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  1. I’m going to do a bench from scratch. Any ideas of things I should think about when designing? This is going to have a fly tying area but I’d also like to include an area for maintenance, storage for lines/reels/books, maybe an area of drafting/design (I some plans for a skiff). I just know know there are tons of things I wish I had thought of before some projects. Didn’t know if there were additional ideas.
  2. Thinking about buying one. Hoping to go big. Or maybe two screens. Your questions are making me lean towards building a bench...
  3. Really? Those were the two cheapest on CL. The others were 300-600.
  4. We moved into our house over the summer and I'm getting ready to organize the basement and set up a tying area. Would you guys recommend a rolltop and go from there or should I build something custom out of 2x4 and plywood? I can find a rolltop for 100-200 bucks. I'll probably put a tying station, computer, lighting, and storage for tying/rods/reels, etc. Thoughts?
  5. I think one of the reasons I spend so much on fly fishing gear is because I can only fish 30 days a year. Can I go fishing next weekend? No. Are there fly boxes on sale now? Yup. Do I need to switch out all my silver reels for black reels so I can be stealthy on the flats next year? Yup. Do I need to start OH casting to get some better distance night fishing? Yup. I’m vicariously living out my fishing dreams through the purchase of more gear. Like, I ready need THIS rod in case I ever see a GT in Cape Cod Bay... In all seriousness, I think I have burned through a good amount of money trying to dial in my quiver. I’m three years in and have been through four rod manufacturers and two reel makers. Just recently made a change. It could also be that the same imaginative people that are drawn to fly fishing also can be easily persuade that they need a fly reel that will last four generations. Or that they need a rod that can cast in the middle of a category five hurricane.
  6. Yes. Mapache is good. Which ever company you go with print out what you have paid and any coverage from you credit card that you might have. If you don’t, you’ll pay extra at the counter even if you are paid in full.
  7. Where do you live?
  8. Have you talked to them about surfing that area? I know across the bay at Pavones it works on a big swell. I mean, it really works, but it does need a good south swell. I stayed in Pavones for three weeks one summer and a local fisherman would take us across the bay, to the resort side, so we could surf the rights (called Pan Dulce I think). December is there north swell season so it’s someth to consider. But, also, who cares, you are either fishing, at the pool, adventuring in the jungle, or surfing. Sounds awesome.
  9. Looking for a Rio OBS 10 wt.
  10. Switching up the quiver a bit. Sold a few rods and bought 8/9/10 Hardy Zephrus. Putting black Tibor Everglades and Riptides on those. Also grabbed an 8 wt Exocett. Lines of course. Very excited about a 10 wt Exocett surf that is on its way. Think I need an OBS for that. Ordered a dozen jiggies and a dozen hollow fleyes from Andrew’s customs. Ordering the L4Expedition in mid February for April delivery. Almost sounds like I have a problem.
  11. SOLD
  12. PayPal is good. I’ll PM details.
  13. Yes, that’s all I could find. I have lots more pics of you need them.
  14. Price drop to 400 for the black one.
  15. Blue one is sold.