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  1. Ok so obviously I'm new with this lingo. Just so I'm clear. Here is eye level of where it sits Here is how it's mounted on boat. Not much room to go higher to raise that plate. I only adjusted the pin that seemed to level it off not really raising it though. If ya'll are saying that the plate needs to be higher, is there a way to space up the motor on transom to raise the plate?
  2. Thanks. Yes only holes. I went up 2 positions from where I started. Seems to run more level to the keel now. I'll run that and test it out
  3. Ok. Sorry for confusion. Above measurements are whacked. Watched some vids using what ya'll said and I think I see what your saying. Ran a straightedge from cav plate to hull and it hit about a half inch higher than hull. So if I raise it up so it runs straight with hull this might set me up right?
  4. Yes when on plane. The wash between motor and transom bubbles up and enters right underneath engine mount. No porpoising. Measures about 1.5 inches. Straight edge to plate
  5. Have a 14ft Polar Craft with 20hp Tohatsu on it. When cruising at full throttle water comes over the transom. Not a lot but enough to be an issue if run for any length of time. Should an adjustment on the tilt pin fix the problem? More weight in the bow? Right now the pin is in 2nd slot from bottom.
  6. That's a nice looking setup. Well manicured. Are you Edward Scissor Hands?...
  7. Believe I was wrong about that. Seems like it reads that it is the minimum. Confusion.
  8. That does make more sense.
  9. Bag limit per person per day is 25. Not to exceed 9in in length. Haven't tried it myself but all thats needed is a trap. Read that a minnow trap will do or eel traps can be had for 40-50$. Bait such as crushed crabs, cat food, or pork chops. I would assume anything stinky and cheap would work. Jam it in some pantyho's or some kind of bait bag and let soak overnight in brackish water with some current.
  10. Your correct. Auger is belt driven. I'll tinker with what you suggested and see if it helps it
  11. Just got this thing back to life again! Great old machine after a bunch of oil and grease to loosing rusted parts. Good for small driveways and paths. Doesn't throw far enough for wide lots. End of season I can't thow it over the banks it makes all winter without maintaining them throughout
  12. That's is precisely what I think happened. Wish we were able to get a picture. The hook definitely had caught itself on the way out. Would have rusted away I'm sure and released but in the mean time it was causing the fish some anal damage. The drag alone was pulling it's insides out
  13. Yeah buddy! Definitely worth our troubles. Pretty sure it should be an annual event
  14. Swimming around wit that must have been terrible. Talk about an itch that you can't scratch. You saved the day man. You were an anal Angel to that fish!
  15. Fishing this past weekend my friend and fellow member here landed a fish and noticed it had a problem. After inspection it had a hook caught in the poop shoot with a line and seaweed trailer. Hook was removed and the fish is hopefully ok. Certainly the worst case of a dingle berry I'd ever seen. Never know what your gonna see out there