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  1. My dad suffered from Parkinson's for years. Device implanted in his brain to control tremors combined with pills 5 times a day. He could not live the life he enjoyed. Then he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. He chose not to fight it and hospice care at home was his choice. Soon after, it was discovered his battery for the brain device was nearly dead, requiring surgery to change. He chose not to endure the side effects of the anesthesia. Without the device he would literally bounce out of bed and no way to know for sure when the battery would finally quit. California has a new death with dignity law. My father asked for the prescription of his own accord. He met all requirements. No doctor in the county would prescribe for fear of losing referrals. It was quite a stressful time. Finally one recommended palliative sedation as an alternative through hospice. He chose that option, was sedated and allowed to pass in his sleep. It took six days, during which his battery died and the tremors became very severe requiring four times the usual dose of sedative to control. Maybe someone can benefit from knowing there are options. Hospice goal is to relieve suffering. Not all suffering is pain.
  2. Don't know about your kind of rays, but the ones I catch on the west coast have prominent nostrils that serve as somewhere to grab and pull. When they sit on the bottom, twanging the line will often get them moving.
  3. I use that knot, but on conventional gear. I haven't had it fail from repetitive casting, but do retie from time to time. I prefer it with a short leader as it tends to catch in the tip on retrieve if there is much angle on the line.
  4. Good news. Can't wait to hear how the rest goes.
  5. I wish you well.
  6. Soaking bait alone on the beach. Orange fireball moves across the horizon. When it gets in front of me, it flashed bright white and turns up and away. Next thing I see is a green and white glowing circle in the sky, getting bigger as it gets closer. Actually considered it was an alien abduction. Turned out to be a missile launch, but I sure was nervous that night.
  7. Have used the Aquaphalt at work. Seems to hold up well. Sunny Southern California so no input on any actual weather.
  8. Try the freezer. Found my car keys there twice.
  9. Should add that most of the 3/4 day boats fish Mexican waters and require a passport.
  10. Check out the Liberty. 3/4 day out of Fishermans Landing. Rode it Thursday. Nice boat and fish counts on par with the rest of the fleet.
  11. That is different from my dad's procedure. Once device was hooked up to batteries, it was turned on and given initial adjustments the same day. He was awake and given neurological tasks to test the adjustment. The one that sticks with me is drawing a spiral. He had an adjustment yesterday and the Dr unintentionally turned off one side. It was a good reminder how much it helps him. His tremors were uncontrollable. If only they could get the meds and device to control the tremors enough that he could shoot a game of pool again.
  12. My father was misdiagnosed with essential tremors. He opted for the DBS when he was barely able to eat and drink. It was amazing the difference it made in his life. Later his diagnosis was Parkinson's. He continues to deteriorate, but the stimulator is a big part of his quality of life. The procedure was uneventful and recovery quick. Results were immediate but not perfect. Even so, he would be under full time care now without it. It has been about 6 years. Adjustments are made on a regular basis as his condition worsens. A good technician is important. Knowing the difference it made for him I encourage you to look into it. I registered in order to pass this along. Good luck and good health whatever you decide.