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  1. Everyone on here seems to have a problem with the newer ugly stiks. What has taken its place as the best rod <$60?
  2. I think you meant to use a less than sign here? You used the greater than sign
  3. The question was, where should a rod break on a cast? I’m no expert but I’d have to think you might be wrong on this. Where the rod breaks should be determined by the action of the rod rather than how it fits together. If you look at this picture it becomes apparent where the rod is likely to snap based on rod action. The action will vary slightly depending on the product and manufacturer.
  4. I just recently started using braid line. I bought Power Pro. With most plugs being $10-$25, I figured it was worth the extra money. I'd also be interested to hear what brands other people use.
  5. I meant to say I wouldnt go heavier than medium-heavy power
  6. I just bought the Diawa BG 4000 and put it on my new 9’ foot St. Croix mojo surf rod. Its slightly off balance (tip heavy, if thats something that you care about) but It doesn't feel that heavy to me. I guess everything is relative. Before I had an Ugly Stik which is extremely heavy so it makes this setup feel like a feather. Maybe check out my recent post called Rod Reel Balance. And if its your main surf rod I would go heavier than medium-heavy power for the rod power and wouldnt go faster than moderate-fast for the rod action. Thats all just my personal preferences though
  7. Thanks for the insight. How’s the balance on that setup? Good or basically the same situation I have?
  8. Oh that’s something I’ll be doing anyways. No issues there
  9. Why couldn't this thread come out a week ago (before I bought my 9 footer)? Then again, it sounds like youd be hard pressed to find any graphite/glass rod thats not susceptible to snapping.
  10. Hey, thanks for the replies! This’ll be my main surf setup so hopefully it will work well for me. Otherwise, lesson learned.
  11. I know this is something that has been hashed out on these forums before, but I recently bought a Mojo Surf 9' (3/4 to 4 oz) and paired it with a new Daiwa BG 4000. When I test it's balance it appears to be tip heavy. I measured the balance point and its about 4.5 inches away from the arm that connects the reel to the rod. The reel weighs 14.3 oz. and is capable of spooling 200 yards of 40lb braid. The next reel size up is the 4500 but weighs considerable more at 22 oz and spools 340 yrds of 40lb braid. I know some people add lead to balance it off. Maybe that's what I'll end up doing. I'm still debating whether or not should I return it and get the 4500 (and hope its more balanced) or just stick with the lighter 4000. I just wanted to get some of your thoughts on this.
  12. Thanks for the responses. I'll probably end up getting the 10'6"
  13. I'm in the market for a new rod. I still categorize myself as a beginner who likes to throw plugs in primary in the 2 to 2.5 oz range (occasionally slightly lighter) . I want it to be versatile enough to throw pencil poppers, darters, and poppers, and needlefish. The majority of my research tells me people like the medium action mojos, the 9' and the 10'6". Some people have said the ratings are off. Will either of these rods be capable of handling my needs?
  14. Yes, Brian was helpful as well. Thank you both for adding your valuable opinions.
  15. Yeah Yudi good point. I get too varried away with certain ideas some times. Havent fished it yet because i just bought it but next tine at Walmart maybe I'll pick up a 1 oz diamond