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  1. No riots in my hood, nice and quiet. Sure does feel like society is a powder keg though.
  2. Hello Ernie
  3. its a 402 big block, probably around 450-500 horse. nice engine, i just wanted something with a little more pizazz
  4. Yeah but they're more for nostalgia throwback type builds.
  5. I would have to change the pistons to something with lower compression but it could be done. As it is it will have between 750-800 horspeower which is plenty for the street.
  6. I like your optimism.
  7. Its just an intake manifold.
  8. So what are we burning down today?
  9. Привет
  10. what is that?
  11. Might be more media hype but you gotta keep your eyes on it just in case.
  13. I dont like what im hearing about whatever is going on with kids from this covid **** either.