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  1. FWIW i bought two of these 20-25 years ago. i bought two cuz they were on sale and i figured i'd need a replacement eventually. well, the first one has been used for just about everything ... east coast, west coast, europe, caribbean, arctic, mountains, mangroves, bridges, piers, freshwater, saltwater and by me, my kids, my nieces and nephews. its been re-spooled six or seven times. works amazing. the second one is still in the box.
  2. sorry... I forgot to sign it... "hater"
  3. I can live with that.... OP: If you want to sell them as "fishing lures" to fishermen I do agree you need to get some "samples" out there and get some useable feedback (video/testimonial). I would guess a video/testimonial of your product by you is not as "powerful" as one by a third party fisherman with a good rep. The fisherman I know LOVE to buy things that other well known/good fisherman say work.
  4. is that screen name taken ... “hater” ???
  5. okay, great... payment on the way
  6. if you still have a spooled 25k gossa i’ll take one for the same $300 shipped (?)
  7. thanks. would you do $400 (shipped to 11102) on the tac 16 (?).
  8. similar - i am interested in just the talica 16ii if you end up breaking up the set.
  9. if a “wide open” timeframe (june to september is pretty wide open) i’d suggest a little more honing in on species. species will dictate best timeframe and help with suggested charters (who, when, from where, in-shore, off-shore etc). do they know “how” to fish ? a june bass or september albie trip might be interesting. if little or minimal fishing experience, perhaps a black sea bass jigging charter thats simpler, near shore, and usually big volume (?)
  10. “winter organizing” some this am and realized i still have this ... no interest at all ??
  11. yup. it def makes a dad proud to see them pic up a rod and take some casts ...:)
  12. we saw one w/in 100 yards of long point and another off wood end 100’ off the beach. Have been many more seals along Truro bayside. There was thay 10’ great white that beached inside the pamet - “where there’s one there’s more”... lets just say we’re not wading out as deep as we used to clamming.
  13. retirement home
  14. we rotated 8 traps off truro in the bay. started slow and picked up steady thru july til august. in august it exploded with numbers but with a high percentage of eggers - maybe the most we've ever seen. one pot could have 10-12 lobsters after a 2 day soak with only 1 or 2 keepers - the rest all eggers. some rotating bait experimenting over the season too. in the end what we thought worked the best did - any combination of racks (bass, blues) combined with whole previously frozen macs in the bait bag. seemed like less of the jonas crabs than recent years.