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  1. wait... its sunny... can’t see on this damb phone screen very well... maybe move that a little deeper - think 100’
  2. yesterday this was sand eel city... SOLID. you could walk on them - in between the whales and schools of macs and THOUSANDS of birds feasting on them.
  3. boat ride today looking for rec tuna... made it pretty far N and E (dead) and then came all the way back into peaked hill bar area to find the National Geographic nature show of birds, sand eels, mackerel, whales (at least 20 visible and feeding at all times) and mackerel chasing the sand eels out of the water - but no tuna... they may have been there but likely FULL or you’d find them in all that - and they’d def never find you or any offering you may put forth... hit some fun mid sized blues on the way and and a nice surprise of some 5-6 lb bonito mixed in... beautiful day once the fog lifted around 9am. rec tuna wishing needs things to settle down and spread out a little. still giants in the bay chasing bunker. nobody bothers them w/ 73+ closed. saw a big school way inside. lots of life in general everywhere (except out where the rec tuna were last week !)
  4. so good for the two birds for $35 shipped ? and i never noticed the two red birds near the top of your pic - so just to be sure - i am interested in the two dark birds center of your pic. i’d take all 4 for $50 shipped if you wanted to do that ?
  5. if we wish it will it come (?): - acres of school bass jumping in the surf between WE and HC.. - albies and bonito swarming off the cottages. - mahi on the pots on stellwagen. - 100# bft chasing giant schools of macs chasing endless peanuts - everywhere. - 200# bft crashing everywhere in those “spots” - giants doing the same in those “other spots”. - fluke! - tog! - clams! - lobsters! - NO hurricanes! (light and variable all the time).
  6. 11102 for ship to.
  7. how about $35 ?
  8. you still headed to wellfleet this weekend ?
  9. this “kid” was getting them (from shore!) when the bunker pods drifted close enuf by this “inlet” - last year - late august - maybe early sept.
  10. maybe black-tips (??). i have seen them working schools of bunker when the water is warmer (over 70). they’ll hit a popper too
  11. thanks. i’m off cape now but back 8/17 for a couple/three weeks. i have folks out there (truro) i can ask to come meet you if we don’t cross out there.
  12. i am interested in the two splash birds if you decide to split it up.
  13. yup. on “auto-renewal”. i know i don’t wanna forget by accident