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  1. its a pamet trailer boat right of passage...
  2. i think we all had this convo on here before (?) - talking about that (damb) bridge. lets just say i have done it more than once. an antenna, a rod and a gaff i left up top once... don't remind me...
  3. you thinking sunday and or monday? today’s sunday forecast looks pretty good. if we take my trailer boat we will be a parker cc - “a hot mess” on 68
  4. exactly... don’t forget to load everything into the boat before you launch. makes going down that ladder a lot easier. returning - don’t forget those rods up in the t top rod holders when you lower your antenna. that passage under route 6 is LOW... i can attest to that first hand.
  5. its not bad at all. if you are 2+ its real easy.
  6. november is often the best fishing with more bigger fish closer and on the surface. its all about the weather.
  7. does that come with a gas card ?
  8. hit the citgo on 6 in n truro if you are out by us . excellent air.
  9. if you think you’ll be in or passing thru NYC i’d be interested in the rod at $150.
  10. always looking and always shopping... btw - i was shopping for a 26' cousin of this pacific 2325 for a couple years... great boats.
  11. How about the 80s then - you know what I mean... "back when" when seeing any bass come into the Pamet - let alone a couple keepers - was a "wow" moment. We knew ONE GUY that consistently found keepers in his secret spots (commercial) and he quickly became known as "The Bass King" cuz it was such a big deal. I'm not a scientist, I'm a fisherman - I'm just going by what I know "action / reaction" wise. There were very few bass, they raised the limit, there were a ****load of bass, they lowered the limit, bass populations (especially big ones) are shrinking fast. Why not make everyone 34 or 36 again (?) - see what happens (?). Most (serious/professional) comms I know often didn't get daily limits and (I believe ??) the 2018 quota wasn't even met it was so hard to find keepers.
  12. That pic from JANUARY of the ice off Truro. Should have known then the weather was gonna mess with this year as much as it did
  13. who’s crying ? i’m just saying we noticed less large bass around as the keeper legnth came down. maybe sliding it back up a bit will find a balance. the goal is to have “keeper” stripers around and gettable to all forever - right ? i guess you want to catch them all sooner and be back to the 90s again ?