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  1. It's not a Yo-Zuri Hydro Pencil?
  2. ^^That's good news, Denny. It was a guess that the 10000 spool wouldn't fit the 8000 reel, but I was pretty sure it would be true. I was even wondering whether Shimano had done it on purpose so that the spools could not be swapped - instead you'd have to buy another Stella. A couple of weeks ago I bought an 8000 SWB, because I wanted to be sure it would take a 10000 spool. Maybe I should have waited to find out more about the SWC.
  3. It's become popular to rig topwater baits with big single hooks here. It's especially common that the tail hook on stickbaits is a big single. It's done partly because it's thought it's better for the fish, but a big single tail hook can do serious harm to fish. It's because the gape is so much wider than that of a treble hook of the same weight.
  4. I've seen the Rapala Xplode in shops where I am. It is big, and probably meant for GT or similar. They are selling it here, in NZ, because they must think it could be good for yellowtail kingfish.
  5. Nice fish, Drod! You've matched that rod with a Saltiga, is it? What line are you fishing with it? Cheers
  6. I got the same email. It didn't bother me so much because Oz's Shimano prices are much the same as found here in NZ. (Perhaps you in the US could try buying Shimano reels from NZ.) Australian Daiwa prices interest me, though. They are cheaper, and there is also a greater range of Daiwa products sold in Oz.
  7. It's an odd reel - 'niche' is probably the word for it. Strongly made but holding only a little bit of line.
  8. Mike, is there a recommended size or model of Knipex? It could be the one you show in the picture.
  9. GT Ice Cream - the best I know for casting far.
  10. ZA, what do you reckon about the hook arrangement on that Ice Cream? Clearly it worked for Kil when he caught the nice rooster - but it isn't the standard hook arrangement. I think the hook on my Ice Creams could be more effective if bigger - I'm going for yellowtail kingfish. Also think a bit of dressing on the hook might be useful - hair, flasher material.
  11. Sounds like the 8000 is an odd model with a slimmed down rotor, more compact rotor. May mean the 8000 won't take a 10000 or 14000 spool.
  12. I liked the film. I thought Blue Ruin by the same director was better, though. He's made another one, newer one (I haven't seen it yet) which is supposed to be about a werewolf - or maybe someone pretending to be a werewolf.
  13. Looks like there'll be a 14000 PG model. Plat has put out a video which shows more of the reels to be released than I've seen before.
  14. Buddha, we don't have the Caldia in New Zealand. They have it in Australia, and I think there were something like 3 different versions of it. It was more of the Daiwa silliness - there were three or so versions of it available at the same time, with there being some spec differences between the different versions. But those were the previous Caldias. The new Caldia LT is different - I don't think it's just a shallow spool reel. I think they are offered in the full range of sizes including the 6000 size. The Sol has got more bearings than the Caldia and is about 60 Australian dollars more expensive.
  15. Sure is! The Certate's a looker. Yeah, I was a bit disappointed there's no 6000 size. Maybe it'll come later. It does mean my 4000 HD has not been succeeded yet. The Sol is a little higher spec than the Caldia - but I don't think there's much difference between them. Both are made in China. I imagine the Certate LT is made in Japan.