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  1. Black-bellied plover maybe? They often like the same beaches as sanderlings.
  2. I think the peeps are sanderlings?
  3. Bike is definitely the way to go. I'd lose my mind if I had to regularly drive anywhere in this city.
  4. Bass blowing up on thousands of herring fry for about an hour, as oblivious joggers passes feet away. I got a 27, 32 and 36 but mostly just watched. Makes this city feel a bit wilder... 20220922_183319_2.mp4
  5. The Lower Charles has good LMB and even some SMB fishing, with occasional stripers -- the largemouth like cover near shore, and the smallmouth like current, steep drop-offs and rocks.
  6. Anyone find them north of the cape yet?
  7. Orioles were all over the Arboretum the other day
  8. If you want to wade, I've had a lot of fun wading for smallmouth a bit further up river. Great for breaking the DC midsummer heat.
  9. Saw a male (along with lots of warblers) birding in Nahant this AM
  10. Got my first! 24" with sea lice -- 1 hit in about an hour, tossing small plugs off the rocks at high tide.
  11. Got my first Wachusett laker!
  12. Anyone planning to be out in the rain tomorrow afternoon?
  13. Thanks for the tips. What are the odds of seeing any action (on a scale from bluegill to muskie)?
  14. I'm in Nahant through May 23. I'm hoping to catch at least a couple of weeks of the striper run, but I'm getting pretty antsy till then. Would I have any hope in targeting flounder from shore in the interim? Some of those online fishing reports suggest flounder fishing in Lynn harbor, but they seem to assume a boat.
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