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  1. The Democrats have everything to gain while the Republicans have everything to lose by it's release. But no. Instead, let's just hold onto that mountain of evidence a little while longer. Not buying it.
  2. It doesn't matter what you disagree with as the Democratic Party knows all too well that Obama had the obligation to act but instead chose to do nothing on Russia interference. Any interference in the election lay strictly at the feet of Obama and was the failure of the sitting President at the time. He knew everything. Did nothing. It stings. I understand. So that naturally means blame the current President. Unhinged logic at it's finest. No overwhelming mountains of evidence. No collusion. No obstruction. Nothing left to see folks. Move it along now. Take a deep breath. Relax. You'll all be just fine.
  3. If there was actual 'overwhelming mountains of proof' that Schiff & Co. has been saying that he actually had for the last two years, he'd be impeached and convicted by now, regardless of a Republican Senate. They have nothing, because there is nothing. Just overwhelming mountains of B.S. It's time to take a deep breath, accept what is and move on.
  4. Huh, yeah. It loops back in time 00:27 to before the incident. Peculiar way of cutting the video.
  5. If abortion can be a 'right', then why does the father not have the 'right' to raise the child if the mother wants nothing to do with it?
  6. Because afterwards, the woman is still on the bus as you see the scenery flying by like a bus is motion. It also looks as though that she is talking smack with the bus driver judging by her body language. I may be wrong but is my impression.
  7. Why would the bus driver take off after that? Doesn't he/she have a responsibility to stay there, call the cops/ambulance, bus schedule be damned?
  8. Just got back from my annual Trout fishing just south east of Altoona, PA. I still see a number of huge painted "TRUMP!" signs along the way, like 6' x 10'. was unquestionably solid Democratic territory not even 4 years ago. Not anymore it seems. As an aside, the folks in Seneca, NY area are no fans of Cuomo either judging by the signs posted on the way up to Lewiston for some Steelhead fishing.
  9. Oh boy....spitting the hook now!!! Gotcha Bye!