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  1. That’s a good deal.
  2. Love me some gasoline
  3. I’ll take em
  4. Can I get the two Pitchney darters if it’s both for $75
  5. I’m in for both.
  6. Chris Grooves makes one as well if that helps
  7. Look up Ritchie Wet notes. We use them for sailing all the time. There is also a smaller version if you type in sailing wet notes. ping me if you get stuck
  8. Two mid 40” fish. 9” Doc and PM (Steel Pulse) eelskin Conrad. Separate times. quickly scanning this topic the A27 is pulling its weight!
  9. Hooked up
  10. “The Market is always correct.”
  11. So how much Hg? cool topic
  12. Need some help ID’ing these guys please.
  13. You sure you want to sell those? Was one of my best plugs all last summer...
  14. I’ll take it
  15. Which GRS you after?