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  1. I watched a group of Folks bailing them last week. Keeping everyone of them. Some were nice size but some were about 6" . a buddy of mine used to eat them. You can practicality see through the fillets
  2. I just received a text stating DFW bagged more poachers in another spot notorious for this activity.
  3. I agree experienced fisherman do but I watched a mess of 32-36" fish dragged up the rocks and launched back in one night last week so mortality rate in that case was probably 50%. Its difficult to accurately assess mortality rate in the situation we are discussing and admittedly I am not familiar with the methodology used to arrive at that number. But needless to say there are a % of released fish that do not make it. Years ago I had a 32" fish very healthy looking , got it in quickly, one hook in the upper lip out of the water maybe 20 seconds dead as a doornail. On the other extreme I have caught fish with detached gill rakers or severely damaged filaments that were seemingly healthy. Saltwater guides assoc. has a good article on C&R mortality.
  4. Yeah I get that. Living so close to the beach I have had the opportunity to participate in quite a few of those days over the years but I never stayed for a hundred fish. i agree its an adrenaline rush but at the same time it seems like there are a lot less of those days . there are less fish around now IMO, and I think conservation should be a priority. .this has all been said before. Back to reports
  5. You can do whatever you want. I dont give a. s#!% about PB or high numbers. Not interested in being an internet hero. I would rather hunt for a few fish I had to work for and seek the satisfaction of a well planned approach than fighting a bunch of guys casting over my line to catch fish that will hit anything that moves. So you believe 9% mortality rate is a fabrication? What would you say is a more accurate number? How many state records came from fishing situations like that? Its clearly about what you want not fishing responsibly.
  6. Sorry that was not clear. Meant it would be tough to argue if they all had their cards even if one guy caught all the fish. I am sure these folks have done this enough that they have a plan should they be confronted.
  7. I guess it would be tough to argue but they all require Salt Water fishing registration cards that must be presented to DFW when they ask for it
  8. I also know of calls that were placed several times about this spot and nothing happened so what your saying seems to be the case more often than not.
  9. Well I got this from a reliable source that told me it happened last night in one of those popular poaching spots.
  10. In addition I got word that DFW nailed a bunch of guys that have been poaching fish for weeks.
  11. Sorry but I don't understand why ppl stay to catch a hundred fish. I ran into fish in the dark 3x this past weekend and could have caught many more than I did but where is the challenge? I always have the 9% C&R mortality rate in mind. I saw half dozen mid to high teen fish walk off, yeah they're legal but I just dont like it.
  12. Lots of guts out that locate fish by locating fisherman and boats. 6 guys on a jetty another half dozen fishing either side. Happy Thanksgiving.
  13. Well that will certainly set it apart from the rest
  14. No kidding. But most also have unique variations incorporated. That looks like a dead ringer unless he changes the lip. The RM had a unique lip. As I said my opinion. I have copied many plugs but I dont sell plugs. Just my personal feelings on the issue.
  15. Should give the original builder credit then IMHO. Those were made of very heavy wood. I had one years ago, on loan, that I copied and used either mahogany, teak or Spanish cedar.