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  1. Yes, I saw the fish. It was not Elvis.
  2. Hanover, It was an 8" needle, with a swivel.
  3. Bob, I took your comment as positive. Sometimes the fish will just win. As I think about this, one possibility is that all three hooks were landed in the corner of the jaw, some in the top and one in the bottom. The fish could then bend the hooks while opening and closing the jaw. In any event, Fish 1, Fisherman 0.
  4. Tried crushing the barbs on all those hooks. 5X is a little harder to get crushed all the way, so some of aren't as smooth. But you are probably right on the hook set. Could be I didn't get a good pull.
  5. Better than getting attacked by a GWS
  6. It is amazing to think a striper can bend all three prongs of a treble 5X hook like this. What's more after watching the video I was taking at the time, the fish was only on for about 60 seconds. I mean it would take 60 seconds for me to put the hook in a vise and bend all three hooks like this. It even broke the soldier joint. Anyone else had similar experience?
  7. Dlegg96, Payment received, plugs in the mail.
  8. Sent a PM.
  9. Here are 8 good plugs, used lots of life left. Except for the green spook which is a 24/7, they are all Gibbs. Great lures. Will sell them to you for $50, includes shipping. That’s a shade over $6 per. PayPal only.
  10. Dlegg 96, I believe Nomad was first on the HPT. If he doesn’t go ahead, I can $50.00 for both. That’s already a good price.
  11. Nomad, The HPT is in perfect condition. What you see is just the pattern of the paint.
  12. ok, PM coming