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  1. We didn't do well in 2017. I already plan to fish giant in NC during the week.
  2. Black Hole USA will attend the show. We were the last applicant and we got a small booth fortunately. We will display our new prototype 10' and 11' Black Hole Striped Bass Special Surf rods. The rods were a big hit at Striper Day Show yesterday. We also bring enough 9'6" and 10' Black Hole Suzuki surf rods as we sold out at the Striper Day Show.
  3. Striper Day Show is over now. We have CSA ( Connecticut Surfcasters Association ) Demo Day on Jan 26. As we decided to attend the show at last moment, we have only one small booth and we can not display all rods. If you are interested in particular Black Hole rods, let us know in advance so that we carry them at the show. New prototype Black Hole Striped Bass Special surf rods and 8' Black Hole Suzuki rods will be displayed. Many anglers at Striper Day Show like them.
  4. Hi Kathleen, Nice to meet you and your husband. I know you can not resist the nice purple color of 9'6" Black Hole Striper blank. It is rare husband and wife travel together all over to fish striper from the surf like you do. Good luck with the rods.
  5. Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong Address: 329 Bergen Blvd, Palisades Park, NJ 07650
  6. A lady take care of it. We jus eat.
  7. The Striper Day Show is finally over. We didn't have breakfast and lunch. So we went to a Korean barbeque restaurant in NJ and ate a lot. I am happy and it is time to sleep.
  8. We attend Surf Day in NJ.
  9. Based on the responses from anglers at the show, the Blak Hole Striped Bass Special rods can be a big hit too. If we had them at the show, we could sell them a lot.
  10. We just sold out 9'6" and 10' Black Hole Suzuki rods.
  11. It is good show for us. Many anglers checked our prototype Black Hole Striped Bass rods and everyone loves the new rods.
  12. Preparing for Striper Day Show
  13. I've fished PEI last 10 years every year. Fishing is not it used to be.
  14. I fished Hurricane Bank/Clarion Island trip on the Excel when fishing was good. It took 4 1/2 days just going to the fishing ground. I even chartered the Excel for 14 days trip out of Cabo San Lucas. But I am done with long range trips and concentrate on PV and Panama trips. I noticed PV trips slowed down noticeably in recent years while Panama trip last year was one of the best in last 10 years. We landed about 20 - 30 tuna on a boat in a single day. But Panama tuna fishing is doomed as Panamanian Government allowed Chinse commercial boats to fish bonito. If bonito are gone, tuna are gone too.