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  1. Can you provide any more details on this? I always was under the impression braid = more sensitivity therefore easier to feel hits etc. A 40# main line w/ mono would be the same as 100# braid so all in all you're using much stronger line I suppose
  2. Are there clear advantages in the canal using a conventional setup over spinning throwing bait? I can see it being easier to control the fish and maybe there are advantages to "working" the bait on the bottom
  3. I heard taking a leak in the canal is as effective as chumming the water
  4. Not to change the subject of the thread but do you find this more than often lights up a topwater bite? i've tried jigging in some windy conditions but the wind can make it difficult to feel bottom after a normal count esp. like a strong SW jigging on an ebb as the winds going opposite the current. I try to keep rod tip down after casting until the line is tight, to cut down on the wind resistance but haven't had much luck in strong wind conditions really. That along with noticeably more seaweed dislodged from the bottom jigging. I do agree however rainy nights have been productive for me. Al
  5. More rain less crowds? I can remember a night a few summers ago it was absolutely down pouring and the "good" tide switch for me was 2-3 am or so. I had set my alarm and when I got up and saw it pouring and wanted to go back to sleep I forced myself to get up and go. I fished for 2-3 hours ended up being one of my most productive nights... nobody in sight!
  6. Re posting from @Sandbar1 a few pages back
  7. How many years is that?
  8. Thanks for the motivation man!
  9. The 0's were in thick last night for sure
  10. I've spent a lot more time exploring local spots and have caught more bass in May than any other year. Mostly schoolies with the last week or 2 having blues mixed in. I think I caught 20-30 bass in May nothing over 30".
  11. "-I am working hard for the fish and its a consistent but spread apart bite" Consistent but spread apart as in during the same tide i.e. every 30 minutes you are getting hits? so it's spread out but consistent throughout the tide? I have seen where the small fish show up first and then they get progressively larger.. then it shuts off. It's funny how just slowing a retrieve down to a crawl could draw the interest of some lurking fish. I've noticed sometimes just barely dragging it on the bottom is the ticket. Sorry about losing the big one.... I would've been excited as well from the previous fish and lost focus. Sounds like a great outing to have at least 2 opportunities at fish 40+ in one swing.
  12. This is true. Any spot I fish I try to visualize and mentally prepare for if I hook into "the fish" what I would do, any obstructions down stream to consider, along with triple checking tackle and hardware. That way I'm as prepared as I can be and not setting myself up for failure. I try to fish away from crowds but a lot of times it's inevitable to have people within even 50-100 yards. Might be more luck landing a fish that size. I remember fishing a morning tide and was the first to hook up to a respectable fish(28#) and by the time I got the fish in it had 3 googan magic swimmers on it.... still with a googan on the other end of the line. They had cast right over my tight line like I wasn't even there. Not sure how I even got that fish in.
  13. Baker digital lip grip BGW60E and get a quick length on her. I think once I see the fishes head I'll have a pretty good judgement for if its high 30s-40.
  14. That'll haunt you for sure. I still have a few memories clear as day of losing bigger fish. Who knows if they were 40+ but they felt they had to be close. I was jigging one night for about 3 hours without any hits and out of nowhere(on a miscast) I hooked into what felt like a monster. After the initial run it was taking drag slowly for a few minutes where I couldn't even turn it with my drag almost fully set. I eventually was able to make a few half inch turns so that was progress but shortly after it popped off and spit the hook.
  15. I think this,"What will catch bass in the 20 and 30 lb class will work just as well for 40 lb fish." is what I needed to hear. There is no shortcut. Once a fish reaches that size there isn't much you can do to specifically target fish a few #s bigger. Just gotta put in the time and be patient and trust my skill set. I'm super paranoid about tackle being in order before even heading out so I always triple check everything you mentioned including sharpening dull hooks. That nightmare would haunt me more than simply losing a fish because it popped off. Gotta stay positive and be patient. Good tip on throwing big eels on a dark new!