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  1. Was in South shore yesterday some boat came in nice looking bluefin tuna is it still the season
  2. I love barracuda to fish and EAT!!! They will hit anything u throw if they're there ....
  3. Moving into condo what's the best small boat to fit there, it will be strapped top my car want to take sons fishing inshore thanks new to boating
  4. Need to get out there I'll be happy with 1 mackerel ..been to long
  5. For chunking I usually use cut mackerel or herring..... just use a 6/0 hook attached to main line...I don't use weight I feel like fish see them...
  6. Got a black 7 used but like new new 50lb power pro comes with wrench and penn bag 440$ never used to fish yet
  7. Do you know what it is ?? When i was in Maine as kid in winter i caught schooly pollock never tried in Mass going to give it a go thos winter and try
  8. Any ODM
  9. Live eel at night
  10. Sabiki to catch live bait
  11. Penn battle 2 good starter
  12. Any Odm the D.N.A is around your price range
  13. Mackerel are still consistent stripers from shore is pretty much over did get about a dozen of these do they stay around til December if theydo im all for it
  14. Fished all day yesterday and most of the night got a keeper bass off live bait from shore and there is good squid action too lot of life in water
  15. It's time ... there are Macks to be had from shore if you know what to do.... live bait