dont think that oil cooler you're issue I rarely see them go bad . Im betting on crank seal or mid section corrosion issue internally where the pan is. Pull your lower unit 3 bolts each side and one under trim tab. If your seeing oil all over the lu shaft then either mid or seal.
  5. Will this work for you..10 pitch .its 9x10 . If your still interested I can ship it to you. One of my boat buddies has it.
  6. What diameter do you need
  7. Doesnt matter what the short shaft has stock. You can have the same motor or ten diff boats or the same hull and the outcome will be diff almost every time because each person will have diff loads and setups . Need to measure your motor shaft. Measure from your cavitation plate to the engine mount .where it hangs onto the transom. If its diff then your transom of 20 inches then your motor hieght is more then likely off and might need a jack plate... Aluminum props flexs vs ss.so the pitch between the two materials will be diff.
  8. If engine is spinning too many RPM . called under-propped you need to increase the propeller’s pitch. engine is spinning too few RPM you’re over-propped and need to reduce the pitch. Sorry was earlier this mourning.
  9. You need correct engine height first before you reprop.. You said you had a long shaft motor on a aluminum boat. What size transom to what size shaft. Yes they come in diff length shaft . Not all long shaft are the same on these newer motors. Yes going up in pitch from 9 to 10 will raise the rpm up. But so will raising the motor or a lighter load Usually 100 rpm maybe 200 at most. You need to be fully loaded when testing props. If you have a diff load each time your result will vary for wot.
  10. Take the pads back out. Theres usually shims on the outside part of the pads. Remove those reinstall.this usually a.quick fix.. Grease the caliper bolts not a fitting. . The caliper isn't releasing fully or the pads/rotor are to thick if you put news one on . Check your brake like from the metal line to the rubber hose part that connect to the caliper. If its swollen anywhere replace it .swollen rubber line or ones that flex when braking wont let the caliper press or release right . Common problem people over look.. You could get the rotor turned to make up the room diff or pull the shims on the pads .. Usually it's the old caliper problem with new parts. While your in there check make sure the metal hardware that hold the pads in place isn't bent in any way towards the rotor. Also you can put pads on wrong. The tab that tell you your low should be face the correct way if not this could cause the noise to. Some rotors have a hold screw that holds it tight and flush against the hub make sure this screw isn't missing. If so it will give play in the rotor and cause scraping noise at low speed. As for the knocking .hard to say. CV only knock on tight turns unless there totally done. ,grease doesnt freeze as far as I know. Grab your well when jacked up at 3 and 9 and twist do same thing at 12 and 6 position. Should be tight both way .if play anyway then you have issues.could be wheel bearing,tie rods,ball joints. Etc..
  11. You need to find out if it's a suspension lift or body lift or combo of both. Take to a off road shop . They would be best. The leafs are stock I bet unless he went to a overload spring for hauling but I dont think that a option for a jeep really.a truck yes .they usually block the back for the extra height . The front would not be stock springs and longer springs then stock.
  12. I would check lower unit for oil as well. Grease all fittings. Pull prop and grease shaft and I personally would pull lower unit and grease the spline as well.. this is just basic maintenance. I have seen LU and props get stuck on the splines from not lubricating them. When you put lu back on lub up the bolts as well. makes for a easy removal down the road.
  13. Get it welded wont cost as much as you think. Couple hundred at most. I have gotten skeggs rewelded on lower unit for less then 100 bucks and cavitation plates fixed to for cheaper. ..
  14. Dont forgot to do the break In procedure before going wot. You have to seat the rings.so deciate a day to this with no company. painfully boring. Then do your 20 hr service .
  15. Star Ariel kingfish series. 15 30 lb 7 '6 fters. 69 $ at dick. Want better hardware go with the same rod but delux 150ish .want better hardware and warranty go handcrafted series. All kingfish . Ugly stick tiger aren't bad either for live bait. I have a set of speedmaster iv with the star rods and hard to bet that setup for live baiting over 400 yard of 20 lb line will tire and inshore fish out.. You avet has a nasty drag curve for live baiting .I would suggest another reel also with a smoother drag. Espieclly if live baiting for toothy fish. I also prefer a star drag vs lever on live baiting so you can easily adj drag without going over board or to far espiclaclly with guests .