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  1. When the cop checks into a hotel in Russia, if what I am told is correct...
  2. Nice, and standing right behind another nut...
  3. JK, who is the guy circled in the above?
  4. Oh snap, that was funny!!!
  5. Cool, thanks. I really wanted to understand what he was talking about which was why I was asking. Tryin to learn somethiNg.
  6. FnM. -> From “ key issue was states' rights. The Southern states wanted to assert their authority over the federal government so they could abolish federal laws they didn't support, especially laws interfering with the South's right to keep slaves and take them wherever they wished. Another factor was territorial expansion. The South wished to take slavery into the western territories, while the North was committed to keeping them open to white labor alone. Meanwhile, the newly formed Republican party, whose members were strongly opposed to the westward expansion of slavery into new states, was gaining prominence.” Not being a wise-a$$ at all, I am trying undertand your differentiation of states right vs slavery as the reason for civil war.
  7. So sorry for your loss, my condolences to you and your family.
  8. But wasn’t the states rights aspect not only to keep slavery but also to expand westward and pick up more pro-slavery states? What were the specific rights that were being championed? I don’t get the point you are trying to make. I mean, as simple as it sounds at face value, even PBS has a video for sale on their site stating that the civil war was fought primarily over slavery and it’s expansion. What rights did the confederacy go to war with the Union over then? Is it just generic rights?
  9. Buddy of mine working in Woodhull Hosp goes out to get lunch. Two female cops come up behind and stop him, ask whats in his back pocket. He says a pocket knife used for work to open and unload boxes. They gave him the 3rd degree, confiscated it and wrote a ticket. It was for over $100. Explained the work he did, showed his company ID, where he was working and why. It didn't matter. Moral of the story... when in Brooklyn, keep yer knife in yer front pocket
  10. Fair? No. Affordable and functioning? We can find common ground. Nothing is fair in life. Nothing. Anyone saying anything different is trying to sell you something.
  11. I’ve read they are actually being paid 4% more than men when accounting for ticket & merchendise sales. 9% of gross for men team vs. 13% for the womens team; also that the womens soccer grossed only 2% of the mens soccer or something to the effect.
  12. In all these years, I’ve never realized Ian Flemming wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, I’m still buggin out over that! Thanks for that tid bit!
  13. "Tanks but no tanks" was for a laugh but truth is, I was very happy to see them but there should have been more. Many more. It woulda done a world of good for the morale of our troops, veterans and civilians alike. The higher visibility could have been used as a recruiting tool adding to our all-volunteer force and a retention drive for those maybe thinking of processing out. Also as a power-projection "two-fer" for our enemies, both in the display of that power as well as showing we can all actually come together and rally around our men and women in uniform in such a way. Unfortunately, many just simply assigned it to Trump's ego... which it turned out to be nothing of the sort. All that anguish and hand wringing for nothing, outwardly showing our enemies a weaker, more fractured USA being hamstrung by it's divisions. Hopefully for next years parade we can turn the corner and get passed this.
  14. I guess you can say one Country's pride in the display of power by it's military can be watered down to the mere reassurance of another. I think we missed an opportunity on many domestic (and foreign) fronts with the disarray on display over this. Your last line illustrates as much.