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  1. We had good grouper bites in 50 - 70' water out of Sneads Ferry, NC today. We had 31 gag keepers among three anglers and had to return to the dock early because we were out of bait. I used 6'3" Black Hole Cape Cod Slow Pitch rod and JM PE8 reel filled with 80 lb JB hollow and 150 lb leader line. I lost the first big one as 100 leader line got broken. So I changed to 150 lb. ChromeSetup.exe
  2. I know. Texas and Florida are also potential big market as well. But it takes time as our philosophy is to let anglers who use our Black Hole rods recommend them to other anglers. Our rods are new and not many fishermen use them. But more anglers will get them eventually as I believe our rods have quality and prices are reasonable
  3. 3/4 oz -4 oz or 1 oz - 6 oz
  4. The East Coast Special is like traditional surf rods while Striped Bass Special has the thinner diameter. Some like traditional surf rods and some like thinner diameter rods. And the action of the East Coast Special is moderate fast while the Striped Bass Special rods have fast action.
  5. Sorry, there is no dealer in San Francisco yet.
  6. I plan to go up to Cape Cod next week. I will take video of casting 1 oz and 6 oz with Black Hole Special 1 oz - 6 oz rod.
  7. First day was slow until late afternoon. Second day was much better.. I fished fluke over 20 years there. I started with Capt Steve of the Fishhawk. That time the Helen H and only a couple of boats were fishing there. They didn't go to Nantucket Shoal to find fluke and there were plenty of big fluke close to the beach and there were big fluke in called " Ironpile" only 4 - 5 miles off Hyannis. Now I see many charter boats chasing fluke and more charter boats will join there. Sooner or later, there are no more big fluke there. It is sad but it is reality.
  8. testing 1.5 oz Ice Cream lure for rooster for 11' Black Hole Striped Bass Special 2 oz - 8 oz rod .
  9. Our ratings are pretty accurate as we tested them. You wouldn't believe this test.
  10. No. It was Black Hole Surf II Heavy rod. No white color
  11. If you order today, you will get in 2 - 3 days byFedex Ground on the East Coast.
  12. Just for plugging, I suggest 3/4 oz - 4 oz or 1 oz - 6 oz we the rods are lighter But you can do plugging and jigging with 2 oz - 8 oz.
  13. 23 1/2"- 24" I realized you fish in California and I assume you cast 3/4oz -3oz mostly and the light 3/4oz-4oz can handle big rooster.