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  1. What a freakin can of worms I opened . I am maybe slightly less confused as before, but there is definitely some great information in this thread. I get that an integrated fly line and a shooting head system are different. However, in my mind, the only difference is the mono running line which may be harder to handle. In theory, couldn’t and shouldn’t you cast the two lines in the same manner?
  2. The similarity that I am thinking of is that your non casting hand is controlling (grabbing and stripping) a mono style line versus a traditional fly line. It is much thinner and slicker. I agree that the casting techniques between the two are totally different. I went out to a field to test the rod out in calm conditions. It definitely did not feel right. On the back cast the D loop would begin to collapse as it was moving backwards. My double haul definitely needs practice. It is a somewhat exhilarating feeling when you can feel the power in the line ramp up from each successful haul. I am excited to try again with a more appropriate sized line.
  3. Thank you for all the helpful responses. I have some experience fly fishing in freshwater. Lately, I have been tight line nymphing with a mono line so I think that is helpful transitioning to a shooting head/running line setup. There is no question however that I need to work on my cast. It sounds like the shooting head I got is a bit heavy for the rod. I should have done more research before jumping the gun....on the plus side I actually landed a diaper Striper my first time trying with said setup. I was only able to reach the very edge of the beach lip which was frustrating.
  4. Hello everyone, I recently pieced together a fly setup and I am not sure if I have it set up correctly. The rod is an old cabelas 10’ 8 weight and the reel is a redington rise 7/8 size. No problems here I believe. I have backing on the reel with 50 lb opst lazar line. Connected to the running line is a rio outbound short shooting head ST8S6. This is where I am confused. I believe that is the correct head for my rod and reel for fishing the rough and tumble west coast surf. Am I wrong? Also, would that shooting head be too heavy for back bay conditions with no surf or swell? I’m inclined to believe so. I had such a hard time casting that I’m thinking it’s possible my setup is not correct. However, it could also be the steep beach I was fishing as well as the fact that I am just starting to fly fish the salt and need to practice casting technique. Thanks guys.
  5. I totally blew it on bay striper fishing this fall, but I’ve caught the fly fishing bug is unfortunate that good trout water is so far away from the Bay Area...I will need to start looking into surf perch on the fly...thankfully we got Stu!
  6. Anchovy slush. Caught on a white bucktail.
  7. Madraz, I too have been there way more often than I’d like. A lot of times, fish just aren’t around. We lack consistency out here...Just keep at it, it will happen. Try to make some changes in when or where you fish too, switching up a routine could be the answer. Just trying to offer some encouraging words because I know the feeling all too well...
  8. Man I wish I could’ve gone! Fling is too great to miss for some measly work...
  9. Stu, Your glowing review on this bait makes me want to try them, but I am on a lucky craft bend at the moment. I delayed getting my hands on a lucky craft for so long, and now that I finally have one, it is all I want to throw. I just wanted to say thank you for posting such a detailed and informative review of a lesser known product. In my opinion, this kind of post is what makes SOL such a valuable tool for us anglers.
  10. I've had very minor success with both needles and darters. I started throwing both last summer. They definitely work in our waters, and I am looking forward to putting more fish on each type of lure. The slim profile of a needle matches a lot of baitfish in my opinion. One time fishing in the bay this past fall, schoolie stripers were keyed in on something small and slim. They wouldn't touch any other topwater offering except for a tiny 4" needlefish. I've only had success fishing them pretty much as a pencil, but I am going to try other methods in the future. I especially want to feel the strike of a needle fish being worked in very slowly. I imagine it to be the kind of strike that startles me in the way we all chase after. As for darters, I've only caught one fish on a SS darter. For me, they are a more of a specialized tool that I throw only in certain conditions/locations, unlike many other lures that I will use to kind of search for fish. There is tons of information on SOL about fishing darters. The main requisite is to have some kind of current going outward away from you or moving from one side to the other. When you put a darter through this kind of current, you will feel the lure dig into the current and start dancing around erratically. The intensity of the dig varies from lure to lure. For me, the SS does not dig as much as my other custom darter. My other darter digs so hard that I am in constant contact with it. It takes a little bit of time to get used to the feeling and to keep in contact with the plug. I don't have much catching experience at all with these plugs, but both are plugs that I want to get better at utilizing.
  11. Thank you Linesideslayer and Baitmaster for putting the whole thing together! Thanks to everyone else for the food, raffle items, stories, and fishing knowledge. I hope I can make it next year. I came out with some sweet sweet plugs. Who put the loaded Cotton Cordell pencil in the raffle? I've been wanting to try a loaded one for ages and the opportunity fell into my lap yesterday! Let us all remember to bring family members to next years fling. Percy revealed his secret weapon(s) and showed us all how it's done, heheh
  12. sweet. Thanks for offering.
  13. As a young adult, I was going down a path that had no chance of ending well. At around the same time I realized this, I caught my first surf striper. As a child, I was completely addicted to fishing, but I grew out of it during my teen years. Stripers and the magical hunt for them pulled me back in completely. I simply switched one obsessive activity with another and saved myself from a lot of potential trouble. Now, I just worry about driving sleepy or losing my footing from a rogue wave.
  14. Hello everyone! It's almost here. Does anyone have a copy of Abe Cuanang's SF bay striper book that they'd be willing to bring so I can check it out? I never got my hands on a copy, and I think there's going to be some useful tidbits of info inside it for me to learn. Just thought I'd ask.
  15. Yes, I noticed that it kept happening in that spot. That is why I thought it was from testing the drag right before a cast. I fished after cleaning the roller out and my line did not fray, so I believe I found the culprit. I will be keeping an eye on it though to see if it reappears. It would make sense that sand in the roller would cause this as I pull the line through it with tension repeatedly to check the drag. One outing may not be enough to confirm. I was also thinking abrasive finger tape perhaps. I do tend to lay into my casts. The braid is 30 lb. jerry brown. I do not think it is the line's fault. I checked my rod guides for cracks, but did not find any. However, my rod is heavily used and I would not be surprised if there is a crack that I missed by now.