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  1. Nah just running late.
  2. I have a 9'6" CTS vapor trail rated 1-3 but throws 3/4- 2.5 comfortably. It was used for one season. Looking for more around $360 tho
  3. I will tape the section I am cutting with masking tape and use a chop saw for a clean quick cut. I would not recommend cutting a blank by hand. However if you must do not add a lot of pressure, let the saw do the work. Usually with 1pc blanks you can cut 6" off the butt without changing any of the action of the rod. I cannot comment on 2PC directly but since you are cutting only 2.5" I would doubt it would change any action or ratings.
  4. Sucks sitting at work knowing the bite is going on but happy to see a lot of you were able to catch and enjoy the Veteransblitz. Looking at the cams this morning that S wind did a number on clarity.
  5. Moco yesterday 12 - 6pm... got out a little late and pretty mad about it. Peanuts coming through pretty close with some fish on them. Got 2 schoolies on topwater. Once the tide started to come in around 1 it shut off where I was. Buddy fished same spot 9am - 12 and had over 20 fish all in the 20" - 30" range. Really good sign to see some bait in close. Unfortunately looks like there is a storm coming this weekend. Hopefully it doesn't push the bait back out. Moved a little north to fish the sunset and a lot of bait there too but no bites.
  6. Anyone know if Delaware Valley Surf Anglers will be having a show this year? I have not seen anything on Facebook but usually is held in January.
  7. Lowering to $420 as I need a quick sale due to a big purchase this weekend.
  8. It is considered one piece. Due to the length I cannot ship. It had a slip joint (all cts rods are like this now in order to ship to US). This was glue together and the handle covers the joint.
  9. Rod is pretty durable and multi-functional. I can throw small sp minnows with easy and 2oz pencil poppers with no problem. I don't no if I would throw over 2.5oz with this rod. As far has high sticking I have never had an issue tightening up the drag and letting the rod do the work. Rod does have some power despite the light lure rating. I caught the fish in my profile picture on this rod.
  10. Up for sale is a built CTS vapor trail 1-3oz but throws 1/2oz to 2oz with ease. It has been used for two seasons. It is an awesome rod. Super light and sensitive. Overall it is in very good condition. Local pick up only in King of Prussia, PA. Or I will be fishing North Jersey up until end of Nov. Asking $435 FUJI black reel seat Reel seat starts at 17.5” and ends at 22” FUJI kl-h to kt guides
  11. Check out mudhole. They offer a discount blank section. Maybe start with a smaller fresh water or light tackle rod. Get comfortable building and move on from there.
  12. CTS, ODM, LAMI, Century are all very good blanks and have their own place depending on how you fish and what kind of area you are fishing. CTS is by far my favorite due to its weight and sensitivity. However I got my hands on an ODM evolution the other day and was pretty speechless. Rod geeks and MHX are also very good blanks at an affordable cost. My suggestion is if are going to build your own and this is going to be your first build... build on a cheaper blank before you spend a lot of money on a high-end blank. You can watch a lot of youtube how to videos and they are great for getting started but really only learn by doing. Simply mixing epoxy incorrectly or not enough can ruin an entire build.
  13. Would consider RV. Was looking but could only find them in titanium. Worried the first guide being single foot kl won’t hold up throwing closer to 5oz.
  14. Hey guys, could use a little help with an upcoming winter build. I have done a few KL-H builds. I am thinking of building a 9’6 ODM evolution or nex-1 (3/4-5oz). Due to the oz range would like to use a double foot KW guide. Then switch to KL-H or KW single foot guides to KT7 running guides. Could use a few lay out suggestions and opinions. The reel seat will start at 17.12 inches end at 22 inches. The seat I am using is 4.882" (124mm). Will be using a vs150 with 30lb super slick braid. Open to other guide suggestion as well. Was depending low rider guides as a second option.
  15. Moco bay side 5am - 8am. Clean water and lots of bait. Threw the bag... not even a bump. Gonna move out front for a bit. Maybe I need to sit down in the sand and say a few prayers to the fish gods.