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  1. He’s referring to every other part of the desk.
  2. Don’t ever edit! We like you just the way you are.
  3. Yeah, maybe it should be 100’ in ideal conditions where I plan to fish the most and 50+ ft in gross conditions. Im almost certain I’m good with wind speeds. I’m into practicing in the wind. So my windiest days I’m casting a crab fly 40’ and trying to hit the target. That fly and line have been picked up off the lawn and blown all the way back to me. My target a Linecurv stripping basket got blown way past me. Like me I said before, what does casting in 30 - 40 mph gusts really have to do with fish? Not much...but why the hell not? For the record, I’ve had my eyes on a Kestrel wind meter for a while. I’d love to link the Kestrel to my slo motion camera to time the breakdown of my casts in the wind. Don’t think it’s possible, maybe on the expensive models.
  4. Dan, I’m interested in checking out this rod out. I’m looking for the lightest rod that can throw a large fly 100 ft. I began looking at TH to offset the reduction in casting distance while wading deeper water. So my logic is that 80 ft is a normal cast without wading. Once I start wading I’m casting 60 ft. If I could find a way to wade and get to my 80 ft comfort zone for casting that would be nice. Didn’t take me long to realize that while I’m at it I should probably shoot for 100+. Also, I don’t fish the surf but won’t rule it out in the future. So if I’m looking for something that can handle 10 mph winds I might want to bump it up to say 15 mph capable while I’m at it. So, minimum rod to cast a large beast fleye 100’ in 15 mph winds?
  5. I’m looking at picking up a TH but think I need something between the production “noodles” and a custom cannon.
  6. I’m not talking about TH rods in general. I was inquiring about the “out front” crowd.
  7. Are you using heavily weighted flies?
  8. I think all of these is pretty cool, but at some point is it less about the fish and more about the equipment?
  9. Can it handle green water over the bow? That’s one of the reasons I passed on a Gheenoe, but it was just theoretical at that point.
  10. Just found a place that’s setting up a zero percent financing product. Makes the L4Expedition much more attractive. Has anyone used a push pole with a Live Watersports board?
  11. You should checkout the microskiff site for a long review on the Rover. I was headed towards the Rover until I got some feedback about the actual experiences guys were having. It seems too big to throw around on top of cars or in truck beds. The wheels used to cart it are impossible to remove once in the water. It’s design and construction don’t hold up all that well. It is still a paddleboard with a motor. We aren’t talking about skiff grade glassing techniques. So pretty quickly guys are finding out that it needs a trailer and you need to be pretty gentle with it. At that point why not buy a used Gladesman, Gheenoe, or Towee for an extra two grand. That’s my plan now. Paddleboard this year, then a purpose built two man microskiff in five years.
  12. Oops, I thought you were talking about permit. Although, I can only imagine what a tarpon would do to me. I’d likely just freak out and jump off the skiff. Sensory overload.