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  1. The 5k has the same body as your 4k. It has a larger spool - that's the difference between the two.
  2. I would say the SW is tougher than the XD. I think the XDs are intended for lighter fishing than the SWs.
  3. The Caldia LT looks to have a Zaion rotor. Curiously, Daiwa says this rotor is made of DS5. Daiwa might have the specification wrong because it looks a lot like Zaion.
  4. Tailwalk is Japanese .. but it could be there are Tailwalk rods made for European markets. I've been told Tailwalk has some connection with Fuji, the guide company - is a sort of offshoot of Fuji.
  5. There's a Japanese brand which focuses on boron rods called Restaffine (I think that's the name). I think they're boat rods though, not surf.
  6. Cts

    There is a CTS website (which is not as good as it could be for information). Look it up and it should give you something to work with. CTS Fishing ...
  7. ^ Looks like T_man's made it through wired. Looks good.
  8. I like Owner split rings. They appear to be better finished than split rings of other brands. The ends are more neatly finished - don't know if this matters very much. Decoy split rings are also good (but I don't think they are as well finished as Owner). The 150 lb Decoy rings are a nice dull grey colour.
  9. I've used the Varivas multi coloured 4-strand in pe 2 and pe3 a bit. I think it's good quality braid - it looks and feels like good quality braid, and the colours are pretty. But I'm not sure that I like it very much. I've had some tangling, wind knot problems with it, probably because it's fairly limp in PE 2 and 3. I've also bought and used a couple of times some expensive Varivas Casting Si-X in pe 6. I haven't made my mind up about whether I like it or not, though I'm certain it is very good quality.
  10. Not Gumption's main problem, but I think nylon might be better leader material than fluorocarbon. I think nylon is better as a shock absorber.
  11. Man, those are nice!
  12. Yes, I think it might stand for 'super high'.
  13. It's not a Yo-Zuri Hydro Pencil?
  14. ^^That's good news, Denny. It was a guess that the 10000 spool wouldn't fit the 8000 reel, but I was pretty sure it would be true. I was even wondering whether Shimano had done it on purpose so that the spools could not be swapped - instead you'd have to buy another Stella. A couple of weeks ago I bought an 8000 SWB, because I wanted to be sure it would take a 10000 spool. Maybe I should have waited to find out more about the SWC.
  15. It's become popular to rig topwater baits with big single hooks here. It's especially common that the tail hook on stickbaits is a big single. It's done partly because it's thought it's better for the fish, but a big single tail hook can do serious harm to fish. It's because the gape is so much wider than that of a treble hook of the same weight.