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  1. How long ?
  2. I don't think Jane has enough time to list the 8' Suzuki L on the website now as she is very busy to ship out rods and we have RI show. Wait until next week if you want to buy the 8' Suzuki L online.
  3. The 8' rods will arrive tomorrow. We bring them to RI Saltwater Expo this weekend. This is one-piece.
  4. Yes. The rods will be shipped next week after the RI show.
  5. RI Saltwater Expo in Providence, RI starts from March We did very well a the show in the past and expect many anglers visit our booth this year. We have a good news that they deliver our 8' Black Hole Suzuki L rods tomorrow so that we can bring them at the show. If you need any particular rods/blanks, let us know.
  6. abandofanglers website
  7. I am not associated with the product. But I will find out.
  8. I still can fight. I don't fight like that. I fight with slow and relaxed motion. Anglers tend to get excited and fight hurriedly. fighting 140 lb - 150 lb bluefin two years ago. My fighting technique is not traditional, but it works.
  9. They told me the Dartspin is 10 times tougher than Z-Man and said it can melt with other plastic.
  10. I'd rather catch cubera.
  11. I observed that Roberto Martinez Monton and Edgar Poe catch drum, snook and tarpon with these lures in Florida. I am going to try these lures for rooster and cubera in Mexico and drum and tarpon in Florida next month.
  12. And I found indestructible Kevlar cod for assist hooks at the Fred Hall Show. But they did not allow me to take video as they are in production now.
  13. This is called Dartspin by Patrick Sebile's a Band of Anglers. I got a few at Fred Hall Show in Long Beach, CA The lures looks good for albies, blues or striper.
  14. They usually show up in RI and off Hyannis in mid April and stay there by mid May for spawning and spread out.
  15. Thanks for purchasing the 10' Suzuki. I haven't met any angler who does not like the rod when used.