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  1. Elliot Jenkins, Greasy Beaks Fly Fishing out of Ipswitch is a great fly guide.
  2. I've catch the majority of them on 5/8oz and soft plastics that weigh about that (albie snax on unweighted hooks, whatever those weigh). Next up would be 7/8 and 3/8, but have caught them on 1 1/4 as well. I have 2 main rods I'll go through, but the main rod is rated to throw 1/4 - 5/8oz, and will rocket epoxies and albie snax a good ways.
  3. I had a client (who is an Orvis employee with access to their whole line) use it on an albie trip last year, and he was raving about it. I think I have a video of him casting and fighting an albie on it as well, if you want to see a third person look at how it acts. Then another mutual friend bought one and he hasn't put it down yet. I cast it as well and it felt like a great rod and loaded nice and easy at short range. I think they had one in the used rod rack at Concord Outfitters last time I looked as well.
  4. If you're talking about the Jones Brothers 26, it's on yachtworld and boattrader with contact info.
  5. 5 kids between 1-4, 9 trout. They haven't stopped talking about it since.
  6. I bought the plans and some of the materials then changed my mind last minute and built the SK-14 instead. The guy who has the build videos on YouTube is down in Clearwater FL and I've spend a good number of days out with him if you have any questions.
  7. If you don't have a camping permit, you allowed to stay on the islands? I know Spectacle closes the docks at sunset.
  8. Things may have changed since then. I told a friend to take the ferry over and fish from the islands and he was told by park rangers he couldn't go down onto the rocks. Safety regulations or something. With a surf rod to get some extra distance or at high tide might work, but fly fishing at low tide you would be casting onto dry land.
  9. Haven't cast the Hardy, but have 2 H3D 10w (and 2 8ws). They're ridiculously light and powerful. The 8ws haven't had a problem with even larger 8" hollow fleyes and stripers up to 37". The 10ws have been easily casting 14" beast fleyes and haven't had a problem with either stripers or albies. The 10w feels almost like you're casting a 9w and the 8ws feel like you're casting a 6w, they're all so much lighter than the other rods I've handled.
  10. Tons of squid in the harbor, especially early in the season but they still catch them into August under lights. I've never had much luck with the squid patterns I would normally use on the cape, but red or pink over white deceivers and hollow fleyes work just fine.
  11. I can recommend Patrick at Early Rise Outfitters (and also Charter the Berkshires). He runs trips out that way and does both wade and drift boat trips. Miles McCloy (978-808-7053) is a great guide out that way as well for wade trips, but last I heard he was having health issues and wasn't able to guide right now.
  12. The Quickshooter XP is an intermediate line and was designed to load a rod quickly. The floating lines will be lighter and have a larger diameter making them more wind resistant. For example the Quickshooter XP is 45 gr heavier than the equivalent Striper Intermediate, so you're essentially uplining the rod. If collapsing it could also be outside of the temperature range of the line and it's too pliable. I would try a new line on your H3 9w, either a Rio OBS Intermediate or the Quickshooter XP if you liked that one and see if you have the same problems before grabbing a new rod. Lastly clean your fly line. You'll be amazed how much better a clean line casts vs a really dirty one.
  13. I use the H3D 8w to throw the same sized and larger hollow fleyes and only pull out the 10w when I start throwing 14" beast fleyes (or it's really damn windy). For novice casters we'll throw Rio OBS and more advanced casters we'll use the Royal Wulff triangle taper and both have no problems turning over the flies or casting them. What is the problem when casting them? Was it just a really strong headwind?
  14. Total boat 2 part floatation foam (2lb density) from Jamestown Distributors. Pick the hottest day you have to do the foam and you'll get a lot more expansion out of it. I didn't want to wait for a 80+ day so did it on a 70-74 degree day and didn't get nearly as much expansion as I would have wanted.
  15. It was $3300 all in but most of that was in the new engine ($1800) and the electronics (9" unit on clearance for $300). Next to that I really spared no expense and things like the LED low profile nav lights were close to $400. If i remember right the complete hull was around $600 including fiberglass, foam (it's completely foam filled), paint, etc. Labor I didn't keep track of but only put in maybe 2-3 full days of work and 30 mins to an hour here and there. I didn't have enough clamps to do the deck runners for instance so would do 2-3 at a time and there are a bunch. I started the build around middle of June and was done in Sept all without sacrificing time I would normally be out fishing.