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  1. Closing gonna take a trip and pick one up thanks y’all !!
  2. Yeah I actually just found a custom 1327 from Gw while on Facebook im going to edit my post now. even if I never found that rod this is out of my range as far as traveling goes appreciate the post tho !
  3. Looking to purchase the back bay odm open to other 8’ rods aswell such as the new avid prefer a local deal 11235 area but open to shipping. if you have one for sale please post. PayPal ready thanks !! odm dna nxd-82 8’3/8-2oz was able to find a fbsc rod thanks sol ! I’m still looking for the 8’ Dna.
  4. Gooch88

    Giveaway #6

    I support catch and release.
  5. Closing this down busy week ahead ! thanks sol & bunker bill
  6. 3oz bm parrot pencil 28lbs
  7. 420 is no longer available. Bunker bill thanks for letting me ride it out for another day 420 is yours ! Still available bm digger olson
  8. bump.. lot of 4 darters for 2 gliders or 2 peanut swimmers Specifically scabelly or greenhead for gliders in any color aslong as they are 4” need something for my nephew. open to most peanuts preferably thruwire used would be just fine These will be fished. Thanks !
  9. wtt for green head bait gliders 4” or peanut swimmers. Digger used 420 new has some major storage marks bm is new olson is new
  10. $100 for the four rip rats if you split
  11. Having a ballistic i don’t think you want to do that they can take a splash but not occasionally highly suggest vr or the coffee grinder which will require fresh grease if you plan on dunking it multiple times.
  12. Bunker heads/gut chunks are the key. aswell as putting time in on specific tides and spots dogfish are around I know bass are around and it usually doesn’t take much to find them maybe a couple steps left maybe a couple steps right. if your bud is catching bass at your spot and your not he probably found a rip a small piece of structure just something you not fishing something to think about..
  13. Vr if possible new Daiwa bg looks nice might want to check this one out aswell $220.00
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