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  1. Seems to me like other company's would see Shimanos customer service as a standard that they should follow or will fail long term. Glad to hear you had another good experience. If I succeed in talking myself into needing another reel it will be a Shimano.
  2. With Zmann plastics I've been using TTlures jig heads and hooks made for them. Alot of times glue isn't needed. Especially good when putting a new one on in elements. I still put a dab of super glue on most times
  3. Not as cool. Thanks for the follow up reporting. Cubs lives matter!
  4. Good topic. Fishing southere ME and I'd say at this point they r around more often than not. Have had a few encounters with them up close and personal. Hooked one in a productive spring river and it launched itself out of the water barking like a baby. Last summer I had one rock itself at my feet chasing bait or schoolies. Like mentioned above, I hate when they hang around you and would say that ain't no help. But if they r around there is fish of some kind. Just a matter if they r feeding on scraps or running for their lives. I still catch fish amongst the chaos
  5. Maine guy here. Our rocks r more rocky than other rocks!!! Lol.
  6. Interesting how varied responses are. Like some others have commented, I don't think heavy braid will do ya much good on rocks as far as breaking off on them. Heavier leader will. Last few seasons I've fished more rocky spots than beach and run 20-30lb braid with 25-30lb leader. Call it luck but have never had a big issue with breaking off. I do check leader often and replace if frayed. Always have felt that for stripers, anything over 30-40lb braid is overkill. I think that turning a fish quickly and pumping that thing in helps more than a heavy braid.
  7. I like to get it out there as far as I can. Allows me to soak for a few then creep my bait in. Soak for a few then creep it in. Repeat till it's in and check bait. Can stay put or move. Getting out there can either hit them out deep or drag it in front of there faces if there hugging the shallows. Luckily I'm not fighting crowds where I fish
  8. My condolences to you and your family
  9. Can a story like that get old? This dude can always spark a dull room. "So...I killed a mountain lion by choking it out one time".
  10. Gotta stay open to both. If I had my way, I'd have half a dozen lures, fresh bait to chunk and 3-4 eels every time I went out. I guess I'm saying don't get snobby with yourself. It's ok to bait fish and is hardly boring when you fish it. No offense to the guy with a spike and a sixer
  11. Good way to approach it! Always good to map terrain in the head before a night out. Definitely makes fishing bait more effective.
  12. I ran 20lb PP last season. Will either keep it there or drop to 15lb. Fishing stripers it's perfect for me
  13. Yes. 8ft surf. 3/4-3oz
  14. Yeah! Another chance to post my catch on the 50! Really was able to put it to the test last summer/fall. No major problems. Wind knots where temporary. Overloaded spool I'd guess. Basic cleaning after use. Good to go this year
  15. I guess. What hasn't been? I guess I just see it this way. If people aren't interested in the topic then move on. Lots of babbling on the last page or so. No help to anyone in regards to original post. Like this post I just wrote