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  1. Yesterday morning I was driving along the Belt and swore I was seeing stirring water under diving birds. I was thinking “bait ?” but could not convince myself. I guess it was !
  2. offer $25
  3. livevelining for bass off the boat. either hold w/ open spool or put in rod holder on light drag. trevalia tvc66mh w/ a gossa 6000sw spooled with 50lb braid to a 50-60lb fluoro leader to a 8/0 bn 3x or 4x circle hook.
  4. hey. hows it going. would you ship that TZC-66XXH-PW to me (11102) for the $120?
  5. posted the link. its waiting for mod authorization
  6. if you decide to break up there are a couple i’d be interested in.
  7. Sorry. I’m jist a fisherman so don’t know the names behind many plugs. This is the “greenpoint pencil”? Supercool looking plug. what legnth/weight is it ? And what’s it made out of ? Thanks !
  8. do you rememner that big metal mooring buoy marked “D” that was a couple hundred meters out from that tower off Cold Storage (?). Right up tight to it was the best fluking I ever experienced - 8-10 pounders all day when we were kids/teens (70s into the 80s).
  9. $30 to 11102?
  10. he said "we were not there but that's what we all heard happened".
  11. i do remember this too. i was young but old enough to remember - 1976 would make sense. i turned 11 in 1976. my dad was fishing regularly on his buddy's out of p-town (the nirvana) back then. i don't remember if they said they saw it personally (i will call and ask him) but i clearly remember the story..."unbelievable, killer whales herded the tuna up into town and it looked like one of those whale hunts". btw - to this day - my dad always reminds us "you know, the best tuna fishing is only about a mile off WE"
  12. choggies are cunners are bergals. same fish. if you can get some large enough to fillet, they make a good portuguese "provincetown style" fish soup... different than chowder. killies are those fat salt water "minnows" that fill up your crab traps aka mummichogs.
  13. seaworld ? did you tell it about the free all you can eat seal buffet we’ve got set up around cape cod ?