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  1. you can all Cotes fly shop in Licester Ma he has a lot of older blanks and may be able to match it up. Good Luck
  2. first pic looks like splicing tape for electrical connections. it stretches and sticks to itself, wrapped over larger splices when using burndies and then covered with regulat electrical tape. second looks like a screwdriver with replaceable tips and the tips are missing.
  3. Camper is 11'3" and propel ways close to 100# it's a class c motorhome would suck at the end of the day to deadlift to the roof especially if the roof was wet.
  4. Is that price shipped? 01540 do you take PayPal
  5. I take my reel spool off and drop them in a warm soapy bucket of water for an hour or so. Take them out and rinse well in warm water and let dry. Regrease if needed and reassemble. I am talking fly reels though. I take them apart and clean and lube them in winter. Also did them same for my spinning gear.
  6. X2 on the slice plus
  7. No experience with sea eagle but I just got an advanced elements strait edge pro fishing kayak and another advanced elements for the wife to put in the motorhome. Haven't tested them yet but did blow it up and check it out and it seems stable enough to me. I am sure it will be pushed around by wind as it will sit high but I can't put my native propel on top or inside the motorhome. Will post back once I test it out.
  8. It was on Alaska Airlines too. I would check with the airlines for their policies about carry ons. My trip was to Alaska and I wasnt risking losing my rods and reels on a trip of a lifetime. All custom rods made for the trip(by me) would have been a very expensive mishap. plus one was for my step son who we were visiting there.
  9. I made a rod tube out of ABS pipe to fit all 3 rods and stored it with my bag in over head storage. They were 4 pc. rods ranging from 9-11'6
  10. I buy rings of all types from Mogo's cork. I found him on eBay but have bought direct not on eBay. Good prices and a lot of variety of burls and rubberized as well.
  11. X2 also brought 3 rods in a tube on carry on
  12. nicely done, way to improvise and simplicity is good!
  13. really liked my Simms headwaters and still use them. great for hiking into to spots. have a pair of Orvis Access boot which is similar to the Simms headwaters but a bit lighter.
  14. I use a fishpond sling, its waterproof with YKK zippers, holds plenty of boxes and extra reels/spools etc. has a spot for an extra rod as well. Can't remember the model but it was the first or second generation sling they made. Its been about 4-5 years and no issues yet.