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  1. tell it to the canadians ! they must be burning everything up there to make this much smoke !
  2. being stuck in nyc a lot this spring has had me out east on long island when i got the chance to go fishing. just talking bluefish right now - its been one of the thickest bluefish runs i have seen in many years. lots of big fish. i would expect them to make their way N as the weeks go on (?????).
  3. Sandwhich

    1. nicknotsebastian


      sorry.  bayside or S side ?

      looks like scup (??)

  4. where was this ? doesn’t look like “bait”… kinda looks like scup (??)
  5. i’d be interested in this at $200 meet up on the cape when i get back there in a week or so (?)
  6. its super early. haven’t even got my favorites yet - tuna (rec and giants), bluefish, bonito, albies… grades so far…those three as Bs are fair. add flounder B add tog B (important) haddock F
  7. agree. looks like bass. as we all know there are days the bass are stupid finicky or just have lockjaw fir whatever reason. it can be possible to coax up a bite - for me its usually live bait that does the trick - and only live bait. on the outer cape choice #1 is always a live mac when nothing else works. other places, if available, live bunker.
  8. oh yea. every year the first time sucks just as much as the very first time… maybe worse cuz now we know the only move is back to the truck
  9. well. what was a hot surf casting spot for a couple days sure was dead today. 2 fish in 2 hours (two cookie cutter 30” fish) geez. i wonder why… a group of 8 or 10 on patrol went by. this bastard stayed right on me wherever i went - til i got in my truck and went to another beach !
  10. also for me today first real schoolie action of the year (been mostly the 2015 class 30” ers). took a walk on the beach during a lull in the rain… lots of 24/25” fish in the surf …:)
  11. sidebar question this string prompted: does fishing from a finger dock in a marina count as from shore ?
  12. i have to be in Gantry (LIC) at 7:30 and near JFK before 8:30. this am meet up is not looking good. maybe on your way back ? what’s that look like ?
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