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  1. I have a Hardy Zephrus for $400 shipped. Fished the Keys once and lawn casted. Selling because I moved to a Zane Pro at 10 wt.
  2. Yeah, I was referring Slip n’ Slide’s posts.
  3. Isn’t it better to start a new thread? Seemed out of place.
  4. Got it. Thanks for the clarification.
  5. Can someone fill me in. Who is killing fish?
  6. I watched that and realized that the guy who did this film is a vegan who wants to move to 100% plant based diets. Keep that in mind when watching any of Kip Andersen's work.
  7. Selling a 2019 L4Expedition paddleboard in seafoam green hull/deck (retail $3,000). Has some oyster rash from chasing fish. Comes with the following accessories: Adjustable paddle YakAttack Paddle holder Anchor YakAttack Cleats Yak Attack rod holder Bed extender Garage hoist Asking $2,400 OBO. Photos coming soon.
  8. Excellent
  9. Are you casting while sitting in a kayak? If so, how far can you cast while standing on the sod bank, in a field, or on a skiff? It seems like casting while sitting in a kayak would benefit from a very short head, short casting stroke, short leader, and a smaller fly. If on a sod bank, with a few lessons and practices should should be able to hit 60'.
  10. I waited too long to register a Scott rod. Once I realized that I panicked. Called, they said no problem and did it over the phone.
  11. I think the prices in FL are much more reasonable since they are better know. I feel like up here T Top pricing is applied to the smaller size poling platform. Numbers I’ve heard in FL are around $1,200. Up here they are north of $2k, almost half the price of the skiff.
  12. Should be picking up a MayCraft 1700 this week.
  13. Thanks, I’ll check them out.
  14. North Shore.
  15. Unfortunately, it seems I was one of the last people to send him money for an order before things fell apart. Hopefully, he sorts things out. A life is much more important than an order of flies. Luckily, another SOLer sent me some great flies to offset part of that loss, and boosted my spirits.