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  1. I pity every man who has a red head......And every man who doesn't
  2. Please some one provide a synopsis of this thread! Please
  3. .......Truer words can not be spoken....there is beauty and peace in everthing. Slow down get what is really important in perspective, your life will change. It is all about the small stuff and being small.
  4. Patty....had the same problem with a new Troy Built. The pulley bracket had the incorrect bolts from the factory. I ended up re-tapping a hole and putting washers under the bracket bolts so they could be cinched down.
  5. I thought I should have broken one this season. The machine thought it was a wood chipper, small log hidden beneath the snow.....stopped the machine dead in its tracks and did not break a pin. Damned! I think trying to remove the wood from the auger was more difficult than replacing a pin.
  6. It smarter than the snow!
  7. Guys do some research. You might be amased. The Eastern US had some very prolific runs of fish in fresh water rivers. Fishing today is not hard....regardless of the gear you just need to be smarter than the fish.
  8. Ever try leaving your snow shovel outside before you need to use it? If kept indoors the shovel will melt the snow and thus sticking occurrs.
  9. I polled four women who are married......each of them said .... The girl is missing something at home. I would be pissed if my hubby did not come home and tell said my hubby would not be able to wait to get home to tell me. The dynamics of the friendship with the couple have been altered indefinitely with or with out him telling me (wifey) Yes the man should be told about his cheating wife drunk or not no excuses.
  10. I would visit with her and see if she remembers......if so....I would tell the wifey and the gals husband if he truely is your friend. Chances are things won't ever be the same with out telling anyone. This probably is not the first time she did something like this. Imagine if it was your wife.....What would you expect?
  11. Chumfish hit the draft problem on the head......immediately before lighting the fire....take a piece of newspaper light it and hold it up in the top of the fire box or in the flue. This will start the draft. It is about hot air rising....the colder it is the harder it is to start the may also want to open a door while you do this.
  12. Snorkell, Scuba dive.
  13. Yep....purchased a Wahl, Lithium ion a few months ago at Wal Mart. Very small lightweight and fits in my travel bag. Been running on the same charge for a couple of months. It replaced a (3) AA that died a very violent death.
  14. Kids have no rights are opportunistic creatures and their very nature is to push the limits. I say spy on em. A friend of mine from here has a good rule......."All negotiations start with NO!"