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  1. testing prototype 6'8" Charter Special Slow Pitch Light rod for squid, Next test will be for big fish to know the strength of the rod.
  2. Fast action rods are popular among Canal fishermen I recommend 10' or 11' Black Hole Striped Bass Special 1 oz - 6 oz or 2 oz - 8 oz rod.
  3. squid fishing at its finestck Finally squid moved into off Hyannis, MA. They came in earlier this year. I fished them using prototype 6'8" Black Hole Charter Special Slow Pitch Light rod and it was excellent. Here is a picture of catches by my friend and myself. They all used Black Hole USA light rods. Scup will move in soon and big seabass and striper will follow.
  4. Here is video of bending 10'6" Black Hole Striped Bass Special Moderate/Fast rod. 1 oz - 6 oz rod is used.
  5. We will let you know when we decide Demo Day in NJ. Meanwhile, I take a video of bending the moderate/fast action rod soon.
  6. I fished drum at the point at Baxton, NC with our field tester Blake Hayden. He got many big drum using 12' Black Hole Cape Cod Surf II Heavy rod. He also fished witcomh I asked opinion of the new 12' Black Hole Striped Bass Special 2 oz - 8 0z rod for fishing big drum out of the Point. He said the 12' Black Hole Cape Cod Surf II rod is excellent rod for that. He think the 12' Striped Bass Special cast great and has power to handle big drum. However, he thinks 6 oz - 7 oz and bait is the maximum for comfortable casting.
  7. Yes, it is more parabolic and not just a softer tip.
  8. It is fast/moderate rod. Casting lures are great.
  9. JM PE10 reel. 28 oz sinker.
  10. Where do you live ? We might have Demo Day in Cape Cod Canal. I suggest to check the rods at Demo Day and decide to buy or not.
  11. I fish tarpon in the Key last night.. Lots of tarpon. It is a good test for 10'6" Black Hole Striped Bass Special Moderate rod. The best lure is 1 1/2oz Al Gag jig with tail. I must hooked up a dozen tarpo with the lure. But they spit the hook mostly. I fought a real nice one. It took a lot of line, but I list it as line digged in on the spoon. TONS OF FUN No pictures as I an fishing alone at night.
  12. We got only a few tile. But we fought about 500 lb giant with live bluefish caught in 600 ft bottom while tile fishing. I am very proud myself to use manual reels all day to fish 600ft-800 ft. I used 8'Challenger Bank 801M and 6'8"Charter Special Slow Pitch rod.
  13. I am heading for deep drop out of Virginia Beach . I hope I land big golden tile and grouper on jigs.
  14. Good news is they agreed to make full eva grip on butt section The rod are not designed to fish 1/4 - 3/4oz bucktail. We are going to develop lighter kayak rods later It is good to fish tog and fluke with 1 oz-4oz bucktail. striper, drum, cobra or kingfish Here is a picture of 50 lb striper using the 6'8"rod