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  1. 25 shipped on bottle?
  2. Respectfully offer 95 shipped for musso
  3. To give some of y’all a pic what I’m looking for
  4. You can't bump a thread the same day you post it. Please read ALL the rules and familiarize yourself with them,nefore you sell here. 8. Bumps and "ttt" posts are limited to once per day with a total of three bumps per thread.
  5. What’s going on sol Looking to trade nip ss mullet popper for calamari bottle must be new or nip thanks
  6. Bump
  7. Like title says looking for ss calamari bottle would like (nip) but will consider new without package ....thanks
  8. I will take deep diver if split
  9. PFA.....looking for the superstike calamari bottle new let me know if you want to sell.
  10. Closing....
  11. Hmmm
  12. 30 buyer pays shipping
  13. I will pass
  14. Selling a brand new van staal reel bag in excellent condition $35 buyer covers shipping.thanks