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  1. No shortage of them on eastern long island. Lots of snappers and lots of gators.
  2. Wonder how much those combos cost a small retail tackle shop?
  3. I prefer VMC closed eye J hooks over the inlines when rigging a single on the back of a lure.
  4. I got around to trying the rod with 20oz in 140 ft and 4-6 mph current. The rod handled it fine. AD3413FF-49D2-4825-BD40-47988D48C60E.MOV E3D3ADF9-7BE0-4D8A-8490-C6199EA2F7ED.MOV
  5. Have you done any test casting? If it feels overloaded or you can work the popper then it’s too much. Very simple.
  6. I would say B so far. Had good run of gators in the spring off the boat. Some real monsters. Now same spots are loaded with cocktails. Last year was A+++. Gators in the spring then more moved into the deep rips of Eastern Long Island and stayed there until the fall and could could be caught from the surf. 15-20lbers while fishing for albies was a blast. Made up for the poor striper fishing.
  7. The 2500 BG is 9.3oz vs 7.2oz for the 2500 Fuego so yeah much lighter. 3000 size is only 1/2oz spread.
  8. On the daiwa site it says the BG is only 0.5 oz heavier than the fuego in the 3000 size. 10.8 vs 10.3... I will probably go with that next time around or a penn clash 3000.
  9. Yeah I’ve said it before on here. I don’t recommend this reel for salt water fishing of any kind. Don’t know how Elias V uses this thing but hey he’s a better fisherman than me. Jigging medium sized scup 13-14 inches max yesterday it was flexing bad. 30 feet of water and a 1.5oz skinner jig. Too bad it feels so nice unloaded on a dark matter rod.
  10. Schoolies were blitzing like crazy in the sluice yesterday. Hitting top water which was fun with light tackle.
  11. Reel is a 3000. Fish were 23-27'' Yeah I wasn't concerned about the gears. Just don't like the way it feels for the bigger stuff. Also my father was using my fuego for fluke and noted the stem flex and he doesn't fish much.
  12. Its a decent reel but it isn't very ridged and flexes a lot when under a big load which I don't like. Caught some schoolies on it in heavy current... lots of wobble wobble. Obviously its capable since Elias was catching some big fish with it.
  13. 10 and 9 pounders.
  14. No i haven't yet. The thumb bar on my maxel failed and i just got it back from it getting repaired. 8-10z was no problem but i think 16oz will be exceeding the rods capabilities. I think it will be too soft with that much weight/depth/current.