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  1. I jumped in the surf recently but didn't see any stripers...luckily I've been finding a few of the flat kind here and there as a consolation's a recent screen shot that came out pretty cool I thought you guys might like. : )
  2. Lmao!!!!!! I got vid of me shooting it, when I get a chance I’ll download it and send it to you ; p
  3. This should help... Albycor can never see them either. ; p
  4. Thanks! Yeah, there’s a fish there...with that one I saw the tail first...and took me a bit but then saw the eyes...most of body was covered by sand pretty good so by time I figured out where fish was I had been staring at it for a sec so took a quick ****** shot that got him in shoulder but luckily held...I’ve had them bolt on me when they “feel” me looking at them too long... Here’s the unedited screenshot and the fish after... You see the fish now??
  5. Lately have just been pounding sand when I get a chance...started seeing the target species in February, and have gotten a few chunky ones for my efforts so far... Hope everyone is staying safe and well in these crazy times. Sincerely, Jim
  6. First time logging on here since all the virus madness started... Been super busy at work, and that is when I usually have time to mess around online ; p First month or so of CoronaWorld I was sneaking out to the reefs when I had a chance and got a few nice fishies here and there...
  7. Seems like Ocean has been crap forever... : ( But I managed to get out towards end of December and get a few pretty Lings... In January I snuck out in between storms and got a big 30 inch Monkeyface and similar sized Ling. Monkey was great smoked. Last Saturday I got out for an afternoon paddle and dive and found great visibility and plenty of fish...took a few blues, a kelpy and two nice Lings, one of which was super stocky and meaty. Was nice to have fresh Ling/Rockfish to eat, and shared the catch with some non-diving buddies. : ) Sincerely, Jim
  8. Thanks! So, California Halibut can be either left or right sided.... Out of the 37 I speared this year 17 were right sided, and 20 left... Here's some other random pics of them from this year...pretty cool fish!
  9. Few kayak pics from summer/fall out here in Monterey County... : )
  10. Some California Halibut ceviche and Lingcod collars/steaks/tacos speared and eaten fresh in summer/fall.... : )
  11. Was lucky enough to get out on buddy's boat for crab Saturday and Monday out of HMB. Saturday it only took us 4 pots to get 4 limits of jumbos. After we had the crab we switched to rod and reel...I guess my buddies thought I looked a little awkward and out of practice and were making fun of me...but then I caught a beautiful bright blue Ling on a whole rockfish pinned on a jig head...then I dropped the blue back down and caught an even bigger one, and they quieted down a little. ; p Then I pinned on a small olive and caught an even bigger one...they didn't make fun of me anymore after that. LOL!! I gifted the two bigger Lings to the captain and my buddy (neither caught any Lings), and just took the blue one and my crab home. Feasted on crab Saturday and Sunday, and Monday AM went back to pull and stack the pots (limits for 4 before 9am and then had to just dump the last 3 pots) and then feasted again Monday afternoon. I love crab!!
  12. Ocean has been nice and flat...took advantage and wheeled the kayak down on Sunday to a beach in big sur and paddled out to explore a new (for me) area. Took awhile to find the fishies, but eventually got in the groove and took a handful of solid rockfish (biggest one a 21.75 inch Black) and 2 solid cabs, bigger one at 23 inches. "Highlight" of the day was having a Soupfin shark come in and circle me after I had shot the first Cab and had a few fish already on critter, but was obviously interested in my fish and I didn't wanna share...eventually worked my way back to my kayak and moved spots lol. Had a bunch of friends over to eat yummy fish tacos. Yesterday I went for an afternoon dip at a shoredive spot and scored a meaty 24.25 inch Cab that weighed 10.1 pounds. Also took a 27 inch Ling and found another same size one that I pointed out to my buddy and let him shoot. Heading out for crab and some hook and line fishing tomorrow on a buddy's boat....stoked! : ) Sincerely, Jim
  13. LMAO!!!!! ; p
  14. Played hooky Friday afternoon and paddled out with my buddy Luke who tends bar at the Alvarado Street Brewery in Monterey. This was his first time diving off a kayak so I did my best to try and give him some tips and pointers. Conditions were great with glassy waters, plenty of kelp and good visibility...didn't find anything big or sexy but took a few Blues, Olives, a small monkey and a decent scallop. Shared the scallop raw with Luke back at the truck, and gifted him the fish I shot to take home to share with his family and friends. Even though I'm done looking for Halibut, I couldn't resist going for a swim when I ended up down at the ocean on Saturday with my girls for a last minute family beach day. Little but legal and tasty, my daughter Jayme was impressed when I came out of the water with the butt, and the chunky triggerfish was a nice bonus. Have now shot Halibut 7 months in a row (April to October)...I highly doubt I will get any in November, and have no plans to go look for them, but I guess you never know.... : ) Sincerely, Jim
