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  1. Gosa. Absolute work horse of a reel. I have 3 just for the canal.
  2. I caught my first ever by accident targeting schoolies in a back bay late October 2020. Lots of schoolies and one random weaky. I was shocked.
  3. Caught a weakfish going for schoolies in October. First one ever. Awesome colors
  4. Something I never could’ve expected happened last night. Fishing same tide I caught a handful of schoolies, a few blues, another Shad and a Weakfish made an appearance! Beautiful fish
  5. Not sure. Most of the bass around were under 20 inches
  6. Weird thing was I was using my freshwater Frogging baitcaster with 50 lb braid and 4 inch Shad. Awesome fight on the caster. Might gear down to try and target them now I know they’re around my area
  7. My first ever caught. Targeting schoolies. Great fight
  8. I thought American Shad too but has more stripes in the middle vs the dots near the head. Caught in buzzards bay on a peanut storm Shad
  9. Any ideas? First thought hickory shad?
  10. This night I actually got a few hookups burning a coltsniper. Although I agree prob have more success with something smaller to match
  11. Baby herring makes sense based on where I was this night. I thought pb initially but look a little too slender and did not see the distinct dots
  12. Any ideas? Woops edited
  13. 4 oz gag, stick shad fast sink/magic swimmer, coltsniper
  14. Can you provide any more details on this? I always was under the impression braid = more sensitivity therefore easier to feel hits etc. A 40# main line w/ mono would be the same as 100# braid so all in all you're using much stronger line I suppose
  15. Are there clear advantages in the canal using a conventional setup over spinning throwing bait? I can see it being easier to control the fish and maybe there are advantages to "working" the bait on the bottom