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  1. Well that was quick
  2. what a dumbass
  3. i wish i could do that
  4. I feel overdue for a photochop.
  5. He wins every year, what does that make us.
  6. I guess, i was watching on mute. Shes not my typical flavor but she reminds me of a young Sherilyn Fenn.
  7. The chick on Graveyard Carz is hot af.
  8. I probably have the world record for casts with a bucktail without catching anything.
  9. Thats good news
  10. you guys need to watch the Aquabats Super Show. by far my favorite kids show.
  11. Rocco my kid had night terrors pretty regularly for a while there, and they seemed to happen in clusters. He hasn't really had them for six months or so. With him, going to bed too late or past his tiredness sweet spot would cause them every time. And if he did have them, just comforting him until he fell back asleep was the best course of action. Trying to talk to him or explain anything was zero help, his mind wasnt even there.. Eventually they just faded as I suspect is what happens with most kids and what will happen with her too. The only suggestion I would give is to see if something in her pre bedtime routine could be causing it, like screen time or eating too late or something like that.
  12. dexys are ****ting the bed this week mother****er
  13. its way beyond weird
  14. you should check it out