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  1. I Recommend you try to get a "feel" of the bottom and structure with a 3 or 4 oz sinker before you throw any bucktails or other lures.
  2. i take the 2 left hooks (paypal ready)
  3. Thats what its all about, congrats
  4. Jointed red fin or any jointed plastic swimmers. Needlefish is right behind it
  5. 3 rd grs from top below the yellow
  6. i will take those if you take paypal
  7. i take this one thanks
  8. x2
  9. In my opinion having the eyes on the bottom of the pencil popper (calamari profile) is more important than the color.
  10. I think it all about copyrignt, also may pics on internet have watermarks as protection, basically you cannot use something of the internet unless you know for sure its legal. Many lawsuits are because of things like this. In my opinion you better have someone make your own logo (with the idea of what you saw online). someone will give you more details am sure.
  11. GRS slim bunker -20lbs
  12. I will look into the weighted ones and see, I will def do the metal and teaser combo. Thanks
  13. Yes thanks as well, this is another presentation that I never tried
  14. Thanks flylikabird, I may ask you more questions about all that, seems like there is lots of options of how to fish them and I like that you customize them yourself.
  15. I actually never fished a sluggo so i might look into it, thanks for the input