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  1. I guess the suggestion to remove the reel seat is viable then. If your concerned with preserving the length you could do that and use the cork tape as mentioned above essentially moving the reel position back and shortening the butt of the rod. You can use hose clamps to attach the reel as well. How much would have to be removed? If its an inch or two I would cut it.
  2. Is this a spinning rod or conventional?
  3. This was given to Eel Punt by Mike about 15 years ago. It was given to me recently. Ray never got around to finishing it presumably due to being busy with his own lure building at the time. I am debating on whether to finish it or leave it as is. Not sure how many unfinished Fixters there are out there.
  4. I will take a look in some of my lure ID books later. Problem is that shur strike made lures for stores that had fishing departments and they made alot of special request colors if memory serves. The eyes are very unusual and I have never seen them on any shur strikes but that hardware is definitely what they used for small pikies and some others. They look like paw paw pikies a bit but paw paw used a different flange around the depression on the cup of lip and they had a grommet that was built into the terminal end where the screw eye entered the the belly. They are unusual for sure and possibly rare. I would have grabbed them too , seems odd to take the time to display them if they were nothing special.
  5. These are bugging me. I like them, they're nice looking lures. Here's my guess cause that's all it is. These look like Shur Strike to me. The lip does anyway. CCBC made a line of less expensive lures called Shur Strike. To me this looks like a cheap version of the 7200 surfster. This is a Shur Strike Pikie.
  6. Never saw a paw paw with those eyes. How big are they, any markings? I have a lure with that lip have to dig it up.
  7. The Rebels on the top left, are they F80's? Cant tell from the pic. That Point Jude is a nice piece, not one of the older ones ( I think they had glass eyes) but nice condition not sure what kind of money you'd get for it. That little Gibbs troller is hard to find in my experience. I like the little Gibbs stuff, I have one of the real small bottle plugs it's less than 4" and also a real small pencil but I have never come across the little gts. Not a great price for the lot but you should be able to get your money back.
  8. Will pass that along. Nice plug.
  9. thanks, I will mention that to Ray. Maybe jog his memory.
  10. was this a collaborative effort? I asked Ray about and he has no recollection.
  11. Anyone know when he started signing his stuff? The only Mcfadden i have is not signed. I got 15-20 yrs ago but not sure how old it was when i got it.
  12. I used to use screw eyes for tying trailers for plugs sometimes. The threads help anchor the material. When making quantities of plugs it saves you from having to bend wire loops, one less step in the process. As far as opting to eliminate a hook from the tail of the plug. it may have been done to adjust the performance but on a swimmer that was intended for bass I have always found that bass rarely hit the tail so its not really useful and when trying to make an affordable plug like McFadden did it just increases the cost.
  13. Think he was more interested in an id than a value. Problem is, many companies made a version of that style plug.
  14. Closest that South Bend made, that I could find, was the Tarp Oreno. Has the single hooks but belly hook clipped into the bottom of the lure. Are those glass or tack eyes? As stated before that paint doesn't appear to be South Bend.
  15. I am assuming that is a cedar body, can't see it that well in the packaging. I would just leave it alone and display it. it's unusual in my experience, I have seen other jigs from them ie. the Super Dude, but never saw that one. They made some nice wood stuff as well. There is some info available online about the history of Florida Fishing Tackle Barracuda Baits. You can find a fair amount of their stuff on the auction site but its usually examples of the same several lures like Daltons and Florida Shiners. I have some of my Grandfather's old plugs, rods, reels and a brand new Herters 1.5oz. bullet head jig mold that I will never fish/use. I enjoy looking at it and remembering him. I have so much stuff there is no need to put any of that stuff in the water. Just my opinion.