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  1. Yep bringing a lil mojo for the fishing trip, lets see if I break the skunk
  2. Popper
  3. 4 please
  4. thanks
  5. what are the specs?
  6. i love to make a peppercorn sauce minute, baste your filet mignon with fresh butter, crush garlic and thyme, when the butter start to brown add the cracked peppercorn, deglaze with armagnac or any brandy you like, add heavy cream, cook for 5 minutes, rectify seasoning, glaze your filet with it.
  7. Nice, what works best for me in the past was Pink, chartreuse and green fluo darts and tiny spoons as well. Enjoy
  8. Bill Hurley
  9. looking for surface or M diver , preferably the blue color ones, used or new, post pic and asking price, paypal ready thanks
  10. i rented the rowboat once, easy enough at 2 people, I wouldnt do it by myself but thats just me, seems that many people bring their own mini engines for them
  11. definitely stripers there, patience is much needed and bucktails works great, from a small boat or kayak seems to bring best results
  12. please do not try to wade in this part of the potomac, the current there is insane and the channel is very deep, people have been stuck under rocks there due to the current and unfortunately not much can be done, i always go with a 9 to 10 foot rod and cast in the middle at 1pm, slow retrieve , see what depth they are so add couple of seconds until you get hooked. and enjoy you will catch them.