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  1. Your crapper got a power handle on it?
  2. Got it Guest, thank you.
  3. Yeah
  4. You are paid up in both.
  6. My underwear will have its own streak going.
  7. I need to do something to restore balance.
  8. This good fortune thing is starting to concern me. Friend of mine told me to stop by because he has a bunch of **** and he might have something I need. So im looking through his **** and amazingly enough find myself looking at a brand new forged crank in exactly the size I need. Then he says he has a set of rods that go with that, and pulls out a set brand new forged h beams, in exactly the size I need. I ask him what he wants and he says take em, I have too much **** and I dont feel like carrying that **** to the swap meets. Feels too good, im nervous.
  9. LOOTS
  10. That was an interesting way to end the game.
  11. Been on a health kick for a while now. 5 months no booze, eating like a hipster rabbit. went from 238 to 214 as of yesterday.
  12. ROCCO whats up man
  13. I just got the block. If I left there with even a shortblock for 400 bucks I dont think I could live with myself.
  14. No way EK signs here. This **** has been a disaster.
  15. har har the old hombre is getting a heart transplant