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  1. Thanks. I just found a tackle shop that has Jerry Brown. Heading there in the morning.
  2. Can I get backing put on my fly reels from any tackle shop? Headed to the Cape this weekend and can’t get to a fly shop.
  3. Cool.
  4. Went on my first trip to the Upper D. Fished the West Branch. Started by moving a few fish with small streamers but couldn’t connect. Found a fish feeding along the bank and made shots for about and hour and a half. Switched flies three times. Finally took the fly and gave me a few nice jumps. Guide pointed out two more fish rising 30 yards down. We went for the fish further downstream in attempt to get shots at both. Switch rods since the shot was only 35’. On the first cast the fly landed two feet above the fish and we got the eat. Fish went calmly and sat on the bottom. Once I got him moving he came right in. Spent the the rest of the day hunting heads. Found a few uncooperative fish. Finished the day fishing a nice Hendrickson spinner fall and catching a little rainbow by a rainbow. Magical place. I’ll be back for a day or a few every spring.
  5. Hi TimS, I prefer less spot naming in general. With that being said, can you clarify why it is okay to name one river but not another? Thanks.
  6. Then what are coiling problems?
  7. I took out a Rio DirectCore Bonefish to mess around with on the lawn. After casting it in the cold last year I was under the impression that it coiled in the cold. This week at about 50 degrees I tried again but this time I gave it all a good stretch. Each 6’ section that I stretched immediately turned from the worst coils to a completely limp line. The best cool weather flats line I have seen so far. Actually, better than my striper ridge too.
  8. Looking for a Tibor Freestone. Thanks
  9. The statistics are misleading. It doesn’t matter what the global shark attack deaths are compared to those of deaths caused by falling coconuts. I’m not going to surf in the super high risk areas. Reunion Island, no thanks. Protect yourself.
  10. Mightyrime, when I first saw the L4 in person I almost had a panic attack. Like, "ummmm, what did I get myself into?!?!"
  11. And it beats whatever we’re up to now.
  12. No we want coordinates. And where should I park?
  13. Stripsetter, mine is 62 lb and I don't enjoy moving it. I think it will just take me some time to get used to. Currently I am terrified of damaging it.
  14. We don't see her anymore. She also told me I need to yell at my kids more. Ha. In all honesty, fishing and the family are the only things I think about. It's definitely an obsession. First, I have noticed my mood changes when season is over. Second, if I have a bad day casting (fly casting practice on the lawn) I can be irritable when I get home. I'm always in a good mood after fishing even if I get skunked.
  15. My wife and I went to see a physchologist/therapist/counselor/whatever about our daughters problem hitting her cousin and little brother. After getting some background information about our daughter and the family dynamics she turns to me and says, “Andrew, you have a fishing addiction. When your wife is talking to you you are not present. You are thinking about fishing.” Check. Mate.