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  2. Adidas NMD's 50% off with code NMD50 on Adidas website. Upgrade yo **** Ernie.
  3. You need a battery disconnect. Those solar chargers suck.
  4. mesmerizing
  5. go Flames go we want 12
  6. Flames beatin that ass.
  7. Hes not really a ninja fan surprisingly. He likes some Australian dudes.
  8. thank you
  9. Vesey looks like that guy from Weird Science.
  10. He's on xbox now yes but wants to switch to PC gaming.
  11. Fortnite mainly. Im sure he'll get into others though.
  12. I can get the mouse,kb, and monitor separately. Prefer to buy it built.
  13. I need to get a desktop for gaming, under a grand. Any advice?
  14. EDDY
  15. make up call incoming any second.