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  1. No thank you
  2. Colchester
  3. Selling a Tsunami Shield 5000. Used for one season, and has been sitting. $70 local pickup in CT.
  4. I was fishing yesterday, and all three of the smalls screws holding the arm of the line pick up to the reel came so loose, that it almost fell off. It’s a VSX200. I don’t have the right size Allen wrench, so I have to pick one up today. Does anyone know the size? Also, should I add a little locktite to them? The reel is brand new this year and has been fished ~20 times.
  5. I'm selling a brand new in the package, St. Croix Legend Surf 10'6", 3/4-4 oz. GSS106MM2. $530 (saves $30-$50, + taxes), local pickup in Colchester, CT or along the shore on evenings I'm fishing.
  6. I stopped going there at the end of last year. Every time I went, I wasn't greeted, or asked if I needed help with anything. They were all sitting behind the counter chatting with each other and couldn't care less that I was in there. I just didn't feel like they valued their customers. Pegs are always empty on the important stuff, so it was almost always a wasted trip, and then I would have to drive to another shop to find what I needed. I switched to JB in Niantic, and while they aren't a surf shop in the traditional sense, they have most of what I'm looking for. When I mentioned this to them, they asked for recommendations on what else they could carry, and that they could always order items for me if needed. Quick turn around time on reel service, and take the time to talk to me and answer questions. I just had two VS serviced at Saltwater Edge in RI, which I recommend as well. I dropped them off on a Monday, one was completed later Monday afternoon, and the second was done by Tuesday, and I picked them up on Wednesday. They did text/email updates of what was going on with your reel, and I received an email invoice that I could pay online, so I could just pick them up. The only reason the second VS wasn't finished on Monday was because a previous shop didn't seal it properly, so there was an entire beach in it, and they couldn't get it open.
  7. They sent me a brand new Legend that's arriving today, and are letting me keep this one. I'm going to epoxy it with the syringe like people suggested.
  8. Bump. I'm looking for another. Maybe two.
  9. I wear contacts on days I'm climbing on rocks to fish.
  10. I had that issue too. The nub would pop off. I made the flouro tag end a little longer, and as the knot stretched, it was fine.
  11. Deal