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  1. I'm looking for a Deep Seductress (who isn't?) 155. Used or unused. I live in New Zealand, so it'd need to be sent to me (of course, I'd pay the shipping). Cheers
  2. Aquaholik has tested some Tasline (shown on his chart) and found the line to be not as strong as claimed by Tasline. Even Tasline's labelling may not be correct.
  3. Seaspin Jack clips are even better than Breakaway, but they're hard to find. They're Italian. (Someone's selling them on Ebay but he hasn't been very cooperative when asked about the shipping cost.) If anyone knows where Seaspin clips can be bought, I'd like to know.
  4. Hitena is Korean? Saltiga 12 Braid (its full name is something silly like 'UVF Saltiga Sensor 12 Braid EX+Si') seems very good so far. It is expensive, but isn't as expensive as high end Varivas.
  5. Is this BH rod similar to the Century SS1025 (but one piece)?
  6. ^ Yes, I think it's interesting (but for you it must be a pain in the neck or worse) and should be publicized. It's meant to be the best reel in the world (or one of the best) but it isn't problem free. And your problem is quite a major one if it means the reel can't be used or can't be trusted if it is used. I'm thinking the new Saltiga could be the pretty clear winner in the competition between Stella & Saltiga.
  7. ^ I think that's another problem: a washer under the bail arm that will slip out of place.
  8. Sufix line is made in China, is it? (Not trying to suggest Sufix is no good - just wondering where it's made.)
  9. Cool, thank you! Just a small order for now: 5 white flags and 2 yellow flags.
  10. Hi NJTramcar, do you send flags overseas? I'm in New Zealand and would like some tail flags.
  11. Interesting... I imagine you'll have looked to see if the line roller assembly is somehow loose.
  12. ^Yep, Ballistic LT 6000 is a good suggestion. (I'm not sure it'd be more heavy duty than the Saragosa he has, but perhaps he wants to try another reel.)
  13. I'd say Mick Murphy wants a larger reel, too. He said he thought the Saragosa 6000 wouldn't be sufficient for the fishing he has in mind. I think he's got the idea that the reels he listed are somehow tougher or more capable than the Gosa. He wants to cast 2 oz minimum. One of his 10 ft rods is rated a little over 2 to 4 oz.
  14. I think a Saragosa 6000 is about right for what you want. It'll handle 35 pound fish. It'd be a better reel than a small Slammer 3500 for casting lures over 2 oz from the shore.