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  1. nice, definitely very close to the one I have, just with pics I cannot really tell the differences, well made plug for sure
  2. I agree
  3. never had a problem with them, rods come in very strong tube
  4. Couple of new maple spin
  5. Ruru told me it is not one of his, anyway it is well made and love a good BI color
  6. the gibbs wave walker is also a good plug at 1.5 oz
  7. I think it was a klams but not 100% sure
  8. black over yellow (not chartreuse) not looking for 1 oz or 3 oz, anything in between, looking for a couple used or new, paypal ready
  9. I fish NJ once a month, momoco, last tuesday was a very nice morning and my official first striper on bucktail, they hit all at the beach lip, had a great time, both safely released
  10. when you go on is mainpage click on the news for 2022, he post updates there now
  11. Domson pikie, fishy color
  12. hey Dave please take pics with those when you fish, matchy matchy fish will love it
  13. fish it with the hook removed then depending of the action and/or depth you want , I suggest you try this
  14. I have the same in all yellow, the action is superb