  15. TLDR: I went out on Saturday and shot a nice 35 inch Ling that was stoopid meaty and weighed 19.22 pounds with an empty belly. Was the biggest Ling speared at the Out to Sea Monterey BringTheLing comp, and got me 2nd place in the Spearo category. Winning Spearo had 2 lings for 19.64 pounds. I ate the Ling. It was yummy. Long version: I kicked out before first light and started looking for Lings in some holes where I have found nice fish in the past. Conditions were great with calm, clear water and lots of rockfish etc but every hole I looked in was empty. Kept covering ground and exploring but 6+ hours later I had just shot one ~19 inch Black, I was getting tired, calves were cramping, sinuses were killing me (had a head cold all week) and still hadn't found a Ling. I was considering starting heading in while floating over a fishy spot that holds a lot of blues and blacks, and has one obvious big boulder with a deep diagonal crack on one side at 25/30 feet....while watching the rockfish I see a big bulldog of a golden Ling come out from under the boulder chasing a little greenling, then disappear back in the crack... I had checked this crack multiple times already and hadn't seen anything in there....looked again and nothing...started making drops looking all around the boulder for side entrances but no luck... The main entrance crack was at an odd/awkward angle so I decided to try looking in it upside down to see if I could get a better view underneath....dropped in and shimmied my shoulders in as far as they could go, and finally there was the big old Ling head looking back at me. I came back up to breath and to think about how I would enter the crack with my gun to get the shot, dropped down again and put the shaft right between her eyes.... I could tell it was gonna take some work to get her out because she was underneath a constriction in the rock so let the reel line out and came back up to rest again and just kept tension on the line so she couldn't get further under the boulder... Dropped down again and through the bloody haze I could see her head was super wedged under the constriction and even though the shot looked totally solid I couldn't budge her, and couldn't reach her with my hand... Came back up again and swam over to my dive board and grabbed my back up gun...went back down and placed the shaft right in her eyeball. Now with two shafts in her face I was able to use both to eventually (after 3/4 more tries) slide her head into a slightly wider spot, get my hand under her jaw and pull her out. Absolutely beautiful fish with bright golden colors and a giant head and super thick body. Bled her, then strung her up on the dive board and got my gear stashed and swam back to the exit spot. When I got out of the water I saw someone had stolen the backpack straps to my dive board, but had at least left my sneakers...... Strapped all my gear to the board, put the fish on my belt stringer and slung weight belt with hanging fish around my shoulders Chewbacca style, and carried board in one hand while using the other to climb/scramble back up. Took me forever but finally made it back to the truck and the cold beer. Fish measured out to 35 inches and I could tell the belly wasn't full and she wasn't preggo so was thinking maybe 16-17 pounds, so was pleasantly surprised when it weighed 19.22 back at Out To Sea Monterey. The BringTheLing comp I was competing in was a two day and two fish comp, so knew my chances of winning would be a lot higher if I dove Sunday, but I was WRECKED and my sinuses were killing me, so decided to chill with the family Sunday instead of diving again. My fish ended up being the biggest Ling speared and got me 2nd in the Spearo category behind 2 fish totaling 19.64 pounds. I scored some cash and some gift certs and schwag and had a blast at the awards ceremony seeing old friends and making new ones. Such a tasty fish...stoked! : )
  16. Lucked out yesterday and found some clean water and a decent 27 inch fish hiding on the rock/sand edge. : )
  17. Was able to sneak out last week for an after work session...viz was patchy at best, but water was very warm and was stoked to find a few fish and get a limit this late in the season. Gifted one fish to Albycor, and made a big batch of ceviche with the other two. : )
  18. A lot of the local #831 inshore water has been messed up with a really bad RedTide so I had to hunt outside of my comfort zone in deeper water in new (to me) areas south of Monterey on the way down to Bakersfield for a family weekend. Exploration paid off and I ended up with 3 fish for 2 dives in 2 different spots. Nothing huge (26.5, 23.5, 27.5) but plenty of meat for my father in law's Birthday party. Stoked to end August on a good note! Sincerely, Jim
  19. Been on a 5 dive multi-county skunk streak since August 2nd, but managed to finally bring home a fish yesterday after work. Not a big one, and crappy shot placement but still stoked to bring home something besides empty beer cans in the cooler. Some of the red tide/stained water was still around but waaay better than it was a bit ago. Water was super warm with an average of 64 and max of 66. Saw three other butts that spooked before I could get a shaft in them, a bunch of big bat rays, a big school of good sized barred surf perch, and 4 trigger fish I let live for future ceviche needs. ; p Met up with my girls afterwards for a family PhoFest at the NoodleBar.
