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  1. Same here, Where I fish I have only seen 1 officer in the past 15 years.....its going to be hard for them to enforce the new regs and theres going to be a lot of people taking advantage of that.
  2. Bad idea....plenty of big bass still on the north shore and don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, but they got to go south sometime
  3. What is this calling it a quits talk lol it's only September but hey that's fine more fish for me. My last caught albies are usually 1st week of November. Plenty of fish out my old man on his first drag screamer.
  4. Good time today....south side.
  5. Great day, now time to clean the boat.
  6. Ya, got tired of getting soaked on the rough days. Still got red rocket though
  7. It is the smallest one they is 5" total length but the tail is only 4". The deadliest paddle tail out there....catches everything including tarpon. For albies the white one is the best but pink also got crushed.
  8. Got my fix now back to stripers. Wouldn't touch epoxies.....savage gear sandeel gets the job done again. Careful out there guys, people are on edge.
  9. Got mine about a week ago but I know of some that were getting caught in June!
  10. Just remember one thing matter how tough it gets out there, respect your fellow angler and follow the etiquette rules on the water we all know to be true. No matter how much you have been struggling to find big fish if someone is fishing a spot before you and hooking up let that person be and give them space.
  11. I assume this was a joke
  12. nice job! gotta love those days
  13. Good post.....thought I was the only one, been fishing hard and besides the millions of mid 20 inch fish I've got only 1 keeper so far. Been confused an frustrated making 2 hour drives to find large with nothing but small, fish local and no large yet either. I see random large being caught along beachfronts but no numbers. Popular local herring runs only producing holdovers and and fresh schoolies. Talked to a friend in Jersey and he said water temps are around 58-60 no reason for the big girls to leave that just yet. They will be here just have to wait it out a little longer. The season for big bass is getting shorter every year....they show up later and later and leave earlier and earlier but this could also be because of the numbers being down.
  14. I will dm you