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  1. went out Friday from 1 to sun down and was very rough. Was blackfishing . Got about 30 shorts and 1 keeper. Back at my marina which is loaded with peanuts and snappers constantly as the sun went down I heard violent splashes. Went back last night and same thing. Managed 2 bass about 20 inches and a nice 5lb blue. Will go back again tonight. Bass and blues are in the harbor assaulting peanuts. Kastmater Er was the way to go as it matches the hatch
  2. Ding ding ding we have a winner I hung and never touched the bottom and all my crabs lived.....
  3. https://www.amazon.com/Berkley-Gal-Floating-Bait-Bucket/dp/B005F06G7G Will this work? it says floating tote......$14 seems like way to go.
  4. This is why I am confused........ I am experimenting with the ones that were left alive. I put them in the bucket and hung the bucket the same height as the dock. lets see if they live....
  5. What do these look like ?
  6. Makes sense I tied the bucket so it won’t touch the bottom now
  7. Wanted to save some money and limit my trips to the bait store. I purchased a half bushel of green crabs. i was told get a 5 gallon bucket and drill holes and hang it off my dock. I hung it with a lot of slack and it sunk down the bottom. Today i went to check on the crabs and they were all dead. i left a bucket on my boat with the crabs not in the water and those crabs were fine. By having the bucket go down the bottom is it possible they died because they need oxygen and the mud killed them ? should I just leave the drilled bucket on my boat? here is attached the bucket
  8. Berkley gulp? Zoom super flukes are no go?
  9. I have the tinman bucktails. They awesome.....
  10. Just starting having success here in my local water throwing 3/4 oz white bucktail on a 4 inch gotcha grub in white. it got me thinking I have had success in the local river here with zoom super flukes anyone tip their bucktails wirh these? Seems like that is the concept of a mojo rig? A swim shad with a bucktail.
  11. Any have experience putting a power handle on a shimano charter special 2000? I don’t want to use a Dremel. Looking for something that just screws on.
  12. That is what I am using gotcha grubs 4 inch grubs. Maybe I need to switch
  13. Yes shed your light please ....
  14. First cast tonight.....dan tin man 3/4 oz bucktail....
  15. I have a question on spoons and tubes. hHstorically I used to use leadcore but am getting tired of the pain it is to retrieve it and need to let out alot of lead core to get down so long retrieve. What do you think of this setup enclosed? Can I use this setup with tube and worm? I am attaching what I am seeing. Will a 6oz bucktail work? When I use this setup do I stop the boat. Let the line out until I can feel bottom then reel 5 clicks up and then put the boat in gear and run? Only thing I can think of is that leadcore will give me more control at what depth I am trolling.