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  1. I am heading down to Florida tomorrow morning to test the new surf rods. I might stop by Virginia Beach or NC if there are fishing opportunities to test the surf rods.
  2. That is what you feel not based on the fact. ask any guy who uses Black Hole USA surf rods. They rarely break. In fact, one tackle owner told Black Hole USA surf rods and ODM surf rods are the only brands which did not break yet.
  3. Graphene rods are amazing. Randy White showed a picture of lifting 100 lb object with very light Century Graphene jigging rod. I don't think any other existing rods can do it. I sincerely hope Century succeeds in pursuing highest end rods. ODM rods are great too. They rarely break. We don't compete with Century Graphene rods as we go after affordable rods with reasonable strength for targeting intended species. I am jus happy if the thin Black Hole USA rods can handle big striper or drum.
  4. I compare thickness of Black Hole USA rods and Century rods as the Century rods are regarded as the thinnest rods. They have great products. I heard most anglers use the Century rods love them. We are developing thin rods and I want to compare our rods with the thinnest rods on the market.
  5. reels fit to size 16 reel seat of New Black Hole USA surf rods: Van Staal 250 ZeeBass ZX 27 IRT 500 - 800 Shimano Stella 20000 Penn Spinfisher VI 5500 Penn Clash reels barely fit: Daiwa Saltiga 6500H reels don't fit: Accurate Twinspin Penn Spinnfisher V 9500
  6. I will check original Stealth and graphene Stealth rods.
  7. If Century Stealth rods have the thinnest diameter, I will check the rods and post comparison pictures.
  8. You are the first guy the nano rod is too fast.
  9. No. The nano rods are almost parabolic.
  10. All shown here are prototype rods.
  11. I think new Black Hole surf rods are moderate enough.
  12. I will check all reels.
  13. The. Blanks are so thin, size 16 reel seats are used.
  14. That is right. So I had hard time to convince the rod designer to make thinner rods. But the trend is thinner rods and I decide to develop thinner rods. I have been advocate of thin and light rods from flounder to tuna. I am pretty comfortable to cast and fight with the new thin and light Black Hole USA surf rods.
  15. Here is a picture to compare wall thickness between the new surf rod and Black Hole East Coast Special rod. To compensate thinner diameter the wall of the new surf blank is slightly thicker.