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  1. You will go through alot but soft plastics specifically 4-5" swimbaits can be deadly with pike.
  2. I believe academy sports owns the brand. Similar to Dicks sporting goods and Jawbone. I think they are coming out with replacement cutters that can be purchased separately. Until then it’s a no hassle return policy.
  3. H2O XPRESS 6.5 in Titanium Pliers - Just got a pair and I like them. A lot cheaper than VS and a bit cheaper than Danco.
  4. My guess by next weekend it will be yellow eyed madness.
  5. Did you give it a shot?
  6. I have only fished there once. About a good 1.5 hours away from me. Trolling and jigging seem to be the best bet at stripers on the lake. I know good spot is to the left of the pine run boat launch out on the main lake. Take a look at the depth map. You will see a large flat that is 14-24ft of water not far from the bank but is surrounded by steep drop offs on three sides. That's where I would start. I know it is a different lake but a buddy of mine was out this past weekend on Nox and the stripers/hybrids were schooled up in about 20-25ft of water. He got a bunch just slow trolling a diving rapala.
  7. Thanks for the offer but going to a different route.
  8. sounds good interested in pics and what are you looking to get for it?
  9. I would be interested in pics. Do you have one that is stock and one that was upgraded?
  10. Looking for a left hand 300 size Shimano or Daiwa baitcaster. Let me know what's out there!
  11. I will take them. PM me the PP info please.
  12. I can meet in the middle and do $365 shipped.
  13. Where are you located?