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  1. Sorry for not getting back to you guys turns outs I didn't have wifi acess up in maine (oh the bliss). Anyways basically what I caught were a large amount of mackeral . Got a few really strong hits that I'm guessing were maybe cod or stripper but didn't land anything big. And yeah I had kayak fished there before weather was ok not great ocean was a bit rough so stuck to the coves mostly. The boat I was fishing out of was a 16 footer set up with a outrigger and rudder...I brought up my small trolling motor too so that kept me pretty well in place.
  2. I actually found one of my old fish tank air pumps and a 3 gallon bucket......if I get a airstone for the pump do ya think that would work as a cheap live well?
  3. Ok thanks guys....didn't want to have to buy a live well (they aren't cheap ) for only a week long trip
  4. Alright....is a bucket with water swapped out good for eels or should I invest in a livewell?
  5. So I leave for vacation up in Southport area in a few days and am bringing up my rod . Already got my lures (poppers /minnows ) etc but has anyone had success trolling at night with either clams/mackerel strips/ or eel. Would love to catch a striper or two of the kayak so any advice is great.
  6. Question on restaurants....have you been to Robinson's recently? I remember a few years back it was pretty bad due to shift in management.
  7. Ah right...I keep forgetting that mackerel are one of the fish that aren't to picky about what they hit.
  8. Should I just go and pick up some squid to hook a few mackerel then use the mackerel to fish for stripers ?
  9. Thanks for the info .....when your next up there again take your kids out the Burnt island...bet they would love it.
  10. And didn't even think to use clams....I know that that location has a bunch of um buried in the sand bed so I might pick some to use
  11. Yeah I'm new to the forum (joined a few weeks ago ) ......I understand about maps now sorry bout that , my bad.
  12. I'm going up in a few weeks to southport Buckscorider...how was the fishing for you?
  13. Stupid question here but what type of bait should I be shooting to use...plan on beach fishing out by hendricks head (southport island) ...location is mostly sandy with a few rock out croppings
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