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  1. It is no longer available
  2. He is currently building them and they won’t be ready for a bit.
  3. Looking to buy a couple 3.5 oz Afterhours Sr Needles (floating) in either white or pearl. I could be open to other lighter colors too. Please post pictures and prices. Can someone please move this to the WTB?
  4. I’ll take it. PM me your PayPal, please.
  5. I’m looking for a 60# boga. I live in CT, and will do local pick up or pay shipping. Also interested in a Flatlander 60# holder if you have one. Pictures and price please!
  6. Unfortunately I’m never up that way
  7. Bump!
  8. If it's allowed, I will do venmo.
  9. I'd say an 8. I don't believe it was ever dunked. I wasn't hard on it at all. Bump!
  10. Flatlander Surf Belt (37-47") - $65 local pick up, or $80 shipped - Used for a single season. Only reason I stopped is because I bought a smaller one because of a weight loss over the winter. Tsunami Shield 5000 - $55 local pick up, or $70 shipped - Used for one season, and has been sitting since. Korkers 10.5 - 11 Men's Soles Felt & Studded - $50 local pick up, or $60 shipped - These are brand new.
  11. Bump! $50
  12. I'm not sure what you're asking. I live in CT.