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  1. I like 7 -7.6 . If you have a small boat with lots of people casting 6 ft.
  2. In my area a 9.9 can hold its value better then a 20hp . Theres alot of water restricted to a 9.9hp or smaller. Just for that reason I have sold two 9.9 in the last 3 months.. One was a 1990 yama 4 stroke 9.9 carb that I got 1k for with a trade of a 4hp Yamaha. Without knowing the year make model.i can normally get 300 for a non running old motor .500 for a runner with issues. 750 plus for a good runner .
  3. Float not catching or blown out gasket. Pull bowl. Pull float .remove needle and check the needle point. Should have no Mark's on the point .. and make sure the needle is free to move up and down.. Reinstall. Make sure tank is venting. Primer ball stay hard and the arrow stays up right. If your leaking gas your system is not delivering under load can't supply enough fuel. Get that corrected .your sucking air.
  4. Looks low maybe 3 inch or more. . With the motor tuck in towards the transom the cavitation plate should be level (bottom plate on lower unit) with bottom of boat. Your motor is basically bogging it self down from poor motor height .
  5. Is that a long shaft motor on a short transom I see the prop blowing the water up and out of the v behind you. Take a picture of your cavitation plate to the bottom of your hull.
  6. Trash . I have seen these leak in person on a brand new one from a boat show.. Not this brand but same concept. If you want one get a fixed mount installed.
  7. Bps usually have the mercs 9.9 for around 1600-2000 new . They finance and if you open a new account they usually have an additionaly 10 percent off plus rewards points .did this about 5 yrs ago. Usually rewards points double on holidays. Use it to your advantage. After a month or two do a transfer balance to a diff card for 0 percent interest on transfer for 12 -24 months. Payment would be 60 for a 2 yr pay off or 120 for a one yr. Most all newer 4 stroke small hp motors are made by tohatsu. So most are rebadged tohatsu.
  8. . Put a set of vise grip on a long long screw driver. Use a big tip. Now you have something to torq with and press in at same time. A little trick I use. Dont use any power tools.
  9. I have used most the rod mention here. The trophy ,tiger, trevalas .. one not mentioned is the star rod areial. They have a kingfish series made for this . This is my favorite all time live bait rod and works great for inshore trolling to. The model number is ex kf 7 . 7ft 15-30 lb I have a set of 5 on speed master iv . Think I paid 69 each rod . The old tigers are decent but the new models sux.
  10. Replace all. Btw your missing a clamp on the hose in the second picture. One facing down on the t.
  11. At least Drain water separator. Then if you want to go really in depth. Drian all fuel rails ,carb bowls ,vst ,purge all gas line..then start with what gas you have. Adding more gas to bad gas is still bad gas. Doesnt matter the octane and amount.So dont make a possible issue bigger.
  12. Step one. find out who owns the boat legally. Whos name is on the title. If your grandfather never sold it then he will need to get another title. Think I paid 25 $ for a copy when i lost one in va. Step two If he sold it then you need to contact the newest titled owners. Look at sticker to see last state reg in. Contact that state marine fisheriers and boat registration place. They can provide you with a form and info of last register owner for them to sign the boat over. Or clear there names from it. Normaly you fill out form ,send off by certified mail. The owner either get it and sign it or it comes back unopened after 45 days and defaults to you or onwer wants his property back ( imo take everything that is yours off. Motor etc). you send in unopened certified letter and you get title. So count on 60 to 90 day process. This is how VA does it. I have submitted this before. Was very easy but tedious.
  13. Not really a thing to winterize a 4 stroke.. If anything they added some ethonal stabilizer to the gas and drain vst and fuel rails to prevent varnish in the fuel system .gas varnish will void your warranty. with your other basic maintance items. Really just prime the primer bulb. Then prime the vst a couple time with the key on and off while priming the bulb so you dont overwork the high presure pump . Depending how cold your area gets and what engine some have cooling line that run into the fuel rail and oil filter to keep cool. They could have pulled a line and drained those so they wouldn't freeze and bust . But that wouldn't stop you on start up ..
  14. I'll agree is a jumper box easier then pull starting..yes. Wasn't saying it was a easy task but 90 percent or more boaters are not aware of this . What happens when your jump starter box dies ? a rope doesnt need a charge and most people will buy that jump box and charge it once then leave it on the boat till they need it. But when they need it ,been so long its either dead ,broken or mia cause someone borrowed it at the sandbar and did not return it. Or that lawnmower needed a jump and was forgotten about on the off season. I know on a boat if it's not bolted down it some hows walks away or breaks. Every boater has enough crap to bring on the boat .last thing i want is another item to load and unload. I know every boat has a rope. Multiple. Most any offshore guy Carrie's tools. If your battery dies once no problem.dies twice then your boat setup is not correct for for your usage and needs to be addressed and using a jumper battery box as a band aid to fix your issue is not correct. Btw for that hundred you spent I can add another house battery To my switch which will out do any jumper box.. they also sell onboard chargers for cheap . Imo all boat should have a back up battery and all of this can be prevented. It's the cheapest insurance any boater can add to a boat with the most benefits.if a jumper box is your preferred method then great for you .I hope it is there for you everytime. Either way it is better then have nothing as a back up.
  15. No break in on lu just gears. Not like a new motor where your trying to set the rings . Juts grease shaft probly ,bolt and have fun. Imo i would beat the crap out of that lower unit just to make sure my drive gear in the powerhead wasn't stripe.and is holdin ip.,I'm sure you get some type of warranty for a few days. ...