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  1. Bottom right is a River Runt. One above it looks like a Bayou Boogie.
  2. That Surfchub (name used prior to Troublemaker) is probably 30-40$, the larger one 40-45$?
  3. If the 04' written on it is the year it was built then its about 50 years too late to be Snook Bait Co. IT does have a similar look though. Wonder why the builder called it a surfster, it looks more pikie than surfster.
  4. Here is some info on those plugs Rich.
  5. Are the hangers fixed or do they rotate? They look like toilet chain links. I made a couple plugs using them years ago. I have to agree , hobby builder.
  6. Are the hook hangers brass?
  7. Red cedar does that as well.
  8. I have seen those eyes on a really old Fixter. No glitter on the chin weight but not sure when he started doing that.
  9. Faceplate, which is screwed into the work piece. Used for bowls etc. The other is a lathe chuck, you can mount a bit and use it for through wire drilling. Not sure about the other part, hard to tell from the pic.
  10. jdinklage I think
  11. Hab n' egger is what I thought he called them.
  12. They're Troublemakers
  13. MJ, Got pics of the bottom of those two surfsters? pretty sure they are Troublemakers.
  14. Agree top 2 surfsters in 2nd pic are Troublemakers. The 2 plugs below the Gibbs look like Eelpunts.