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  1. Go to reef anchor on structure cut bunker chunk into 4 pieces use a 8/0 gamakatsu Circle hook. Put chunk on the hook toss it out. Leave the drag open and edit for hits. When it hits let it run and then take the drag off and reel
  2. 3 per person
  3. Bump......
  4. Better pics...
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  6. Baitrunner 4000d used a few times comes with j braid 8 strand 30lb $100 plus $15 shipping
  7. Joe Gerace dockside marine, STAMFORD tell him Dennis sent you best mechanic I’ve ever worked wirh. Honest and reasonable. He knows his stuff
  8. I will do $75 shipped sold.....send me PayPal info....will have you send it for repairs and service
  9. Can you do $65 shipped? Need to send it out for service and repair
  10. Norwalk,ct will you ship? I Can PayPal.
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  12. Would you sell me just the baitrunner? I am very interested....
  13. I move to rivers here from my boat and fish surf. I still fish surf once and a while.
  14. Around thanksgiving week. If I get 2 days wirh no signs of life I call it quits
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