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  1. My company had a revolving door on it. It was bizarre, guys would leave and come back 2, 3, 4, 5 even 6 times, it's just the way my industry works. From my personal exp, I had left on good terms and had been hired back as a private consultant at a much higher rate. I worked 3 months out of 12 for basically the same pay, what a great year! It may be possible that some day you may find yourself going back and thought of it more as an investment in the future. If they would kvetch about it and make waves though, I'd stay the course, not say anything and chalk it up to timing. Sometimes those bureaucratic wheels of HR/Payroll turn to fast to stop. Good luck Brother!
  2. It will never change, just get re-packaged. Same soup, different spoon.
  3. IDK what field you're in but I've found that in mine, it's a small world. I'd be afraid of burning bridges and would ask myself, "would $5k after taxes make such a big deal to my family and lifestyle?" In any event, congrats on the new position, best of luck to you!
  4. If this thread is any indicator, at least the Kool Aid seems cheap and plentiful.
  5. Yikes, I didnt need to see that. Gotta work tomorrow and I'm gonna be up all night now. (...if you know what I mean)
  6. WOW!
  7. Ditch and MM, needed to hear some good news today and boy that was twice as awesome! Really happy for you guys, all the best Fellas!
  8. There goes FnM sniffin' that glue again....
  9. Yeah. Hysterical. So how's our strategic oil reserves doin'? Do we have any left at this point or is the rest of it on the way to China as we speak? Enjoy the lower artificial prices now, we'll naturally pay for it in more ways than one later.
  10. Moot point, you would not be able to as a non-gun owner. You've already made your decision should such a time (God forbid) roll around, leaving yourself empty handed and without choice. Again, you speak for no one, except for yourself. Get skin in the game, you may see things differently and change your tune.
  11. Seriously. You don't speak for ANY other gun owners, you speak only for yourself.
  12. That "Ranked Choice" reads like the "Common Core Math" of elections.
  13. locks