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  1. Can't tell how big it is in pic, no reference. It looks to be cut, face repainted and hardware relocated. Maybe it was originally a 7" ballerina?
  2. Where is the line tie on that white one in the last pic?
  3. Looks like a mustang that was modified, based on what looks like the sloppy saw marks in the pic.
  4. Who cares Dave you owe me a pikie
  5. Nice old plug you have there, I sent Fixter a message asking if he could narrow down the year that plug was built but haven't heard back yet. Will share that info if he gets back to me.
  6. That's from the 70's I believe. I posted it when I first acquired it about 1.5 years ago and Fixter saw it, said it was really old but didn't give a specific age. It has never been fished.
  7. That's what I was told over the years, lobster bait.
  9. Doesn't count, you painted it
  10. Hey MW, this one has glitter
  11. All my spinning reels, yes
  12. one way of doing it. Having an extra spool is easier.
  13. Dave, no metal?
  14. Looks similar to a Herters not identical. I don't recall the pectoral fins on the Herters looking like this one. They may have made different versions so maybe.