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  1. maybe about 15 lb drag
  2. We almost sold out the first batch of the Striped Bass Special rods came by air though we don't list them on your JIGNPOP site yet. The main shipment by ship will be here by the end of June or July. Anyone who touches the rods loves them.
  3. It is hard work by driving long hours. Some times you catch fish and sometimes you get skunked even you fish in the prime place at the prime time. Nice to meet you at the show.
  4. I fished grouper using 6'8" Black Hole Charter Special rod in NC. I used 30 plus lb drag for 150 lb leader line and 80 lb JB Hollow which breaks at 150 lb as it is very sticky bottom there. Even 10 lb - 12 lb grouper didn't take any line. I had about dozen grouper upto 15 lb with the setup. Tip of the rod is very light and sensitive that you can catch scup, fluke or seabass. You can see 10 lb - 20 lb tog is no problem using the 6'8" rod. Not bad for $185 rod.
  5. I fought cobia with bucktail using 8' Black Hole Suzuki L rod and IRT 500 DD reel out of Virginia Beach today. The rod is designed for fluke or schoolie striper or albie from the shore. But seems the rod can take beatings from nice cobia. I have a few video of fighting cobia using the same 8' rod by other anglers and I will post the videos when I arrive at NJ.
  6. MCG Tackle in Hanover, MA will carry some Black Hole Striped Bass Special rods in a week.
  7. Tuna with Yozuri Mac Darter in Panama. I fought 9 tuna with the Mac Darter on the trip.
  8. 6'6" Black Hole Cape Cod Slow Pitch spinning $414 6'8" Black Hole Charter Special Slow Pitch spinning $215 7'3" Black Hole Challenger Bank 731H spinning $380
  9. How big ? for 40 lb - 60 lb, you can use 6'8" Black Hole Cape Cod Slow Pitch jigging spinning rod. If you look for 100 plus lb tuna, 7'3" Black Hole Challenger Bank 731 H spinning rods are good.
  10. I planned to visit Korea this week, but I have to wait until the Demo Day. t
  11. Tomo Tackle in Salem, MA has a few new Black Hole Striped Bass Special surf rods. Anyone who wants to check the rods, visit Tomo Tackle.