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  1. nothing like chunking! But I’ve since decided i wanted to master the darter and honestly hasn’t been going well lmao! But to answer your question I prefer lure’s much more of a challenge in my opinion so much to learn.
  2. Salt them down and you will be fine if you use them within a week.
  3. A simple high low rig goes a long way when soaking clams you gotta keep that scent in the water so changing baits is a must. Nothing the first 20-30 min make some moves. Not my photo just wanted to share the rig. Minus the rubber bands it’s what I use both of your setups are fine keep the rig simple 100lb swivel 50lb leader 3’ 4-10oz sinkers 5/0-6/0 hooks octopus circle hooks.
  4. You could try vacuum sealing them. but nothing beats the fresh stuff meat is a lot more solid in texture frozen crab tends to wash out once it has really been thawed out.
  5. Keeping the handle knob at 6:00 mark is the sweetspot. Correct me if I’m wrong but are you saying you use your other hand to place the line on the roller ? Rather then just using your finger to pull/tuck the line onto the roller.
  6. For the 6500 yes but for the 7500 I don’t think they make it.
  7. Most can agree that 2015 was that last year we were all on them good. 2016- to present time has been really bad for bass and blues fluke sea bass ect. Fishing is more of a scouting mission now.
  8. I’ve always thought that showing the belly of the fish makes it look larger in size but I prefer the top side the patterns are never the same look at those pictures posted above beautiful fish !
  9. Lmaooo
  10. I think those red hooks are made a softer material I’ve had problem’s with them aswell. I broke a couple while fishing for blackfish and broke a couple releasing dogfish brand new hooks right out the pack
  11. Plenty of line cap and drag on these reels here. Abu Garcia blue yonder 6500/7000 more of a surf reel. Daiwa Saltiga Seigler ss Shimano torium 16 would probably be great for trolling.
  12. There are some pretty sexy midget woman out there especially in Cali
  13. I think it was the beachmaster or surfking 1 peice it was my favorite pencil rod ! But I left it at my old house while moving and never went back to pick it up smh such a nice rod..
  14. I always just threw them in my lure bag tube head down with a couple of ice cubes but they were a bi*** to take out previous to that I just would go to the 99cent store and use a laundry bag but it always got snagged on rocks and my eels would be swimming south
  15. Thanks sudsy !!