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  1. would you do $25 shipped to 11102 ?
  2. would you sell the yo zuri and the rapala for $25 shipped to 11102 ?
  3. $42 shipped conus for the 4 new and this one - okay ?
  4. been fished but is this what you are looking for ? the other four are never fished. all are the same 15 F
  5. tog are great technical fish that fight like hell. it took me ten years to get my brother to come togging cuz he always poo pood them. one big tog last fall and now its all he wants to do. otherwise - where we fish the greatest inshore thrill / challenge / experience is definitely the gbft. got about a mile off the beach.
  6. i’ll take these.
  7. today, yes. there were some in pretty close off herring cove. its a close call but worth checking herring cove and race pt beach if you are close. E or SE wind for herring cove and SW for race pt beach is gonna be best so its calmer. i don’t think its gonna be very good the next couple days by what the forecast says. windy. can’t imagine seeing much more than some blow unless its pretty calm. most of them just look like black humps or disturbed water from any distance.
  8. gotta love it when the forecast is wrong but its nicer than you thought it was gonna be splashed the boat and went to look for haddock. “10kts strictly enforced today btw” i hear as i leave the dock. sure enuf, as i’m slowly rounding wood end (playing with my new radar comparing the shoreline, the bell, and a small trawler coming in) there’s a sudden surge of “clutter” 1/4 mile ahead. can’t clear it so i whip out the binocs. sure enuf - right whales everywhere bobbing and flopping around. since there seemed to be whales all the way to the horizon and that was the direction i wanted to go - i called it on the haddock exploration and went back into the bay and up into ptown to check some tog spots and flounder spots. got to a good tog spot and realized i remembered the crabs - but forgot the wreck/grappler anchor. since there’s no pots out to tie up to, i opted for floundering. floundering is getting pretty good. not as good as it usually gets more into june - but easy enuf to limit out in a couple hours. i’m not sure if this giant mass of whales is headed out of the bay or ??? but if they stick around i’m pretty sure the 10kts speed limit will too (and for good reason - they just hang on the surface - no big blow, very minimal splashing, and no real tip off they are there until you’re almost on them - so take it slow and be on the lookout!).
  9. was at the pamet this morning helping float some docks at the yacht club 3/4 in to high tide. took some exploratory casts for schoolies after the tide turned. nada. not out here yet. any one of these tides they should start arriving. almost always see the first sea lice laden schoolies before the end of april. looks like a decent day tomorrow to splash the boat and go look for haddock and maybe tog (??). got plenty of fresh clam bait with these low lows and plenty of asian shore crabs for togging.
  10. right. do you have storage restrictions/wants - aka - what’ll fit in an anchor locker - or are you looking for a set up that will hold ? the aforementioned “wm” has a solid 13# anchor, chain, and 200’ of rhode set up. get ^^^ and a basic stainless ring and poly ball retrieval set up and a basket to keep it in and you are good to go.
  11. tuna need to keep moving or keep water moving over them but if its just bluefish yoir keeping bluefish to 6-8 lbs do fine dropped in a regular live well. i do it all the time for gbft fishing.
  12. i could spare a few. have some bone / yellow somewhere... maybe at the other house a d i can look next weekend. meanwhile if you are interested... all new / never fished sp 15 f. $35 shipped conus for these 4 (?)
  13. sorry - ever not even. that sounded pretty rude. i’m in truro. i’m likely driving to nyc and back later this week but maybe not til next weekend - aka going over the canal. let me know if your going and timing and maybe we can make it work (?)