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  1. https://youtu.be/lISfF0l0vgU https://youtu.be/bN27TGfdZ0k
  2. That is true. After testing prototype JS rods, we rate the 3/4 oz -4 oz to 1/2 oz - 3 oz and 1 oz - 6 oz to 3/4 oz - 4 oz. We are developing 2 oz - 6 oz with much thicker tip section. I want to develop the best quality moderate rods regardless of prices. I don't know sales. My job is to develop the best rods possible.
  3. It took 2 -3 years to develop Black Hole USA moderate rods as I had to request to make another moderate rods repeatedly as the rods were not fully moderate. Finally they made moderate rods and we introduced them as moderate rods. The other issue was the strength of the rods. Though we tested the rods for bull red in Texas and caught more than 100 bull red without issue I was not satisfied with the machine test. The rods could hold upto 9.5 kg (21 lb). I agreed with the rod designer that we could develop another moderate rods named Montauk Special with 40 :60 split. Then I had to quit Black Hole USA suddenly. As developing and creating new rods are my dream, I joined JS Company in Korea to continue my dream. JS Company is known as the highest quality rod makers in Korea, but I couldn't do anything for them as I was involved in Black Hole USA then though president of JS Company contacted me personally. After quitting Black Hole USA, I became free and I could work with JS Company. I had new project with Black Hole USA before l left. One of the projects was to develop true Moderate surf rods with enough strength. So the first thing with JS Company was to develop true moderate surf rods I was very happy when I saw prototype JS moderate rods as the rods are true parabolic and it survived 15 kg (33 lb) with 50:50 split. JS Company is high end fly rods and salmon rods maker for the US and they must know what moderate rods mean. I am happy to introduce true moderate surf rods for East Coast anglers in the near future.
  4. I have been fishing around as usual. Here are video of using 10' prototype moderate rod for big bull red in Texas yesterday. https://youtu.be/mzRXlPkTn0w IMG_1023.MOV IMG_1024 (1).MOV
  5. PLUGA PALOOZA Next Sunday Nov. 5th
  6. I just came back from Korea trip. I had good yellowtail popping trip there, but I did not post it here as it was rod testing trip.
  7. I used 1 1/2oz for albie by cranking fast like using small epoxy jig. It worked for me.
  8. After fighting 6-7 big bull red, I got confidence the rod can handle any striper. I asked them to make 10' prototype rods for striper. I don't want to spend my time and energy if the rods I develop are not better than other brands for the same prices I go back to Korea to discuss with JS in Korea in mid Sept again. You need hard work and dedication to develop/introduce quality rods
  9. We are planning.
  10. It was very successful trip. I fought 6 - 7 bull red with light 9' JS rod. The rod is strong enough for powerful bull red. I am convinced the rod can handle any size of striper. The retail price is about $300 with Fuji Alconite guides. Not bad.
  11. I tested light 9' JS rod for bull red in Texas today. The rod wight is 8.9 oz. But the rod seems strog, I fought 6 -7 big bull red with the rod and I think the light rod can handle any sized striped bass.
  12. I am going to test the rod for gag grouper in NC with 25 lb drag. I hope the rod is OK.
  13. probably close to 20 lb. I got 120 lb bluefin with the same JM PE 4 reel.
  14. about $400. They are high end rod with Fuji Titanium frame and SIC guide. We don't need SIC guides and can purchase cheaper when they use Fuji Alconite guides.
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