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  1. Really comes down to how you will fish it most of the time. I own VRs and they're great for me. Beach and some rock hopping. Have fished it for 2 years and no problems. Like mentioned prior it is lighter and that does come at a cost. Not a tank like the original. The tank is to heavy in my opinion after fishing the VR and I just don't need it and I'd say most people don't either. Just buy what you think best suits your needs. Both great reels. Good company
  2. Now that's just silly and really not much help for someone. So happy you have 4. Why don't ya give him one
  3. Any Zman? Cuz that's all you need. All that other stuff isn't what you want
  4. I'm a talker. If Ive had success I am more than willing to share how. Just not exactly where to most people. No need to crowd an area. I try to be selective with that info. If I saw effort and someone still struggled I'd probably throw a bone here or there. Nobody would like my spots anyway. Long walks and rugged terrain keep most away. Also what's wrong wit a white bucket? Googan or not it's a great tool. Carries stuff and is a good seat
  5. Hard year to judge for me. Became a homeowner late spring and had a shoulder issue come summer. Had good success early. Chucking and floating Herrin and live linning. Was short lived. Bait was there and then gone. Brief time spent linning macs and caught my share. After my shoulder was good enough I struggled in mid to late summer most outings. Used lures more and left eels behind at times. Got alot to learn with them. I'll have a full tank of eels again next year. From late September to Oct 7 it was on. Had great trips out. Caught more numbers in 2 weeks than I had all year. All on jig and paddle tails. Couple trips stand out. Made it to CCC with friend and member here. Turning into annual trip. Had another great time. Finally broke the ice and caught first fish there. Was close to 40in. But didn't measure. Zman. Then 1 trip out alone I got biggest of year and 3rd year straight with 40+in fish. That fish was made sweeter by being caught on my new vr50 and 8' avid. Great light set up for injured fisherman. All day comfortable. I'll remember more about outings then fish caught this year. I'm lucky to be able to get out when I can. It's a great sport
  6. Love eel threads. Not even in Jersey but I'll chime in. Live in ME. If I'm gonna hit a spot and want to land a biggen. Ideally I'd fish live eels. If their in there, eels will find them. Most of time just a leader to hook( gamma circle 5-7/0). 20lb test helps in casting them out. I believe thats more than enough. Simple. Only issue I have is areas sometimes don't have sand to aid in hook rigging them. Bring a small baggy of some with ya. I've used gloves and scotch Brite pads and they'll work but the slim wins eventually and no fun. Have been playing around with bullet weights to get the eels down if needed. Deads on jig heads and so on. Most luck with live. Friend found a place that sells pre rigged ready to go. If I don't rig my own I'll be checking them out for next season. R times when I don't have live and can't see why these wouldn't work.
  7. Holy crap. That is some driving. Gotta do what ya gotta do to fish.
  8. Today would be a good day to give it a try but it's tremendously wet
  9. Got 4 more yesterday! Not ideal conditions but a good day to be out. Had to work for theml
  10. Well, I look good. I may be a bit cheap and my hair fell out a long time ago. But I still get bites every now and then
  11. Went out in the rain today. Good amount of mung on the beach. Avoided that mess and managed to get a dozen or so shorts. Couple in low 20s. Latest into Oct that I've caught fish!
  12. I've heard you talk about the Thunder Mac!
  13. Oh the buck tail. I also have just had recent luck with it. Fall run so I assume actively feeding. But they finally worked for me. I'm becoming a big fan of jigging and it's a perfect fit. Seeing where in rough water it's worth having in a bag. Ya gotta work the bottom like others have said. Holes and cuts r where they are hiding. Flirt with being hung up and you'll hit them
  14. Storm is coming. Kick up some fish it will
  15. Man today looks fishy. Put a 12 hr shift in yesterday. From false dawn to mid day. Fish where scattered and all smalls. Couple low 20in. Fun but had to work hard for them. Dozen or more total. Always seemed to grab one right before I was gonna call it quits. Kept me going. Today looks and feels like a better day to be out...ugh. So tired