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  1. Any Numbskulls, PM’s or Franktowns?
  2. Try Blue Heaven (out back in the yard) or Cafe Sole (hogfish) for dinner. Good luck!
  3. Standard or Mag?
  4. Cms?
  5. Used gliders okay?
  6. @Aaron Barmmer, Eat ya heart out:
  7. I just got back from a week in Key Largo. Brought my little 3 piece 7’ rod. Caught a 28” tarpon on a rebel minnow. Tangled with a 3-4’ tarpon for about 15 seconds after he went for a Chartruse Bucktail. If you don’t want to deal with the shrimp, you will need something small to get the snappers to bite. Send pics!
  8. I’ll take
  9. I’ll take them
  10. And I’m looking for a 2oz BM Darter. Have other colored Gremlin eelies, a googoo hand carve and a few BM.
  11. Not too picky. White/pink is what comes to mind but something less flashy and more fishable would be preferred
  12. BM 2oz dahta?
  13. French Cap!
  14. Take it.
  15. I’ll takmeit