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  1. What's an ass streamer?
  2. How about closed public bathrooms? Like, the president is telling me to wash my hands but you guys are getting in the way!
  3. What are the guides using on the flats in your area? How about in the other areas you have mentioned? Where will you really fish 90% of the time? What style of fishing is most enjoyable? I would try and get a few days in with the most experienced guides especially at the extremes of the boat size range and hull range. Take a bay boat out in 3' of water then take a poling skiff out in 1'. See what you like.
  4. Airflo Striper S7. That's what I'm using but I can't offer much input on it. I just started casting it and have yet to fish it.
  5. I have gone through a bunch of makes/models and have moved towards a softer action in the Sector. Previous rods were Method, Asquith, Exocett, etc. I have not thrown the Zone but I understand that it is also a softer action. I think the true to wt Ridge would go well on it. An OBS seems heavy for that rod.
  6. Sector 8 wt for the floating line. Sector 9 wt with the int and sinking.
  7. Took the Airflo out for a few days both casting and fishing. I was amazed at the lack of memory. It is very supple. Much more than the int. I’ve heard that a very supple line can lead to tangles but I haven’t really experienced that myself. So far so good.
  8. I’ve used a lot of the Rio tropical lines, for example the DC Bonefish. I’m in shallow water and in the summer the water gets pretty warm. I also think when it comes to floating lines the manufacturers are putting their very best into the tropical lines. For an intermediate line I really like the Striper Ridge so this year I’m trying that same line which comes in floating and sinking. I got the floating line yesterday and I casting it tonight and start fishing it tomorrow. We’ll see. I think the ideal line will depend on the conditions you are fishing. Boat, shore, flats, estuaries, beach, etc. Also, depends on the rod.
  9. I'm not convinced that the the Airflo line above is the same as what is shown in the taper diagram. On my that is the diagram for the Striper Ridge which comes in float/int/sink. This is what I received when I ordered the sinking line. It seems like a straight shot of sinking line with no taper. I could be wrong but it doesn't seem anything like the taper diagram.
  10. I almost got knocked off my a wake. I assume I would have just jumped right back on. I think I should test that before I fish the rest of the summer.
  11. Just switched to righty. Took a few casting sessions to feel normal. Still lefty for freshwater.
  12. First attempts at dry flies.
  13. I’m hoping to throw something like Caolo’s Diablo Crab this year. Skok has an updated version being sold at the Angling Company but the dumbbell seem too light for our flats. I’m hoping to tie something similar with heavier dumbbells. Crab pots a known killer too. I’m tying everything in either green/brown/black or tan with highlights in purple/orange/blue.
  14. Thanks!
  15. Can anyone explain what affects the arrival times of stripers in the spring. Does a warmer winter in the mid atlantic translate to an earlier migration? Or is it spring temps? Or is it temps all the way up the coast with no way to predict at his stage? Thanks.