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  1. last year there was a whale carcass off race pt that eventually drifted into the bay. it had at least 3-4 gigantic white sharks taking turns all day for 3-4 days. there were whale watch boats and discovery channel shark week boats out there so there’s plenty of you tube you can google and see... here’s a pic of the “scene” before the whale watch boats showed up and a pic of one shark just beside my parker 25cc as a size reference. the woods hole / nat geo guys on another boat were saying “easy 18-20 feet”.
  2. Fish Weather - as one word
  3. that looks like ****. i also use it in my mix and find it more reliable than most.
  4. yea. we ran into them thick all over in tight over the weekend (looking for school bass with fly rods). they were all bigger. not “babies” anymore. maybe “adolescent”. some even had the first sogns of their stripes “going horizontal”... sorry... no pics
  5. i realize this is a string from last year but i was looking for some frame of reference... contrary to last season, there seem to be a ton of bobwhite polts (chicks ?) around (at least in n truro)
  6. its pretty amazing. until this year i never saw them (in 40 years of fishing) around the outer cape. last few weeks every lobster pot buoy, bell buoy or even if you come across an ocean sunfish, its easy to pic up a quick half-dozen. wondering when we’ll have consistent mahi in the mix up here (?)... s of long island (where i also fish semi regularly), those buggers and mahi tend to travel together... they are tasty too.
  7. tried a s shore (of the cape) inlet / jetty this am. trying to get a 50 year-old life long angler on their first albie (!). we saw one nice pod on the surface - but out of casting range. 15 min later - another pod on “the other side”. saw one got by someone on “that side” so they are around.... just nothing spectacular. lots of small bluefish. i’ll will probably take him back there tomorrow am and try again
  8. yup... there should be an abundance of bugs in the future ...:)
  9. we brought our second 5 with us on the way in this evening - that’s it... all stacked on the side of the house for winter. lots of really big eggers... 5 keepers... just enuff for a shared appetizer platter with house guests. just finished them
  10. from shore i feel its more about the tide, wind, weather, and water clarity than time of day. boat - maybe all other things equal - first light.
  11. interesting day today... a nice day in general. took a long walk along the beach to a local inlet. lots of birds working pods out of casting distance. every half hour or so one would drift in range for a few casts. here’s the interesting part... all the pods looked the same from shore... no real surface action aside from the tightly swarming birds. one time it was albies (and decent sized in the 8-10 lb range), all the other times it was either 3-4 lb bluefish or shad - LOTs of shad. anybody else running into these shad ?
  12. For me... at my more regular spots where there is tide related current (an inlet for example)... its low slack to 1/2 way in that SEEMS to be the best... I have seen great action al all tides depending on the spot. IOW - I think the tide has more to do with the spot in particular than in general.
  13. last weekend - dirty water, very different. there were several dolphins “surfing” and leaping from the florence waves... quite cool to watch but no albies or etc...:(
  14. a couple saturdays ago we clearly saw (airing out) large tuna (100lbs +) a couple hundred meters outside another inlet to the west of shinnecock. they were crashing on schools of small albies that were chasing peanuts. albies confirmed by catching some in closer. our guess was school bft not yellowfin.
  15. tfo bvk iv spooled as back up, never fished ?