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  1. I’m in Plymouth, ma.
  2. I have a 2015 Ocean Kayak Trident 13 in like new condition. $650 firm
  3. I have an 2015 OK Trident 13 used only a handful of times excellent condition. $650 firm
  4. Has anyone heard if the parking lot for scusset beach will be open tomorrow? I haven’t found anything about it.
  5. Just picked up a Suspenz DLX. Balances great
  6. I just bought the Suspenz DLX from Amazon for a trident 13. Strapped it on in the yard, it seems pretty good and rolls well but we’ll see.
  7. Wine is great. No club to join, just order when you want. It’s out of California. Free delivery from Fedex in three days.
  8. Thanks
  9. I was thinking about an anchor trolley for my OK trident 13. Is it necessary or is it just more stuff in the way when I’m fishing?
  10. I ordered the bait table and it arrived today and fits great in the Flush console Mount. I should have the cup holder tomorrow. Sweet accessory. Thanks for theinfo.
  11. Has anybody tried the Scotty bait board on a trident 13 center console with the flush mounts? I was wondering if it rides secure without flopping around and does it get in the way with your feet on the pegs when paddling. Thanks
  12. Get After Bite at CVS, Works great and immediately takes down the swelling.
  13. A piece of sea worm on the hook and your good to go. They work terrific.
  14. Please close this thread, not much interest.
  15. I don’t want to ship.