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  1. Anyone have been to this show in the past? Around 100 vendors, seems big enough to spend couple hours there next saturday since the weather will be nice as well.
  2. "I'm in for the Scabelly" thanks
  3. i used store bought clarified butter couple times but never really liked it, for the price is better to do your own in my opinion. I use clarified butter only for Hollandaise and Bearnaise sauce, and always make it at home, keep 3/4 of the butter for clarified then keep on cooking the rest until you get your own brown butter for your fish dish is a delicacy, make sure you strain the brown butter with a coffee filter at then end and use as needed. It doesnt get better than that, 2 birds in one stone. my 2 cents
  4. haha nice, any change of action here?
  5. thanks for keeping this a fun thread
  6. Gents lets keep this thread going with the original subject, thanks
  7. I agree, should have called that thread "Jar of broken dreams"
  8. I take the mullet popper
  9. great job buddy
  10. really cool story here, thats a lot of bent hooks
  11. Well at least you landed the fish, thanks for sharing
  12. I’m in thanks
  13. nice head scratcher lol
  14. beautiful fish, yes the canal is the best place for testing gear isnt, thanks fro sharing
  15. striper or blue?