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  1. Any eel skins? Reverse wahoo?
  2. Got a Mac slim medium to trade?
  3. I did a little darter testing a few weeks ago and the SS darter was one of the least active. But it seems as if that might be its best asset!
  4. Skinning them up soon. Adding a RuRu and Gremlin.
  5. One crawled up my wife’s arm in bed two mornings ago. Thank god the dog was nearby so I could blame him.
  6. Looking to trade for a Hickey small pike or Banana These are the large ones. Top has some minor rash, bottom one never thrown.
  7. Reed, any luck finding the for which I seek?
  8. Picked up 39 Ballons on Block where balloons are illegal. wanted to blackmail citizens with the other photo.
  9. I’ll take jt
  10. Think I’m all topped off. Thanks everyone.
  11. Thanks for the offer
  12. Soft or hard cover? Condition?