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  1. Nice throw tins lol
  2. This doesn’t destroy the lure it’s just cosmetic right? I have atoms but the pencils do best for the blues. Also a lot of luck with the talking popper....
  3. Western sound ,Norwalk area....... also i forgot how hard they fight and how much they are a pain in the ass with the treble hooks.....I swapped the hardware to look like this
  4. Blues showing up and crushing top water......forgot how much fun these fish are.....fun on arials.....and run and fight hard....... i broke my best pencil a Gibbs original so now christened a keystone pencil, it’s a yellow keystone.... bunker schools are also in, im hoping for bass under the blitzing blues.... do you guys not normally throw wood plugs for blues? How is everyone else doing?
  5. How easy would it be to just drill some new holes lol.....this way I don’t need to worry about pulling them apart I can use the pins and the extensions I got
  6. How would one soak the joint over night? What type of container and with what compound? also the pins need to be pushed in, in order to pull out.... i just blasted bunch of ob blaster down the shaft of the rod and on the pinholes I will let it sit try, maybe what I need is to put one end in a vice and try to twist it off.
  7. They are spring loaded I believe. I sprayed a crap ton of wd40 in them.....I will leave out in the sun and let dry out....
  8. Scored some clam rakes at a garage sale and they have extensions. The extensions can be attached with holes and pins. The problem is person has the top of rake put into the rake and cannot untwist the rake because is stuck close together.....any idea how to get it unstuck.... pics enclosed....or should I just drill some new holes
  9. The bass are finicky......marked al these fish over 2 days and only 2 fish at 26 inches.....I also had 2 runoffs....
  10. Have a 704 custom that I am looking to trade for a shimano baitrunner newer style in 5000 704 is powder coated, drilled, shaved spool, power handle, 706 bailless kit....custom done by Doug orkwiZ..... ive been chunking lately and looking for something for that...
  11. They are there I am bagging them by boat ........
  12. What area of Connecticut?
  13. My understanding is the fish followed the bait way offshore. People are not going way offshore to fish for bluefish. If you ask me it is more a bunker and bait issue. i can be wrong just how I view it.
  14. This silver sands project was a real crappy one as well $10m up in smoke yesterday
  15. Sold......