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  1. We have been selling authentic rods, reels and lures for 8 - 9 years, but the future is not bright as many copy reels and lures to sell much cheaper. So Iwe decided to develop Black Hole USA rods which no one can copy. Right now we are in transition period. We still sell reels, lures and other stuff, but eventually we are heading for selling Black Hole USA rods eventually.
  2. Actually it is not bad as we sell them within a week after we paid. 16 percent margin within a week is great.
  3. none
  4. JIGNPOP are selling jigging and popping stuff.
  5. We didn't order. They just send 4 as a favor. Carpenter lures are vey popular and we have to have them to attract customers. You have to keep some items even you make small profit.
  6. Our cost is about $230. We thought we wouldn't sell them over $275.
  7. We got only 4 Carpenter Abalone Special GT Gamma 140 lure. As soon as we posted them, they are sold within 30 minutes even we sell them at $275 per piece. Maybe they are collector's item.
  8. If there are demand of the 8' Suzuki Light two-piece rods, we can make them. But not in the near future.
  9. Black Hole Magic Eye 752 rod for yellowtail in Korea ( two-piece)
  10. We have 7'5" Black Hole Magic Eye two-;piece rod with same rating.
  11. The 10' tip is so light and thin, I don't recommend to lift fish with the rod. You have to be very careful when landing fish though the rod have plenty of strength to fight big fish.
  12. We used David Stingo sandeel jigs which is 1.25 oz - 1.5 oz to catch albie and striper. The rod is good for those light jigs.
  13. We expect o get them in March 2019 for the shows.