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  1. what is that?
  2. Might be more media hype but you gotta keep your eyes on it just in case.
  4. I dont like what im hearing about whatever is going on with kids from this covid **** either.
  5. Not bad. People starting to crack though. All these pandemics and murder hornets takin a mental toll on folks. Complaining and arguing about everything under the sun.
  6. Chipping away at this beast when I get the time here and there.
  7. forged steel
  8. He's a fool if thats true.
  9. Maybe it was originally blue. I dont know much about Corvettes theyre old man cars.
  10. chugging along corona has me motivated
  11. His wife told him to? To match his balls? he likes blue? i dont know
  12. Hello