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  1. Mac pikie, (not new) let me know if interested
  2. you got it
  3. I bought the pikie like this and never fished it, it might have been fished before
  4. chumbucket 2011 pikie, 95 shipped with paypal if your interested.
  5. Sounds good Send me your paypal thanks
  6. I offer 23 shipped, thanks for considering
  7. thank you, I will focus on fishing the wadd for now.
  8. thank you @VanStaalSteve for some insights.
  9. the yellow is a Wadd and the other is the Gibbs on steroids which is about 8 inch and 3 oz. again 2 different needlefish by the same builder, would love to know if someone has preferences over certain condition for either one. thanks
  10. Beauty
  11. Planning on fishing the large wadd and the gibbs on steroids, I would love to hear about how to fish them, what conditions they perform well, any tips or recommendations, and how different they really are in the water- thanks as always -seb
  12. I’m in Thanks
  13. we really want to come Carla & I as well, we will know better in a month, definitely miss the cape and meeting new Ditch fishermans.
  14. I make terrine with it, mix with boar, pork fat, bacon, juniper, lots of freakin garlic, shallots, parsley, cognac, salt, pepper, and some chicken livers, grind all, sit outside overnight (plastic wrapped) then in the morning bake them at 350 for hour and half, Let rest an hour outside then ready to eat with pickles, crusty breads and mustard.