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  1. Thanks do you have the hooks for the purple/gold one? Could you do 50 Shipped for that one and the peanut?
  2. I will take both RM peanuts. Can you send more pictures of the JNski.
  3. Mind sending more pictures of the purple and gold? I will def take the peanut.
  4. Yes I am.
  5. Thanks but going to pass.
  6. number 7- is it 6" version?
  7. OC Dead Sea this morning no bait and no fish. Someone please flip the switch back on for the tide change!
  8. Shipped price for just the 3.5?
  9. Ok thanks I’m interested. I’ll let you know shortly.
  10. have they been used at all?
  11. I don't really have anything I can trade sorry. If you and @anystripe want to trade thats fine with me.
  12. Are the three RMs how of the package the regular bigger swimmers? Could be the angle but look bigger than the peanut in the package.
  13. What is the best shipped price for the one in the peanut still in the package?
  14. OC dawn till 11:30am good conditions and lots of peanuts just not a ton of fish today. Got one and missed a handful more.