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  1. some nice fish there rst3......that spooltech is a cool design but pricey. went to one of my holdover spots on Sat night water was 56 were very active and willing to hit topwater, they were busting here and there...pretty sure they were on herring, migratory fish will be here soon....good luck to everyone this season
  2. never got enough info so never tried.....I can draft 12" in my boat, I will eventually try it and have to avoid low tide like suggested above, thanks
  3. Awesome! Good luck...let me know how you do. Thanks
  4. Gravity Tackle 13.5" GT eels will be at the show...see you tomorrow!
  5. they taste good? what kind of meat is it?
  6. haha I don't know about that, but appreciate the kind words.....looking forward to the 2019 season, won't be long now fingers crossed for a warm spring!
  7. Looked like you guys had a blast that day...dont know much about them, doesnt seem like they are as fun as albies but still looks fun and another species to add to the list....hope they show again this year, ill be looking.
  8. nice trout
  9. Just got back from a month in Florida fishing every not fishing kills me, got into some holdover action on Friday not bad some mid 20 inch fish, still fun...lets hope the ice doesn't come back with the cold temps this coming week
  10. Good to know, really appreciate the reply, and I never know that about the muffs...ill be purchasing a set of round ones now, thanks!!
  11. Yes the hose is working and pissing water fine
  12. Going to try to post the Vid - noticed water flowing on the rear top of lower end while running today, never really noticed it before hoping someone can tell me if this is normal. Thanks VID_20181215_155219.mp4 - video doesn't seem to want to work so here is a youtube link to the vid.
  13. Gravity tackle 13.5” GT eel rigged on 1.5 oz savage gear jig head. D018E179-24CB-4C65-ABD3-50F5FBFF33C6.MOV
  14. Good to know....tried to message you but I think you need some more posts first, good luck if you go.