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  1. red grouper on Al Gag jig using Black Hole Kayaker rod. I must caught about 10 red grouper on Al Gag jig and three were keepers.
  2. I couldn't fish there as I plan to go offshore for grouper and red snapper out of Tarpon Spring tomorrow and Fri and I have to come back to NJ..
  3. I think I tested the kayaker rod for fluke enough.:)
  4. Ribbon fish are rare north of Cape May, but they are fun to catch them on light tackle. Ribbon fishing is very popular in Korea and Japan. But they rarely catch those big ribbonfish caught here i caught them out of Virginia Beach today I used Black Hole Kayaker rod with 3oz spoon.
  5. 6 lb fluke using the Kayaker rod off Montauk.
  6. Hey. I'm looking for a Suzuki 962. Having trouble finding stock. Got one for me?


    1. ksong




      The 9'6" Suzuki rods are out of stock. We have blanks.


    2. punkroktownie


      ok. thanks. put me on the waiting list, if you have one. Tight lines.

  7. Thanks Lou. We have spiral and regular conventional rods.
  8. My daughter fighting a nice striper on a jig using 6'8" Kayaker conventional rod. It was her first striper jigging ever, but she got 5 striper on a jig and released 4
  9. Fabulous striper jigging on a party boat out of Montauk this evening we used Black Hole Kayaker rods.
  10. No comparison he cast farther than anybody else and his ability of catching fish is second to none.
  11. He is VS pro staff now.