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  1. Good to know....tried to message you but I think you need some more posts first, good luck if you go.
  2. I think you can get through the gate but...your really supposed to be gone when it closes
  3. Yup....just make camp and keep casting!
  4. love those days when you lose count or just stop counting because you caught so many, had a day like that the weekend before last but def hard to come by...went to the same area last weekend and didn't even see 1.
  5. thanks for the replys, ill give it a shot.
  6. ya shad are fun on light tackle....but you just never know about that cow....they are still around and could very well be lurking near those hickory's, bring 2 rods and live line one on a bigger rod while you keep having fun with catching the shad, schoolies on a light rod.
  7. hope you released that....but with a 9/0 circle hook through its lips
  8. Has anyone used this ramp in Old Lyme? is there a channel deep enough to get out to the sound? launching a 17ft aluminum boat....didn't find much info online just some kayakers that use it.
  9. very nice! love fishing in the rain
  10. fun size fish
  11. Marine forecast for 2-3 ft seas what a joke...flat calm out there, new fav albie lure “snax” they catch and cast amazing for a soft plastic.
  12. glad somebody got them
  13. Thats exactly what Im experiencing....mornings...few pods here and there come up real quick then gone not enough time to get a good cast at them, kind of frustrating but hoping that will change and better numbers will show....there is soo much bait around