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  1. My condolences Tim to you and your family.
  2. all we need is giving 20 salty's guys like @bob_G a badge and have the same power as police or ma EPOs, that would clean up a bit more.
  3. ..
  4. BM slophead and conrad rainbow please
  5. Purple haze, 2 ss heavy needles and a yellow bottle. Take all for 70 shipped paypal only no splits thanks
  6. I take them for 105, i still have your info Kevin, thanks
  7. @MorningWood would you take 95 Shipped?
  8. i will pass thanks
  9. Thanks for posting, over my price range but lets see if there is more showing up or not then I get back to you thanks
  10. Looking for couple darters and torpedo, made by @blondterror only paypal ready, used or new, these are to be fished thanks
  11. You got it Phil. Will send with the other plugs thanks
  12. Anyone at 28 $ shipped?
  13. Last drop - 35 shipped paypal
  14. You got it Phil thanks
  15. Lifivt needle and knockoff sebile have been fished, the rest is new. 40 shipped paypal, no splits will ship on monday thanks