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  1. When in Portland just stop into a local shop. Dana at The Tackle Shop in Portland or just south of Portland there's Saco Bay Tackle. There's plenty of bait around and the fishing is good just about everywhere now. River and fronts. I've heard Old Orchard Beach has new regulations on beach fishing during daylight hrs. Use that as a search base and fish away. Soft plastics (white is money) on jigs on your 7'6 would be great in rivers and flats. 9'- 10' to match your other reel would be fine. Both shops mentioned should fit you into something. Have fun...your in Maine
  2. Go for it. I just opened up my 175 for the first time a couple weeks ago. Had an issue with the anti reverse. All reverse thread till you get to the shaft nut. Assume the 50 is the same. Have a 50 that I'll be opening and cleaning before the season starts. Could literally open the 175 now in ten min or less now that I've done it once! Don't force anything!
  3. Sure thing. I rip sp style baits along the rocks and it works great. Stiffness allows for immediate response to the bait
  4. If your fishing mostly rocks and jetty I would look at the avid surf 8ft. I may sound like a broken record with this rod but I have fished this primarily for 3 years and I love it from the rocks. Bit stiff so be aware. It's a medium power fast action rated 3/4-3. I mostly throw jigs up to 1-1.5 oz. Comfortable up to 2ish I'm looking to bump up to the 9ft for more versatility and will seriously look at getting another avid. Good price and a good company. I use a VR 50 on the 8ft. Can see a stradic, saragossa or even a thunnus being a good fit for it too. 5000 size would be a max I think.
  5. I was out fishing once. Had just got a new cheap tape measure from a shop. Got into a decent fish and turned my light on(red) to measure and the tape was blank. Couldn't see anything. Swore up and down that I just bought a blank tape measure. Later that night on the walk back I turned my light back on(white)to check my bunk tape measure and to my surprise I was an idiot. The tape measure was fine. The red light made it look blank. Good idea on the green
  6. Very bold! Certainly I used to like it a lot more when I was on a mission to catch good fish. The simplicity of a bag eels and some hooks and leader was nice
  7. Pretty good problem to have. World's falling apart and we wonder what awesome reel we should buy. If you want light weight and waterproof go with the 50. Fish the hell out of it and service when needed. Hell get 2 so when you send one in you have a back up to fish with. If you want heavy and a tank of a reel that was built for what you want to do then VSX is your reel. Can't go wrong with either choice in my opinion. Caught this the other day. 8ft avid. Have fun deciding
  8. Got the same setup as well. Love the combo
  9. Damn that is a fatty! Nice catch
  10. Zman
  11. Ok so obviously I'm new with this lingo. Just so I'm clear. Here is eye level of where it sits Here is how it's mounted on boat. Not much room to go higher to raise that plate. I only adjusted the pin that seemed to level it off not really raising it though. If ya'll are saying that the plate needs to be higher, is there a way to space up the motor on transom to raise the plate?
  12. Thanks. Yes only holes. I went up 2 positions from where I started. Seems to run more level to the keel now. I'll run that and test it out
  13. Ok. Sorry for confusion. Above measurements are whacked. Watched some vids using what ya'll said and I think I see what your saying. Ran a straightedge from cav plate to hull and it hit about a half inch higher than hull. So if I raise it up so it runs straight with hull this might set me up right?
  14. Yes when on plane. The wash between motor and transom bubbles up and enters right underneath engine mount. No porpoising. Measures about 1.5 inches. Straight edge to plate
  15. Have a 14ft Polar Craft with 20hp Tohatsu on it. When cruising at full throttle water comes over the transom. Not a lot but enough to be an issue if run for any length of time. Should an adjustment on the tilt pin fix the problem? More weight in the bow? Right now the pin is in 2nd slot from bottom.