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  1. Gibbs needles are 1-3/4oz?
  2. What about the needles and Slug-Go's only?
  3. Does that place in NJ ever have plug bodies in stock? Every time I look it seems like they are out of stock. Where else can a first-timer get a body?
  4. Wrap up? It's just getting going!
  5. What?
  6. The darker the better for sure, though personally I like a little light for my own good.
  7. Also of note, the moon phase from last week. Those were dark nights.
  8. Last Friday, +/- 40", and Saturday just under 36". At night, on the beach. Not much since. Too much weed.
  9. I have caught three in Maine. One a bunch of years ago, and two in the last 3 or so years.
  10. Sitting at Fort Foster in Kittery yesterday looking over at Odiorne point in Rye, NH I swear there was a trawler going back and forth...I heard reports of pogies around 2kr and that's right there. Am I seeing things?
  11. I need this to work soon. I just had it made for me and I need a pic catching a bass.
  12. Thanks. We got fish last night in the waves on an SP and black sluggos. And, fyi, I missed a few strikes within 4-5 feet of the edge of the water/rocks..
  13. What color HOGY are you using? Day, or night?
  14. Thanks @gbiz207. That one was on Thursday night. Bright moonlight, floating SP minnow.
  15. This is almost a month later than I have ever caught a bass. This is awesome.