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  1. i just listed my 2016-2019 upgraded 02 parker 23 se cc turnkey package for sale (trailer, etc). if interested, pm me and i can send you a link. i don’t think i can post Her here and there (if here can be only here) so for now, listed on another site.
  2. idk officially but my whole life that’s what it was - and it definitely sounds right when you first see the water and its there and you say, “oh ****...mung”
  3. yup. couple fishing buddies down there got most of what was actually landed. enough to close the trophy category for the season ...:( i think they caught the vast majority by surprise and under gunned. hopefully they head our way (cape) and -some of those big schools of rec fish that stayed down there last season !!
  4. we went with the binocs to “the top of the stairs” this am after we heard the woman was found “unresponsive” right here at like 6:30 this morning. the coast guard helicopter was still making a pattern from ptown, along the shore to the pamet, then back across to long point til about 10am. There were also a couple different coast guard boats we could see out between wood end and long point. Also what looked like some “official”vehicles on the beach along there too. apparently, they were still trying to find the kayak and the man. the wind is kicking up. i sure hope they find something before the weather gets worse.
  5. saw a nice school of schoolies cruising along the shore this evening... ”red sky at night...”
  6. good buddy went to check out the bank yesterday. he covered a LOT of ground... got one cod, one haddock (was a keeper at least), a couple macs, and a tog. go WEST my friend. Heard good rec reports from over near Plymouth.
  7. oh yea. can’t get much anything to the bottom deeper than 30’ w/o it getting mac grabbed (!).
  8. yes. not “common” but not unprecedented. more and more there’s an early and late season giant bite close to shore S of Long Island and E of New Jersey. Sometimes it only lasts a couple days. Couple weeks they’ll hopefully be Cape wide !
  9. exactly. we dragged him kicking and screaming ! he started out “planning to take a nap while jack and i togged. i get a big tog hookup. he sees the fight and then the fish and decides he should try. now he gets it !
  10. gbft crashing pods s of long island last couple days.... hopefully they follow them here. this would be very very good
  11. windy as hell again today. got into some light tackle schoolies at some favorite bayside spots - a couple nearly 25/26”. got sick of the wind so went in to flip some rocks and get a bucket of asian shore crabs and went togging in a favorite lea spot. three of us limited out in 15 minutes and spent another hour releasing another 30 or 40 - nearly all keepers. never seen so many big tog. fish chowder time...:) heard from a very reliable source large schools of bigger stripers off truro backside headed towards p town. lets hope so! macs have arrived too. baited and dropped the rest of the lobster pots and a batch are in smoker...:)
  12. right. it really isn’t a “one or another” question. if i am fishing the surf and stanging in wash over sand - 100% boot-foot or i’ll find sand in places in my wading boots i didn’t think sand could penetrate. no wash/sand - for me its stocking foot... i think much more comfy if an option. wader material is more budget / water temp dependent to me.
  13. she’s currently in bloomfield, ct (climate controlled warehouse). i was just getting ready to list her and was starting to put together a for sale post... She is a 2002 Parker 23 Se CC. solid. surveyed in 2016 given an “A”.. -Factory hard top / T Top w/ rocket launchers. -Lean post w/ rocket launchers. -on deck kodiak livewell w/ independent thru hull flow thru system. -factory parker rod holders and added reinforced swivel based rod holders for gbt fishing. -2006 yamaha hpdi 200. about 850 flawless hours. tuned every spring, religiously use ring free and yamilube (have some unopened goes with the boat). rev 4 prop (cruises easy gps 30mph at 4000 rpms getting over 3gpm. -110 gal tank. inspected and tested in 2016 (excellent condition). swapped in a new sender in 2016. -vhf, new antenna 2017. -two new (2017) group 31 batteries - always kept on trickle chargers when not in use. -new in 2017 dual independent bilge pumps w/ float switches (one hardwired to each battery w/ independent discharge (in case was ever moored - was not ever moored) -oem transom splash guard new in 2016. -new lowrance hds 10 gen 2 added in 2016 with dedicated thru hull transducer. -new garmin 94sv added 2019 with dedicated transom mounted chirp /side view / down view transducer. -splash shield (front “windshield”), side curtains and gunwall “wings”. -stainless wheel w/ power handle. -trim tabs -spreader lights -raw water wash down. -compas. -parker pop up cleats. -new in 2016 venture aluminum bunk trailer with regular upgrades/maintenance (new jack, winch strap in 2019). religiously rinsed with fresh water after EVERY salt water use.. things i was going to “fix” before listing for sale: -return lean post to center (currently 12” offset for wheel chair access to helm) -skeg scrape (when backing up a steep uphill) move lean post is current screws removed and properly filled and new location set properly - very very simple, easy thing. fix skeg is a $49 ”skeg guard” - a very simple aluminum part. she is an awesome mobile fishing machine. listing will be “$33k” but first $29k+ takes her. SURE i am forgetting stuff but this should get you started. don’t have pretty “for sale” pics yet, but here’s one of her stripped down for the winter.
  14. i’m about to list my “baby”... “a hot mess” ... my very much updated 2002 parker 23 se cc. an absolutely amazing mobile fishing machine. i wish i could keep her but i wanted more offshore reach and i came across a great parker 2501 for the right price - so i bought her. i only have room for one.
  15. reminds me of the time i showed up at a local popular clamming spot. clam warden and both his harbormaster assistants were there. walked up to them carrying a pair of waders. note - it was April and the water temp was 40-something... “is your mother coming ... those waders for her”. last time i went clamming in April it wasn't a -1.5 or better