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  1. Asking $100 shipped
  2. Looking for smaller sized BM like Cowboy Jr, little guy, juniors, torpedo, smaller Danny’s, atom, ect. Preferably surface to 2’ down. Let me know what’s out there thanks!
  3. New… looking for $60 shipped
  4. I am in King of Prussia
  5. Hey Dave, sure I would be interested thanks.
  6. Beautiful plugs but no thank you.. too many topwater plugs as it is.
  7. If you any other smaller swimmers I would definitely be interested. Whenever you get a chance… no rush Thanks
  8. going to leave open for now thanks
  9. Grabbed the yellow one. Going to leave open for now.
  10. Let’s go with this. But might reach back out for more at some point. Just shoot me PayPal info when get a chance.
  11. I can do that. Debating one of the larger lefty’s too. They are 7 inches right?
  12. Picked up these two D-mag 5” swimmers. I’ll be honest and don’t know too much about them. Was curious if anyone has some info… running depth or surface, type of wobble, ect. Shape kinda reminds me of a lefty (but a different lip). Thanks
  13. Glad I was on them yesterday instead...looked like a zoo out there today. Had to move with them fast and fight the boats that kept running over fish heading in closer to the bar. End of the day bait got pushed in and the surface metal lip was key! Was also able to grab a few on smaller profile pencils as well. Hopefully this weekends forcast doesn't jack things up too bad.
  14. Going to hold off on these thanks for posting tho.
  15. Would you consider $195 for the 4 dons below and the small yellow lefty on my other wtb thread?