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  1. Slow couple of days, but this beast certainly made up for it
  2. Trash fish bite was on fire today
  3. To clarify, the local guy was having none of the rotation BS given the crowd size and how they went about it. Said crowd was not made up of locals, for them to demand things be done a certain way didn’t sit right with him. I feel sorry for people who need to bully their way to a few fish; can’t imagine how they go about their daily lives if that’s their attitude with fishing. Rotations only work with a good group of people who get it. A bunch of inexperienced individuals who quite frankly are a danger to themselves being out at night chasing reports can shove off. They don’t care about tradition, just instant gratification. Same reason why they didn’t stand out there for five hours waiting on the tide, and showed up at peak tide demanding a rotation
  4. They didn’t appreciate showing up late to the party, and myself and the other gentleman not wanting to play by their rules. Instead of just asking they demanded a rotation, which we both said to eff off after standing out there for five hours waiting on the tide. So one of them stepped in front of us and basically blocked us from casting. The mob was shortly behind them. I’ve met some really genuine people that are new to this as a result of covid, but I’ve had far too many interactions with a classless bunch of new fishermen both from shore and out on the water. Sorry for derailing the thread
  5. Got into some slot fish last night as well as a bunch of fat schoolies. Didn’t seem to matter what you threw, though the larger fish came on larger plugs. Whoever the local was to my right thanks for the etiquette and good company, prior to the group of kids and two a holes in wet suits showing up
  6. 16 people out at 1am in the pouring rain. This was never a thing pre-covid. I hate when people show up just as the fishing turns on and suddenly call the shots on how it’s going to go and mug the spot.
  7. Fished the first half of the incoming out front yesterday. A lot of fat and happy schoolies pushing peanuts right into the rocks. Small soft plastics and bucktails worked well. Most in the 24-26 range but I saw at least one slot fish caught off to my right
  8. Two security guards and town PD were at the entrance to the lot about an hour ago but didn’t appear to be denying anyone access. They let me drive right in
  9. Nah if it’s really in that bad of condition (again I apologize for not checking it) just toss it. That’s very surprising given that I used it only last fall, I assumed it was still fine.
  10. That’s my bad for not checking the condition of it. When it was taken off I had a shop do it while also putting on fresh backing. It’s been sitting for probably four to five months, maybe that was the issue. Regardless, my apologies for not checking. I sent your money back
  11. Such cool patterns on these fish
  12. Yup. PM sent
  13. Used for one season. Took it off the reel to try out a different line. $50 shipped
  14. I’ll take this