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  1. Never figured age. Rebuilding it conventional, so I'm gonna pull it from sale.thought I sent this to you already. Sorry
  2. I’ll take it. Pls send ur info. thx.
  3. As stated in the title, Im looking for a MAK Angler 4 tube bag.
  4. Offer retracted, sorry castmaster. Didn’t mean to hijack.
  5. If you’ll take 100.00 shipped for the MAK, I’ll gladly take it.
  6. For what it’s worth, I have an extrasport jacket as well. It’s a incredible jacket for the money. GLWS.
  7. PP sent, thx.
  8. I'll take them from asking.
  9. Sure, 100.00 picked up. I’m not sure of how to judge its age. Let me check with lamiglas.
  10. Eastern Nassau, south shore
  11. 125.00 for the rod shipped.
  12. $55.00 for the MAK?
  13. I should pay more attention to my inbox. Nice snag.
  14. Will you take $30.00 for all, but the metal lip, Rapala and crystal minnow, shipped to 11758?