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  1. Very well. If you decide to debate a price let me know for sure. I’d be interested.
  2. Is it $650 firm or are you willing to negotiate a price?
  3. I’d like to respectfully offer $550 shipped.
  4. Has the VSX150 ever been serviced?, or dunked?
  5. I’ll take this for the $175 shipped.
  6. Has it ever been serviced and is there any problems with it?
  7. @4x4FishNy thanks for the offer but I’m going to hold off. Bought a few from JM13 and granite.
  8. I’ll take them at the $90 shipped.
  9. @JM13 $90 shipped for the top two correct?, black over green and the gasoline. Yes BM darters
  10. @JM13 any others in the box you willing to consider as well?
  11. How much for #1 and 2.
  12. @MorningWood how much for the top picture, (with the eye). Shipped? @GraniteStRockfish I’ll take the white alone at the $45 shipped please.
  13. @JM13 If anything yellow over white, but not specifically.
  14. @JM13 Either or.
  15. Looking for 3oz BM darters thanks ..