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  1. i’d go to $280 for both meet up but the closest i am to townsend is maybe providence, ri on my way to/from the cape.
  2. any interest before i go elsewhere ?
  3. i would recommend adding some of the bill hurley squid and sand eels to your arsenal. last couple seasons they have worked for us when no other artificial got any attention at all. this year (so far w/ the schoolies at least) 4-5” xraps in “sand eel” colours have been working well too.
  4. i don’t need to keep these lying around but i don’t need to give them away either. i did look and see the cabelas sale for $149.97 plus tax (free shipping over $50) on the 2500, so i’ll do $130 shipped... a 20% discount off their sale price for the 2500.
  5. 5000 $170 2500 $140 both for $300
  6. don’t have the boxes... “only issue is were unpacked and now boxes are mia.” its this reel... brand new.
  7. thanks but not looking to trade. i bought a bunch of new reels and these are extras i just want to get rid of.
  8. brand new for a nice discount.
  9. any interest in trades ?
  10. both brand new - never even spooled. only issue is were unpacked and now boxes are mia. 5000 $180 2500 $150 both (??) $320 shipped conus
  11. not that i ever heard of. trade with friends, all the time (tuna for pheasant etc) but (at least in ma) you need at least a charter/headboat hms permit and a ma sale permit (which yoou need a captain for)...etc etc etc
  12. when he’s a little older, set yourself up with some rec lobster pots.... teens just seem to love pulling lobster posts - and they make GREAT haulers.
  13. come out or go out ? you have your own boat ?
  14. fly same as spinning.... low and slow, late april into may the best. from shore (?) ideal spot is where there’s some tidal current and a drop off... drifting the offering down current off the drop off. even better if a choke point. the bigger ones like to sit and wait for food to come by. i like a slightly weighted pink/green tube fly on a sinkong line... sort of a fly equivalent to the smallest size ronz or 3.5” soft plastic shrimp.
  15. its literally brand new. i did the seasonal re-equip, bought a bunch of reels in “bulk” to get a discount (15%), had a couple that aren’t gonna make it into the lineup and i am not going to use. happy to pass on the discount. ONLY issue with this reel is i unpacked everything on the cape and have NO IDEA what i did with the box. have one last stradic 2500 too if interested.