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  1. Don’t know if you can make it work but I have an elite 5 head unit.
  2. Pp sent, thx pbfish.
  3. I’ll take it for $65.00, shipped to 11758.
  4. $100.00 shipped to 11758?
  5. PP sent. thx.
  6. How about $40.00 without the Danny? shipped.
  7. I was looking at a flock of gulls working off the North Shore and counting days...
  8. Sounds good, send me your pp info. thx.
  9. That's the one.
  10. I am looking for a backup belt. I’m using a MAK belt now, and am happy with its buckles and adjustability. Looking for, hopefully, another MAK in good shape, but will entertain others. Thank you.
  11. Likewise. Good luck this season.
  12. Pp sent, thx SOL
  13. Mark, I am. Sending pp today.
  14. 40.00 shipped to 11758. Ill take it.
  15. As stated, I am looking to buy a MAK pouch, size Large. shipped to Long Island. thanks