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  1. My understanding is the fish followed the bait way offshore. People are not going way offshore to fish for bluefish. If you ask me it is more a bunker and bait issue. i can be wrong just how I view it.
  2. This silver sands project was a real crappy one as well $10m up in smoke yesterday
  3. Sold......
  4. Bump....
  5. $125 and $10 shipping i have a spare GT23M-TM Transom Mount Traditional and CHIRP ClearVu Transducer GT23M-TM transducer is perfect for coastal and offshore fishermen who want CHIRP traditional sonar and CHIRP ClearVü scanning sonar. This transom mount transducer consistently displays clear and crisp fish arches with superior target separation as well as clear definition of structure below the boat. The 8-pin transducer features mid-band CHIRP traditional sonar (80-160kHz) and has a power rating of 600W. The CHIRP ClearVü (260/455kHz) element has a power rating of 500W. Specifications Style: Transom mount Cable Length: 30'(6m) Connector: 8-pin Supported Transom Angles: 0-70° transom Monitors: Depth/Temperature Material: Plastic Transmit Power: CHIRP Traditional 600W; ClearVü 500W Frequency Range: CHIRP Mid-band (80-160kHz); ClearVü CHIRP 260kHz (245-275kHz) and 455kHz (445-465kHz) Max. Depth: Traditional: 1,800'; ClearVü: 1,000' Beamwidths: Traditional (24°-13°); ClearVü (2.0° x 51° @ 260kHz) & (1.4° x 29° @ 455kHz) What's in the Box GT23M-TM transducer Transom mount Mounting hardware Documentation
  6. I used zoom superfluke and Kalin jig heads.....
  7. It is you can search it
  8. If anyone is looking to buy a custom I am selling. It doesn’t get the use like i thought it would
  9. Here is the back
  10. Found this at a show today. Guy was charging $10. I don’t have any small Dannie’s. I almost don’t want to fish it. It’s still in the wrapper
  11. I still have bunch of sluggos I have used. I’m thinking they will damage around the rocks here in Norwalk.
  12. That is beginner move lol it gets overwhelming but seriously I have so much gear I will never use it. I honestly need to start getting rid of stuff. I also won’t throw a plug that costs more than $20 in my cash. If someone gives it to me I will throw it. Why is it I have trouble fishing that Danny lol don’t want to take it out of the package how old you think that Danny is?
  13. Went to the show in clinton. Didn’t really need anything but don’t really have any small plugs to imitate a peanut. Scored that old school Danny for $10, the olive style danny for $5 with no hardware, then the mag darter/sp minnow combo and the freedom fish from joe bags. Went to the al gags demo and saw him fish the whip it on a jig head and crush it in the local waters i fished and picked that up. All in got some good peanut lures.
  14. See enclosed
  15. Im in norwalk and bagged tons of fish off your beach there. All out blitzes castable from a beach. Also lots of shallow water back bay action. Pic enclosed.