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  1. this has been the story from down the backside all the way into the bay fir the last two weeks !!! the original heddon / zara and the yo zuri top knock pencils have been working best for me. bone and pink working best. also. 1oz hogy epoxy jig in purple / brown working exceptionally well with fish subsurface. def needs a hook “upgrade” but they love them.
  2. i’ll take fir asking
  3. patfont. i’d be interested in seeing more of your 6k gossa if anystripe is not (?)
  4. ahhh. very different than the northeast us where i am mostly. from my limited experience out of san diego for bluefin we were using 80-100g shimano and diawa jigs. mostly because the fish were down.
  5. where are you fishing / fir what kind(s) of tuna ?
  6. i am seeing huge “areas” of sand eel schools in the bay - many with big bass and bluefish on them. i have not seen any tuna in the bay either - but lots of gannets and shearwaters that i always associate with tuna so ???
  7. def keep bouncing all the way in. like stated above - fluke are often right up along the edge of the wash - especially on the incoming.
  8. bolas …:)
  9. i didn't think they “roosted” at all. I never thought about it much. I only ever “experienced” farm/domestic chickens and thought they found a nice quiet place, pile of leaves - ground “nest” (aka wild version of a coop”) ???
  10. i was in islamorada the last couple days. i never knew chickens roosted like wild turkeys ! zoom in. 8pm. tree in the middle of a parking lot chock full of the ferrel chickens !
  11. can’t wait to see them go theu my yard. best tick eradication ever …:)
  12. yea. anything / everything ate sand eels ! we’d put one on a fluke (2/0 kale) on 12” of 40# mono to a loop to a snap swivel - add a 1oz weight to the snap swivel and drop them down. drift just inside the lobster pots for doormat fluke in the bay. we’d use a similar set up but with a 4/0 j hook and cast them out on the ocean side at hight tide and reel them back slow fir jumbo stripers. rigged the same and reel faster ocean side or bay side for bluefish. i think my favorite use fir them was fluking. fresh or frozen. any tide, any time. there were so many fluke off truro. we’d go out the pamet in the 14’ starcraft aluminum w/ the merc 8.5hp tiller on the back - 4 or 5 of us (age 14-16), a case if beer or a couole gallons of grain punch (it was the 80s!), a couple bags of chips, stop and get sand eels on the way or bring a bag from the freezer if it was high tide. we’d catch 15-20 24-25” fluke in the first hour then goof off and see who could catch the weirdest thing using broken sand eel pieces. sculpin, mackerel, squid. you wanna see something funny try dropping an ink happy squid into a small boat with 4 teenagers …:)
  13. rake em. back in the day (been like 20 years now ??) when the big ones were still around you’d rake the sand. anywhere there was sand that got submerged - on the flats, estuaries, sandbars on the bay side - you could hit with a sand eel rake. a sand eel rake is a strait edged rake about 12” wide w/ 12” tines close together. each tine maybe 10-12” long. thin stainless steele “teeth” that you’d drag thru the sand and basically stab the sand eels. then you’d just lift up the rake, hold the tines over your bucket, bang them a couple times to get the sand eels off off the tines and into the bucket. apparently, there’s literally 100s of different species of sand eels all over. the ones you see swimming around off race point are different than the ones 200’ down S of long island. the ones we used to rake in the bay at low tide were much bigger than the ones you see swimming off race pt. they’d often be 12” long and nearly 1” thick ! best bait ever - universal !. at some point maybe 20 years ago (??) they disappeared- with the fluke ! was it the seals ?, salinity ?, cycles ?, some outflow across the bay ??. i have heard many things. there has to be some good study out there somewhere. i know there’s a multi year study going on around norway - but i’d love to know what happened to the cape cod bay big sandeels - and the fluke!
  14. have not seen the big, rake-able, great fir bait ones in years.