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  1. Ernie you need to teach Peaches how to run a contest.
  2. The New York Karens.
  3. rocks wet socks will turn your feet into raw infected meat
  4. They should have made the mouth a can opener.
  5. I believe you we're just never going to hear the end of this now.
  6. Rocco quit playing around. This catfish could be the key to unlocking the greatest mystery mankind has ever known. It could save us all.
  7. Derby then Burning man
  8. one of these, a hot glue gun and a few popsicles from Roccos morgue and we're in business.
  9. I dont like catfish.
  10. Toto get you some green pumpkin 5" senkos and some 3/0 offset hooks.
  11. ah, gotcha.
  12. Oh its the best, but on a baitcaster for a little kid heck no. A knotty braid birds nest is a reel thats done for the day in my book.
  13. plus braid tangles and knots