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  1. Sounds good am glad he is fine
  2. perfect thanks again
  3. I was wondering if anybody heard of Phil lately, he hasnt been on the site for couple weeks now, but maybe he is just taking a break, thanks
  4. torpedo please
  5. Lot 2 please
  6. hope she recover well, all my prayers
  7. I take this one thanks
  8. looks like a tsunami
  9. the TA cross over zara spook is also a nice little plug
  10. also all those trims from the tenderloin can make you a great sauce, or hand cut tartare or burger meat , plenty of options
  11. agree here
  12. I will definitely try them this year, they have 2 different sizes I think, and it seems that often I just dont catch because I am too radical with my plug choice, need a bit more finesse
  13. Did anyone had any luck with the maverick (by Gaines I think), I never bought any but I read couple of good lines about them, not sure if also anyone tried to load them.
  14. PP sent thanks