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  1. Great reels. No issues with my 50 or 175. The bottom fish was over 30lbs.
  2. Maine stores will most likely not have a VR50 in store. Best bet for that would be some Mass stores, Plum island area perhaps. Not to say you couldn't contact places mentioned above for them to order and have when you pass thru.
  3. Is this a trick question? They look the same to me. Not a belt expert but the buckle has me worried.
  4. Good company. I have to deal with them soon as well. Noticed that my legend has a flaw in the finish that looks like it can only get worse. They have a cool upgrade program too
  5. I've had this since 2013. A 94 sport. Its got just shy of 180k. Been a bit of a fixer upper since I've got it but beats a payment per month and the thing just keeps on going.
  6. Interested in this post. I have a 94 and it's got the jeep sag in the back from aged leafs and shocks as well. I'm just dealing with stock height. Tons of jeep forums and jeep repair videos online. Bleepinjeep is a good one. I'd say it's a DIY if your handy and have the tools. Be prepared to deal with rusted bolts.
  7. Thing looks awesome! Speed and stability to get to spots quick! I've seen more of the jet skis of the past and these new ones r not like them.
  8. I'm pretty sure it's true. Not sure when shimano bought them out but probably dropped the line then. I just got a used 1064s for cheap money. Probably why. Tip was broke and they're sending a new tip free of charge. You said sending in for warranty. That mean looking for refund or service?
  9. May just find myself on the Lake in late September. Have watched some good videos on technique used to catch. Seems like light jigs with plastics or bait is common. Seem to be much smaller fish but lots of them. Kinda bad timing as I will be leaving good fishing on the east coast at that time. Anyone have insight to fishing this lake? Jig deep? Troll? Fish shore line? Types of bait?
  10. You know it seems like that is par for the course with some rods. Looking for the lower end of rating so I hope to be good with this rod. Doubt I'll throw anything over 2oz wit it. Thanks for heads up
  11. Got the rod. Further inspection led to finding a tip ring chip. Called gloomis service and sending a tip for rod at no cost. Bada bing bang boom. Can't wait to fish it. Will post fish caught on it this season.
  12. This guy was fishing for worms outside my window! Worked my flower bed pretty good. So cool to watch it lock in on its prey and strike! Believe this is a Barred owl. Correct me if wrong.
  13. I say it's a bit better than tsunami 5 star quality. Not quite an airwave. I'd use it for jetty and river work live linning if I had it. Not much else. But 40 bucks gets ya a 5 star and they r hard to beat for that kinda application
  14. I don't get it either. They've made some attempts in the surf category with a plug bag and a new bean surf rod for reasonable money last year I believe. But definitely entry level surf stuff. Flagship store is 30 min from MEs best surf opportunities.
  15. Look at the last page and a half. Back and forth nonsense. Thank you for being kind but this thread is blowing up! IMO