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  1. I did point out on more than occasion that we had Quarantine Hospitals opened up at 11 Military Bases around the country on Feb 7. (Miami Herald) He doesn't care for this fact and refuses to acknowledge it as any type of early action. I think he just enjoys saying 'Bone-spurs', kinda like a Parrot.
  2. Because it's coopting Memorial Day. It cheapens and dilutes it.
  3. Frank, I'm sorry to hear. Coming from one in a similar boat, it sucks.
  4. If you still have the tick, tickcheckdotcom. I used it before. Fast results, FedEx'd back in 24 hrs.
  5. Oh, stop it now... Mitt. Ha!
  6. Snapper, no drinking while posting. It dulls your senses.
  7. Are you saying she could cause an eclipse?
  8. Worked at a commercial riding/boarding stable. I mucked out more stalls than I care to remember. Drum-full, after drum-full.
  9. ...says lower a case braden
  10. Caught a rerun of Mecum last night auctioning off his collection with the King holding the gavel. Some nice stuff.
  11. Surprised no one has put up this Young Frankenstein bit... ya'll let me down!
  12. Oooooof...
  13. Narcissism will do that to an individual, the fall could be hard. Sometimes too hard.
  14. He sounds like a nice Cat and a solid dude. Sorry for your loss.