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  1. I said nothing of Mueller leaking info himself. If there were any significant findings included, whatever they may be, my point is that I believe it would've been leaked long before this.
  2. Do you mean as compared to what had been leaked about it over the last two years? Come on man, if there was something, anything at all, it woulda been out by now; but yeah, sure let's wait some more for all the answers to come out.
  3. A belated Happy Birthday to you Sir!
  4. Why not? It has everything else it doesn't need, would a kitchen sink have been better?
  5. Then you didn't read what he wrote or else you would have.
  6. ...don't forget about an ashtray.
  7. Looks really good. I'll have what he's having, except for that Bud Light.
  8. REFEER MADNESS!!! LOL, "Weeders".
  9. Been using that roller for last two seasons, it works really well! Up to that point, I used a car mat. They did well and even though it had a soft rubber bottom, it did eventually leave minor scuffs & scratches, esp when I car-topped to the beach due to sand. Not one scratch since and shoulda got one long before. Don't piss off our GF, spend the cash.
  10. Ha, gotcha! I dropped my sarcasimeter and need to send it out to Cal. Had a rough night, you know?
  11. And? The cop saved the lives of the individuals in the immediate vicinity. Seal's thoughts on this would prove interesting.
  12. Linoleum will get eaten up. I would use a deer drag and get the biggest you can find. That should be durable enough to last at least one season. Deer drags (6' x 3') have reinforced grommets already punched out and some even come with straps. You can also look for the High/Low density polymer sheets and cut to size Once you're at the water, you can roll it up for stowing. Good luck and feel free to PM me any questions. Magnum Deer Sleigh'r Game Sled Transport your trophies quickly and easily. Key Features Slides easily over snow, gravel and light brush Compact and lightweight Protects meat and hide (...and kayaks) Fits large deer, bear, elk
  13. You mean like signing a loyalty pledge to the DNC?
  14. Feel better Bro!
  15. So true!!!