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  1. Anyone find them north of the cape yet?
  2. Orioles were all over the Arboretum the other day
  3. If you want to wade, I've had a lot of fun wading for smallmouth a bit further up river. Great for breaking the DC midsummer heat.
  4. Saw a male (along with lots of warblers) birding in Nahant this AM
  5. Got my first! 24" with sea lice -- 1 hit in about an hour, tossing small plugs off the rocks at high tide.
  6. Got my first Wachusett laker!
  7. Anyone planning to be out in the rain tomorrow afternoon?
  8. I'm in Nahant through May 23. I'm hoping to catch at least a couple of weeks of the striper run, but I'm getting pretty antsy till then. Would I have any hope in targeting flounder from shore in the interim? Some of those online fishing reports suggest flounder fishing in Lynn harbor, but they seem to assume a boat.
  9. Thanks for the tips. What are the odds of seeing any action (on a scale from bluegill to muskie)?
  10. Or fish for largemouth... fish around Boston seem to push up shallow to start spawning the first warm week around then every year.
  11. If you just want to catch fish, try the local rivers (Mystic, Charles). No trout, but bass and perch which are active throughout winter.
  12. I know for sure Jamaica Pond definitely has fish hold over from stocking (it's SUPER deep), but I have had very limited success there myself.
  13. I know people ice fish on Spy Pond in Arlington. I've only fished there in summer, but it seems like the farther you wade from the publicly accessible areas the better you do, so I believe ice fishing some of the tucked away coves could be pretty productive.
  14. Brookline Reservoir was drained as of last summer. Let me know if you're going to JP, I live in Somerville and would be down.
  15. Caught ~2.5lb bass (average size) on a spinnerbait in Boston yesterday, so they're definitely around.
  16. I fish freshwater in Boston until the rivers freeze (and I have caught fish in the cracks between ice floes). You don't even have to slow down that much -- what I find more important is switching to lures with subtler action, stuff like jerkbaits, keitechs, ned rigs, small crankbaits etc. and targeting outflows/spots where you expect the water to be warmest. I have some of my best days on waming trends in the dead of winter. Another option to just feel a tug on the line is to fish for perch -- they're active all winter and will hit anything flashy/erratic in the shallows.
  17. Respectfully offer 33 shipped PP (I can cover fees) for all of them
  18. Actually before you close if you can do 45 shipped PP (I'll get fees) i'll take it
  19. If you can do 50 shipped to Boston I'll take it.
  20. i'll take it for that price
  21. Any chance you'd do $20 for just the xraps, pins minnow and spinners?
  22. ill take it
  23. Wait, sorry, I thought 30 was for the whole lot. My bad. Respectfully retract, with apologies.