  20. LOL!! Thanks again dude!! : )
  21. Two weeks ago I got an invite to out with albycor on his boat with my good buddy Pat Kuhl and our friend Joe. Amazingly enough the wife gave me the green light so I jumped on the chance to see if I could remember how to use a rod and reel. ; p We headed south cuz conditions were good and we found a ton of quality Reds, Coppers and Olives and then got into a BIG school of Widows up shallow...these fish were a BLAST to catch and fought hard and every time the jig got down to 25/30 feet it would get slammed...super fun!! I've never even seen a Widow before let alone catch em until my arms were sore. We tried hard for Lings but no luck...weird but still a great day with awesome people, was fun to pull on fish all day, and was cool to finally meet albycor in person after texting with him for several years. : ) I had to leave the next day for a family trip to Mexico so let albycor's family keep my share of the fish and spent the next week gaining weight and catching a buzz. ; p Once I got back home I was itching to get back in the water so snuck out the other night and even though there was a ton of bait around I saw very few halibut and feel lucky I managed to get a chunky 28.5 incher... If forecast holds hoping to get up to Marin County soon to try my luck up there before it gets any later (sharkier) in the year. Sincerely, Jim
  22. Ended a recent skunk streak with this chunky grumpy 28.25 incher taken late at night diving solo in dark murky shark infested waters... #27 for the year for me so far... Still looking for one over 34 inches for a capper to the summer sand season...preferably one over 40 but would settle for one over 34 since haven't got one bigger than that since 2015.... I know she's out there waiting for me.... : ) Sincerely, Jim
  23. Taped up my finger after cutting it good on the 4th and put in three dives last week...two limits and one skunk. LOL 1st dive was great conditions and I got three fish pretty quick (24, 25, 29 inches). 2nd dive I took my kayak out to explore, but the south swell had moved in and combined with a real low tide it was colder and murkier and had to work harder to find fish...found a 24 and 25 incher and stowed them on the kayak and jumped back in to look for the third... Little bit later found a nice 29.75 incher and after I shot it realized it had a jig and swimbait stuck in its mouth. Love kayak diving and being able to keep fish inside kayak instead of having to swim around with them hanging off belt... Jig eye had no line on it, so looks like knot came undone...doh! Third dive was crap conditions and quite a bit colder and only spooked one fish right at end of dive and went home with an empty cooler. Hopefully swell drops and water warms back up again soon... Sincerely, Jim
  24. I had my best session of halibut diving in a while (ever?) for me last week with a limit of quality butts (27, 30, 34 inches). Spooked both bigger fish and hit them on the fly...bigger one right in the tail lol! Ton of beautiful fillets to feed family and friends. Unfortunately I mangled my finger cutting up some Salmon on Thursday so am meant to stay out of the water for a! Hopefully there are some more fish around once I heal and can get back in the water. : ) Sincerely, Jim
  25. Put in 3 afterwork dives last week... Got a limit of three butts first dive, one butt on second dive and a skunk on third dive...on third dive I spooked a nice one and when it took off it spooked another nice one right next to us....couldn't find them again and didn't see any other fish after that... : ( Fish weren't very big (between 24 and 27 inches) but plenty of meat to feed all my family and friends many yummy fresh meals. : )