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  1. Thank you Philly. That's the info I was interested in.
  2. Any historical info on the fishmaster appreciated. The other lure was given to me by my father and I have never been able to ID it. Only other place I have seen it was in a book and it was listed as unidentified. Its wood , green bead is glass, about 2.75" L x 1.5" W. TIA for any help.
  3. Helin Fishcake
  4. Texted a pic of the pencil in first pic . Eelpunt confirms its his.
  5. I believe you're correct, Eelpunt. Will ask him
  6. Not a windcheater. XBMX, did f40's have 2 trebles on the belly? Thought only one.
  7. Post a pic of the other side, u might get a better response.
  8. That might explain it. I had no idea. Thanks.
  9. Did this company ever apply what could be considered "excessive" glitter? Or should I assume the extra glitter was added by the person who found it necessary to slop red paint on the chin?
  10. All I was able to determine was CCB glass eyes were pre 1940.
  11. Thanks for responding. I am familiar with the CCB and Pfleugers was looking for age on them. Looked around but wasn't able to determine when they were made. Only ID I was looking for was that plug in first pic. I know they aren't worth much. Pikie is in pretty nice shape so is the 7200.
  12. These were my grandfathers. He was born early 1900's so I don't know when he acquired these. Need ID on the plug with the missing hardware. The mustangs are both 5", glass eyes and surface mounted hardware. Pikie also 5", thru wired, glass eyes. Surfster 7200, tack eyes, screw eyes with belly grommets. Appreciate any help on dates of manufacture. Thanks for any help.
  13. Based on info looks like Bluestreak. 1948 ish. Thanks for the help.all replies appreciated. Have a number of others from gramps that I will post soon.
  14. Nothing stamped on the lip or wood.
  15. Thanks for the reply. Through wire isn't braided.