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  1. Bottle I still want bro
  2. ?
  3. I will take super strike bottle if split
  4. Just posted it
  5. I totally forgot about the pics thanks bud
  6. I have doubles of these plugs and would like to trade for superstrike plugs.ppw pencil slightly used and popper only carried post pics on what you have to trade.thanks
  7. I will pass no bail .....thanks
  8. Looking to buy a vs or vsx150 in silver will also trade .i have a gsb1361mh custom built paired with a diawa saltist 30h
  9. Please close.....
  10. Want to sell or trade my gsb1361mh paired with a diawa saltist 30h for a vs or vsx150 ( silver preferred) .rod was built by frank ward 23” inches from butt to reel seat local pick up only Long Beach / queens ny $405
  11. Bump for a great condition bag...
  12. Will take red head if willing to split
  13. Respectfully offer 40 shipped f&f
  14. Respectful offer 50 for show special