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  1. Launched out of niantic today. Fished the tail end of the outgoing and most of the incoming. Covered a ton of water. Only saw a few sparse schools of bait on the fishfinder over the course of the day. Marked the occasional fish on the reefs/rock piles in the area. Primarily fished buck tails with gulp for fluke and sea bass, came up empty. Ended the day with a few small blues on topwater. It’s been an off year so far this end of the state
  2. Heading out tomorrow around noon Eastern CT. Company welcome
  3. Eastern CT in a kayak. Didn’t see much in the way of bait. Fished the incoming and found a decent number of blues. Fished the bottom for a bit to see if anything was around but not a tap
  4. If this is still available I’ll take it
  5. The problem is that the whole checks and balances part of how our government is supposed to work was completely bypassed by just “changing the ruling”. This sets a very dangerous precedence for future “ruling changes” totally negating checks and balances. Not just relating to the Second amendment, but everything. And sure bumpstocks are pointless, innacurate, and just a novelty. However it’s another small piece of our freedoms being stripped away. Mag capacity bans, cosmetics/functions bans, bump stocks. What’s next? Braces, 80% lowers, fore grips, red dots/scopes and so on. There’s no end to it, especially with a majority of his supporters blindly following and supporting everything he does. But hey 4D chess or some BS like that right?
  6. mid flop straight back into the water
  7. Nope cause I figured nothing big was gonna hit that little jumpin minnow, lesson learned. Also this was this morning between 9a-1p
  8. Went out front of Niantic for a few hours after sunrise. A lot of wind and chop, no birds bait or fish seen. A few decent sized snappers was it. Made the run to somewhat more protected waters to the east and found bass blitzing on peanuts all to myself. Most were 16-24” got a couple just shy of 28 and had an easily 35+ fish straighten the hook on a rebel jumpin minnow after making another run right at the kayak
  9. Starting a new job soon, and as a result have taken vacation for the next two weeks solely to fish. So if anyone wants to fish shore/kayak let me know. I fish mainly eastern but not opposed to driving and trying new waters
  10. As a paramedic in Hartford I can say that this is certainly true
  11. Hogy Heavy Minnow Jig, same as the epoxy jigs just made of metal and come in smaller sizes
  12. What they were keyed in on today
  13. Nothing striped however added a new one to the list
  14. Packed it up when the thunder began. Visible bolts off in the distance. Someone unloaded their kayak and began to head towards the water apparently unaware of the weather. I was told that because the storm was “over there” that it wasn’t an issue. Still baffled