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  1. sorry Kevin, all my condolences
  2. sorry to hear Kevin, all my prayers to you and all your family
  3. FJR and hookr please
  4. Sorry for your loss, may your Mom rest in peace.
  5. large darter repainted by @lonellr with that original huge treble i kept in front, others are Blond Terror.
  6. Yours pm coming
  7. 25 shipped
  8. sounds good pm coming
  9. i can do 45
  10. your pm coming
  11. Brand new around 3 oz 30 shipped paypal thanks
  12. Both new winch is around 2.3oz Both for 35 shipped paypal
  13. Washed ashore swimmer and amber ss are new black over silver and yellow big swivel is used 50 shipped paypal thanks
  14. Yours pm coming
  15. 46 shipped