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  1. Side note, how’s access been for you guys? Any issues with local PD/DEEP turning you away? I’ve had two people so far threaten to call them on me for being in a “closed” area
  2. Sorry for the late reply. Gonna have to pass. The greenies seem hard to come by and I don’t want to ruin it sending it out to be refurbed. Sorry for the late reply. If this is still available I’ll take it
  3. Purchased new in 2017. 10’ 6” rated 3-8oz but casts anything 1oz or heavier well. A few scratches on the blank but otherwise in good condition. Asking $100, also open to trades. Located in CT
  4. Id prefer a black one, but let me see a picture
  5. Looking for a 705 if anyone has one they’d part with
  6. So after attacking 2A it now seems gov blackface is going after 1A. HB 1627
  7. Not a problem, let me know tomorrow. And if it’s set up as bail less you can leave it set up that way
  8. @Nomad92 any luck finding it?
  9. Yeah I’d be interested. I have someone looking at a rod I have for sale that said he might have a 705 (sounded like he’s not entirely sure if he still has it) that he was going to trade. If he ends up not having one or not finding it I’d be okay with paying cash. I should hear back from him at some point today
  10. Andover, and I’d be open to a trade
  11. Sunday Night/Monday Day
  12. It seemed to do well 1 1/2 to 5. Throwing anything over 6 felt like it overloaded it, and throwing anything less than 1 was a challenge
  13. Still for sale? Interested in the 707 conversion
  14. Anybody have one they’re looking to part ways with?