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  1. $70 for the one with a lock?
  2. No wait now we will never know how the Penn slammer 3500 do against blue gills!
  3. I believe a penn slammer can almost catch or land any fish in the freshwater world. I still have my first reels when i got into fishing (fresh at first) about 14 years ago, and i pretty much did not wash or service my reels, the occasional dunking in the lake or river was my washing, still works 100%. If a slammer breaks in fresh water its gonna be the operator. Slammers are built like a tank if not expose to salt water.
  4. Cant believe nobody took this yet! Hehe if your not buying the jetski till summer then you should sell this then and you have a customer.
  5. Ratanous your first in line. You got it for $70. Thanks SOL
  6. Half of the country would be committed. We dont know the full story yet, But if he was an army vet and did not have any history of violence. It would be wrong to commit him, But better and more treatments maybe, mental health is a very hard subject to talk about.
  7. Bought it here for $80. My lowest will be $70 shipped. Taking a 16 dollar hit already with shipping on that price. If i cant get $70 for it ill just keep it for back up.
  8. 30 pound boga. Bought it here as a gift for my brother but he already has one. $80 shipped. Paypal or meet up only. Thanks
  9. If this was posted 2 months from now i would have taken it. Strapped for cash right now. Plus the man is a great seller.
  10. Ill take the boga. Paypal?
  11. Ok ill do that.
  12. Sorry cant go that low on the pro blue rather keep it for that price. But ill still take the reel thou.
  13. I'll take this reel. I'm in brick nj. Pm for meet up details