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  1. Any more details on those eelskins? do you have any reverse wahoo or mini eelakins?
  2. Do you guys think rust stains are a deal breaker?
  3. Glad to send you some kit to get you by in the mean time. Don’t be afraid to reach out. I’m in Newport so not far away Rst3, I drove over my rod and reel 2 yrs ago and I’m the same...try really hard not to put stuff down. Straight in vehicle.
  4. Looking for some guidance on my eelskins that I kept in the refrigerator this winter. They were put in Plano boxes and filled with kosher salt. The section that is on the plug is fine but the tail has shriveled up and is solid and stiff. I made up a fresh batch of brine and have them soaking in that for a few days and it has helped. Seems to have helped some more than others. Any other thoughts? Will they eventually come good? Thanks and stay safe.
  5. Looking to buy either a Ocea Jigger or Trinidad for tog fishing. Not a beauty queen so used is okay by me. Thanks in advance.
  6. I’ll take
  7. Copy. Let me know how it feels?
  8. Anyone know if the name, type or McMaster part number if the type of tube to use?
  9. Yea copy. Thanks. Hoping to find used or help someone unload.