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  1. Seems to be around 200 more than other premium rods. About the same cost as two fly lines. Now the jump in price from an NRX to Asquith is harder to swallow, especially seeing how highly regarded the NRX is.
  2. Did you compare guys sell the Asquith too? I tested seven rods in 9 wt and liked the HD3 and Asquith the best.
  3. How do you/they feel about Mexico? If I were basing a trip solely on non bill fish offshore on the fly I would look at Cabo. Roosterfish, yellowfin, and mahi look awesome.
  4. Swift - I went with John Black on a wade trip. We were high stick nymphing and getting into plenty of fish while everyone else was blanking with bobbers. Deerfield - I did a float trip with Eric Gass. Threw big streamers on a sinking line. Got a nice little wild brown. Good fun.
  5. Pardon my ignorance, but how do the trout turn into such fatties? Are they heavily managed waters? Looks awesome.
  6. Char got into her first striper on the fly (with a little help from dad):
  7. I've only fished the French Pyrenees once, but the lasting impression I have is that it's a hidden gem. Wading for monster native browns sipping caddis... I was amazed that this fishery hasn't been more heavily marketed over here. There is a reason that Hemingway said Spain was his favorite fishing destination. In January I think you might have to fish the smaller rivers (class 2) instead of the larger rivers (class 1) which have a closed season from about November to February. Found this after a quick search:
  8. Walmart.
  9. I go with the Jeff and Lynne Heyer of Cross Rip Outfitters. With regard to conditions, I fished a very tough day with Lynne and a perfect day with Jeff. Lynne worked super hard to get me on my first sight fished striper. The next day with blue bird skies Jeff and I were into lots of fish. Got my first keeper on the flats that day. I know they also get into marlin and tuna later in the season. They have two flats boats and a center console.
  10. Got it. The Conchfish uses PVC foam sheets just like plywood is used. Then you put extra glassing inside and out for strength. I have been looking at Jamestown and they seem the best.
  11. The budget is probably 6k because that is what I was planning on spending on a Bote Rover. The problem is that I can sneak a paddleboard by the wife more easily than I can sneak a boat past her. That's why I'm going to do the skiff build which will slowly increase in magnitude over time.
  12. Which foam did you work with and where did you get it? Once my jig is set up I'm planning on ordering Divinycell H-80.
  13. Travis Smith has also already been super helpful. Maybe I can pick your brain as well. Speaking of which, is there any reason I can build the hull during one winter, run the skiff over the summer, then finish the interior the next winter?
  14. For some reason I have really resigned myself to fly fishing in shallow water by sight. I'm certain that if I was yanking in 40# bass my feelings would change but for now that's where I'm at. Even compared to guided albie trips I like wading the shallows for schoolies far more. There are some other non fishing factors involved with my decision as well. I have "fishing" funds that I can use Even though I could finance a JB or big flats boat and still be within my annual "fishing" budget, if my wife ever got wind of the total price of something like that...I'd be sleeping in the boat. For that reason I think something small and subtle will work best and then when the family is ready we can pull the trigger on a Maritime, JB, Parker, Panga, etc. What my wife will really want is capacity. The cool thing about building a boat is that I can stay involved without leaving the house. I am starting to get depressed thinking about the end of season. I have three kids under three and a half so I'm limited on time away from the house. At night, instead of an hour tying flies I could be building a little skiff. If I do the Conchfish 16 I would take baby steps venturing out. I can find plenty of fish within a few miles of the launch. After all, guys do great with kayaks, SUPs and wading. I see this as the next step.
  15. If I go small I’ve messed around with the idea of building a Conchfish 16. A few month ago, when I was seriously thinking about financing, I called East Cape to get their thoughts on what would fit up here. The model they recommended was...not even theirs, it was a Maritime. He said get a bare hull ship it down and let them rip it up. He mentioned dropping the freeboard, adding an entirely new fore and aft casting decks, new cockpit, platform, etc. It’s a cool idea but it would be expensive by the end and I could just slap a poling platform on a Maritime and call it a day. Its funny you mention wakes. That’s what I’m concerned about. I’ve had two wakes end up in my kayak this summer. Not a great feeling.