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  1. As Canary says, Stradic SW 10000HG. The Stradic SW (this generation, not the one before) is the Japan version of the Saragosa, I think. The Saragosa is not sold in Japan - it's an export model.
  2. Hedgehog Studio, maybe. The shop seems to have a lot out of stock, though.
  3. Varivas Ocean Record is good stuff. It is supple and ties a nice knot. It is delightfully easy to handle. I don't know that it's super abrasion resistant, but it is v good quality stuff.
  4. This is interesting. Daiwa Saltigas (including Catalina & variations of Saltiga such as Expedition) had poor paint till recently. It is likely to be better now because Daiwa is actually saying in advertising that the paint on the new Saltiga is improved. However, the paint was bad for a long time - and I think this was fairly well known but wasn't often mentioned. For example, it was never mentioned by Alan Hawk. The paint loss in the photos below started with fitting the reel to the reel seat on a rod (a good Fuji seat). The reel hasn't had a lot of use.
  5. Saragosa SWAs are available in New Zealand & Australia. This may not help you in USA, but it suggests that there hasn't been a deliberate limited release of the reels. Stradic SWs are available in Japan, too.
  6. The Catalina was a bargain, compared with the Saltiga. The Catalina should have been more popular here than it was. It wasn't sold where I live, but could be got online easily enough (from Japan or Australia). I think some probably didn't realise how similar it was to a Saltiga (though hundreds of dollars less expensive). Others probably wanted the Saltiga name, and would pay quite a lot more to get the Saltiga name. I'd go for the Certate SW. It's slightly lighter than the Saltiga (just as the Catalina was slightly lighter than the Saltiga). The Zaion rotor doesn't bother me. It has a cheaper handle knob, but I'm not sure I like the Saltiga handle knob - might replace it with another.
  7. Aquaholik, I'm quite interested in this line - sounds good. But why's it difficult to FG? Is it slippery?
  8. It has a 'chrome porthole' in the rotor, not often shown in pics of the reel so far. I don't like the 'chrome porthole'. I also don't think I like the gear ratio marked on the shoulder of the handle. But I think the reel mostly looks good.
  9. Saltiga BJ 4000 could suit you. (It is about 6000 size, I think -- was released before Daiwa changed the numbering system.)
  10. In New Zealand, the 20 Saltiga is NZ $1549 and the Certate SW is $1049. This price difference seems pretty large to me and suggests the Saltiga could be overpriced. I have a 20 Saltiga already, but if doing it again, I'd probably go for a Certate SW. I was a fan of the Catalina, even though the paint was hopeless.
  11. 10000HG for me. It's been a while since this size and speed combination was part of a Twin Power or Stella line-up. New Twin Power XD is out too.
  12. Yes, the paint on my Expedition 5500H is fragile. I've barely used the reel and it's already missing paint from its foot. My Catalina 4500H (2016 model, I think) has lost almost all the paint on its foot. The problem started with attaching the reel to rod - a rod with a good Fuji reel seat. Fitting the reel to the reel seat caused paint loss - the paint is this fragile. Contributing to the problem is that these reels don't fit Fuji reel seats very well. They are somehow not a very good match with the reel seats - you'd expect that they would be completely compatible. I don't think Alan Hawk (or Scooby) has ever mentioned the weak paintwork on Daiwa's most expensive spinning reels - and it's been a problem for a long time. I have a 20 Saltiga - haven't used it yet (there's something wrong with the bail arm - I'm returning it to be fixed). The paint does appear better on the new reel - though it's hard to tell just by looking at it. I don't think Hawk could open the 20 Saltiga, and this is why he didn't discuss its internals much. He said he'll do another review ('an engineer's review') - I suppose this will be when he has the tool required to open the reel.
  13. Jim DE, I'd say that you will find the tool useful. It's well worth trying.
  14. I think the tool might just about work with that combination of line. It's happier with thinner line, though. The fluoro could be a problem - but I'm not sure about this. I've used the tool to join only nylon leader & braid.
  15. Thanks Sir Defyable. That's a good report. The new Stradic SW is thought to be much the same as the new Saragosa? It's the Japanese version of the new Saragosa - and is available in a greater size range/model range than the Saragosa?