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  1. Use a leader if youre gonna use braid. flouro
  2. TOTO, 5" green pumpkin black flake yamamoto senkos on 3/0 worm hooks rig it weightless, regular, **** that wacky nonsense on the blue rod, little Camshaft will slay em.
  3. Im not really a dunker but I take a rogue one every now and then. I have a bad habit of tossing my **** in the sand though. All my shimanos and daiwas get crunchy after two seasons whether i service them or not.
  4. I dont think theyre as dunkable as a VS but you can here and there and be ok from what I read.
  5. Yezzir
  6. I dont think VM's are sealed.
  7. Anybody in here have a VR reel? Thinking about getting one.
  8. I didnt have caps so i went bonkers with the tape. I was still worried it wasnt gonna work.
  9. All good man. Pink hockey tape.
  10. Toto, green reel on the blue rod, very important.
  11. I dont.
  12. Anybody have Totos current address? I pm'd him but I need to go take this **** to ups like right now.
  13. I cant make the Palooza in September ive got a Utah trip planned then, but im gonna do the plug thing again.
  14. No to get full mojo you need the reels too.
  15. Did Roccopalooza happen already?