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  1. Good news - recently posted on Stone Rivers FB page: Hey Gang, We are pleased to announce that Stone River Outfitters is under new ownership! The new owners are 14 year SRO veteran Nate Harris and his partners and long-time customers Patrick Curtin and Matt Laventure. In addition, Dan Fitzgerald and Chris Quinnett will also be returning to Stone River Outfitters, bringing almost 50 years of fly shop experience, knowledge, and expertise with them. And yes, our shop dog Gunner will be there too! Everybody involved is excited beyond words that this tremendous resource will continue to be available to our fly fishing community. A sincere thanks to you, our ever loyal customers, for your patience and understanding while we get back up and running as soon as possible. We will be reaching out to all those with pending/open orders over the upcoming week. We can’t wait to get back to serving each and every one of you. Please stay tuned for further updates regarding our anticipated re-opening date and the resumption of normal store hours. Tight lines and snug wraps! Nate, Patrick, and Matt
  2. Buddy and I had really good action in our kayaks in one of the rivers feeding Great Bay on Saturday. Mostly 18-20" all on the fly. Fish were pushing the bait up against the shoreline.
  3. I'm in a bit of a similar situation as Texasinshore - didn't just move here, but no experience with the Cape flats fishing - fish mostly NH and ME on the Piscat, Wells, OOB, etc. I'm bringing a kayak and a fly rod and plan on exploring Brewster this Tuesday and Wednesday. Picked up some great information from this thread. I see the low tide this week is not ideal for time of day, but I'm planning this as an exploratory trip and coming with realistic expectations on catching fish. If there's anything else I should consider with the addition of bringing a kayak, I appreciate the input in advance. Thanks!
  4. There's also a very small parking area just the other side of the bridge I've used if I arrive before the gate is unlocked. Only room for a few vehicles at the top which stays dry at high tide. You can launch a kayak from that side, but it is muddy at low tide.
  5. This clip was a school of pogies being chased by four seals a couple of weeks ago in Plymouth, MA. They swam right under me three times. P7100083.MOV
  6. 20 fish from the Kayak on the fly rod in the Piscat this morning. Fair amount of surface activity. Biggest 18"
  7. Decent in the Piscat at sundown yesterday - high tide on some flats from the kayak. Nothing over 16", but I'm on the fly
  8. I live in Dover, NH and fish Portsmouth and Wells. I paddle a 12' Ellie Coast
  9. This was what was left of one of my recent "go to" clousers. It was still catching (although small stripers) when I cut it off and replaced it.
  10. Sounds cool - I'm in
  11. On the way
  12. Not really a strange fish, but a strange catch while fly fishing for stripers from my kayak, I landed a flounder.
  13. Probably a silly question, but this is my first year fishing stripers and I'm north of Plum Island. Is there any point to me bringing my kayak and gear to the Marshfield area over Thanksgiving? I'll be staying there visiting family.