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  1. LOL!! Thanks again dude!! : )
  2. Two weeks ago I got an invite to out with albycor on his boat with my good buddy Pat Kuhl and our friend Joe. Amazingly enough the wife gave me the green light so I jumped on the chance to see if I could remember how to use a rod and reel. ; p We headed south cuz conditions were good and we found a ton of quality Reds, Coppers and Olives and then got into a BIG school of Widows up shallow...these fish were a BLAST to catch and fought hard and every time the jig got down to 25/30 feet it would get slammed...super fun!! I've never even seen a Widow before let alone catch em until my arms were sore. We tried hard for Lings but no luck...weird but still a great day with awesome people, was fun to pull on fish all day, and was cool to finally meet albycor in person after texting with him for several years. : ) I had to leave the next day for a family trip to Mexico so let albycor's family keep my share of the fish and spent the next week gaining weight and catching a buzz. ; p Once I got back home I was itching to get back in the water so snuck out the other night and even though there was a ton of bait around I saw very few halibut and feel lucky I managed to get a chunky 28.5 incher... If forecast holds hoping to get up to Marin County soon to try my luck up there before it gets any later (sharkier) in the year. Sincerely, Jim
  3. Ended a recent skunk streak with this chunky grumpy 28.25 incher taken late at night diving solo in dark murky shark infested waters... #27 for the year for me so far... Still looking for one over 34 inches for a capper to the summer sand season...preferably one over 40 but would settle for one over 34 since haven't got one bigger than that since 2015.... I know she's out there waiting for me.... : ) Sincerely, Jim
  4. Taped up my finger after cutting it good on the 4th and put in three dives last week...two limits and one skunk. LOL 1st dive was great conditions and I got three fish pretty quick (24, 25, 29 inches). 2nd dive I took my kayak out to explore, but the south swell had moved in and combined with a real low tide it was colder and murkier and had to work harder to find fish...found a 24 and 25 incher and stowed them on the kayak and jumped back in to look for the third... Little bit later found a nice 29.75 incher and after I shot it realized it had a jig and swimbait stuck in its mouth. Love kayak diving and being able to keep fish inside kayak instead of having to swim around with them hanging off belt... Jig eye had no line on it, so looks like knot came undone...doh! Third dive was crap conditions and quite a bit colder and only spooked one fish right at end of dive and went home with an empty cooler. Hopefully swell drops and water warms back up again soon... Sincerely, Jim
  5. I had my best session of halibut diving in a while (ever?) for me last week with a limit of quality butts (27, 30, 34 inches). Spooked both bigger fish and hit them on the fly...bigger one right in the tail lol! Ton of beautiful fillets to feed family and friends. Unfortunately I mangled my finger cutting up some Salmon on Thursday so am meant to stay out of the water for a! Hopefully there are some more fish around once I heal and can get back in the water. : ) Sincerely, Jim
  6. Put in 3 afterwork dives last week... Got a limit of three butts first dive, one butt on second dive and a skunk on third dive...on third dive I spooked a nice one and when it took off it spooked another nice one right next to us....couldn't find them again and didn't see any other fish after that... : ( Fish weren't very big (between 24 and 27 inches) but plenty of meat to feed all my family and friends many yummy fresh meals. : )
  7. Picked up a little butt last week on way down to Santa Barbara county for a family getaway...smallest one of the year so far for me but stoked on the quick reflex shot to get it in tail when spooked up... Down in the #805 I did a nice long day of kayak diving and exploring and didn't get any butts or see any wsb but had a great time and managed to get my PB Calico at 21+ inches and took a little sheep and a scallop for an app. The ranch we were staying at prepped the calico and butt for us and it was bomb. Sincerely, Jim
  8. Last two dives produced a chunky 28 inch butt and a heartbreak of a miss at a big school of stripers. Totally flinched and blew the shot...buck fever I guess? : (
  9. Gotten out twice in the past week and managed three decent fish...which is awesome... BUT, got buzzed by a group of nice stripers yesterday while out staring at sand and missed the shot. AARGGHHHH!!!! Best shot I've had at one since 2016 and I botched it. So pissed. LOL!! Oh well, at least the butts are pretty. ; p
  10. I made one batch with the smaller/thinner halibut fillets, and one with the triggerfish. Both great, but trigger is especially yummy. : ) Sincerely, Jim
  11. Signed
  12. In between the recent crappy wind and south swells I've been able to get in the water a few times and find some yummy fish...stoked cuz my parents were visiting from New Orleans for 10 days so got to show off the fishies and make them some nice meals.
  13. Jumped off my buddy's boat Sunday in the middle of Monterey Bay and got to swim with some Pacific White Sided are some stills from the footage on my GoPro...
  14. Went out Friday night and found a decent butt hiding in the sand... Got an invite from my buddy Jesse to go out on Sunday looking for the BFT that have been seen in Monterey Bay... We saw a few jumpers but couldn't get close enough to target them with hook and line or spear. There was a LOT of life out there though...whales, dolphins, sealions, albatrosses... Eventually I couldn't handle it anymore and suited up and jumped in next to a school of dolphins...I totally expected to see nothing or at the very most to see the school taking off and moving through... The exact opposite happened though and the big school hung around and gave me the experience of a lifetime...I was with them for 10+ minutes and they showed no signs of leaving... I've been diving for over 28 years and have never had a chance to swim with Dolphins grateful and stoked that it happened!! These were Pacific white-sided dolphins. If you want to see the footage replace the DOT with a . in the link below.... https://youtuDOTbe/7KVHqmR_Nrg Before we headed back in we hit a reef and filled the cooler with some quality rockfish and Lingcod.
  15. After work Thursday I hit the sand and found this guy trying to hide... Took him and made it back home before dark. Friday I worked 6-10am and then got a call from my hour later we were on the water hour after that we had our 4 salmon and were back to the dock. Saturday and Sunday I spent with the family doing a FunRun with my youngest and the wife, a coding workshop for the oldest, movie date to see the Avengers EndGame, and a fundraising carwash for daughter's upcoming trip to Japan. Monday ended up back out on water but Salmon had vanished....had to settle for a limit of empty beer cans...still had fun and gifted my buddy Jose who came out plenty of fresh fish from Friday.