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  1. Hi, Offer 160 shipped/PayPal Thanks
  2. Bought a Penn 100 surfmaster at a garage sale recently. Also came with a Newell spool. Does anyone still use these reels? I figured I can use it as a light live bait reel for local Bass or bottomfish. Kind of reminds me of a smaller Penn 501.
  3. Selling a Abu Record 50...Barely used. Very minor scratches. Comes with box extra handle. Filled with 40 spectra. New Abu Garcia Silver max. Still in its original packaging. Both for 100.00 shipped. I prefer PayPal but checks and money order will do. Thank you
  4. If you go through San Diego, try the San Diego. It's a 3/4 day boat out of Seaforth landing. Best time is summer months. It's hit and miss right now. They had limits yesterday and only 3 today. Fun gamefish especially when the big ones bite.
  5. CC Rider. I prefer not to split. Thanks.
  6. Selling this lot of older Penn reels. Penn 850ss in good condition with boat rash ready to fish. Penn 710 in good working order. Needs cleaning and drags changed. Old Penn Atlantic 14. Works but more or a collector. 100.00 for the lot. PayPal shipped. Thank you.
  7. Closed. Thank you SOL
  8. Lowered price to 150.00 shipped.
  9. Just bought this a week ago and it is bigger sized reel that I need. 160.00 shipped in the USA. PayPal is good. cosmetics an 8/10. mechanics is a 9.5/10 since it's not brand new. Comes with 80 pound spectra and 40 pound ande mono topshot. Thank you.
  10. Recently purchased a 14000f model for a fair price. I have and love my newer Sw models. Just looking for first hand Intel on these older models. Longevity, strengths, weaknesses, tips...any Intel is appreciated. My plan is to throw poppers for local Tuna. How big can the older 14000f models handle?
  11. One plus about fishing summer is fishing before or after a grunion run. Big Halibut and other game fish pile up for the feast. Match up with a lure that imitates a grunion will land big fish. Also you can use grunion as live bait.
  12. Plenty of options. I would recommend the San Diego out of Seaforth. They run a daily 3/4 trip and are catching Yellowtail and Bluefin Tuna right now. Yes Bluefin Tuna within 3/4 day range trip in March. Make sure to have a passport just in case they fish close to the Coronado Islands.
  13. My fishing buddy loves gulp products for bottom fishing. Its gulp or nothing for him. He has had some good trips enough for him to use it exclusively. On a recent trip fishing was slow. But there he was out fishing all of us. I cant say if its the magic lure/bait out there. But you are not wasting time using gulp. It is a proven product that will give you more productive days than no love days...