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  1. @Big Biscuit CT
  2. Can’t seem to find these anywhere. Looking for a blank to build
  3. Yup. One of the first rods I used when I started fly fishing in the salt. Landed multiple slot bass and some albies over the years with no issues. Compared to the St Croix though it’s definitely a bit lighter. For more protected areas and calmer water it’s a solid option
  4. I have the BVK 10wt. It’s not a bad rod but I feel as though it’s a bit light for a 10wt. I notice a bit more difficulty casting that and less distance compared to my other 10wt made by Rise Rod co, utilizing the same line
  5. I have the same rod, and can say without a doubt I find myself grabbing my 10wt more often just to deal with the wind when I fish out front. I would say overall it depends where you’re fishing, beaches vs back bay vs tidal creeks etc. A 9wt would cover most situations, but having an 8 and a 10 gives you a bit more flexibility
  6. I’ll take one white and the last squid
  7. Yup. They can usually be found around floating objects
  8. Fairly regular visitors mid to late august the past couple years
  9. Launched out of pleasure beach. Farthest I’ve taken the kayak into the sound
  10. It’s peaceful. As stated above no one can see you and mug you if you’re on fish. You’re usually alone. You can fish places most boats can’t. Striper fishing at night out of a kayak can’t be beat. There is the concern of someone not seeing you, just have to be smart about when you cross a channel/high traffic area. The bright side is you can usually see the lights/hear them coming and just avoid them
  11. I’ve been sticking to deeper water, 70-90ft. Finding numbers but no size
  12. there’s flies in my box bigger than this bass lol
  13. TFO Axiom 2 9’ 7wt (reel not included) Like new condition, making room for some new stuff. Asking $300 OBO. Located in CT St Croix Imperial Salt 9’ 8wt (reel not included) Like new condition, cork has some wear. Asking $320 OBO
  14. Some size 20s for the box. These seem to produce when nothing else will