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  1. Thank you for that reply. But, it should be mentioned that there are continual postal rate increases. The postal rate has been increasing faster than inflation for over fifty years. There have been seventeen rate hikes in the past twenty years. For a while the excuse was that there was not enough postal business with people are relying more on things like automatic bill pay instead of mailing in their payment. So, the rates were increased. Now, the excuse is that internet commerce has created too much business. So, the rates were increased more. It should also be mentioned that FedEx and UPS have billions of dollars in pension liability as well. The courier services remain higher priced than USPS and the courier services remain more reliable than USPS. In a sense, you get what you pay for. But, the gap between USPS and the courier services (both in price and reliability) seems to be narrowing. Also, the cooperative agreements between USPS and the courier services continue to increase. Another confounding factor is the Universal Postal Union and ePacket shipments from China to the US. Shipping a small parcel from China to the US costs about a dollar less than shipping that same parcel within the US using the USPS. It's a situation that the US agreed to and there have been moves to nullify it. That's probably a whole other topic though. To be clear, I support USPS and wish them the best of luck and guidance going forward. So, where does it go from here? -steve
  2. How is USPS doing financially? With the cut backs and everything going on, is it thriving or dying? -steve
  3. I've always wondered if you could charge a cell phone with one of those DC reels. -steve
  4. You gotta admit that guy is good. -steve
  5. My bad. I just read that the reel was covered "under warranty" and did not go back to re-read the whole thread. -steve
  6. I don't think you need to compliment a company for replacing a defective reel under warranty. Compliment the company with better quality control and does not let defective equipment go out the door. -steve
  7. You gotta wonder how they can be so cheap. Part of it must be the lack of a name brand. But, names of brands can be bought these days. Maybe it's because there's one less middleman? It may be the price of materials with less density and reinforcement in the plastics and cheaper metal? Maybe it's to keep the people working between runs of name brand reels? I've bought low-pro baitcasters for much less than those.... just to see what they're all about. At the absolute bottom of the barrel the frame and side plates were solvent welded (glued) together so you can't see the guts or lubricate without cutting it open. But, the funny thing is they all probably fish just fine out of the box. Cast OK, drag OK, brakes OK. I don't know how long it would last with normal use; probably not very long. But they're disposable and the cost per hour of use might now be that bad. It's not what the fishing fanatic would buy, but cheap crappy junk has it's place in the world too. -steve
  8. My thoughts too. This is where sensitivity comes to the forefront. Sensitivity in your hand, sensitivity in the rod, sensitivity in the line, in the jig head, everything. -steve
  9. You definitely want either no levelwind or a disengaging levelwind for light lures.
  10. Being a tiny bit out of line only matters because you spend long hours looking down the length of the rod and a guide out of place can be a distraction. When you finally can't stand it any longer just grab the thing and force it into alignment. -steve
  11. Parrots are all freakishly neurotic and they make their owners neurotic too. The mind of a finch is going a hundred miles an hour so humans cannot relate to them. Chickens are idiots. Ducks are where it's at. -steve
  12. Man, I feel your pain. Sometimes the line capacity is the only thing that gives a clue about size and there's a bazillion of them. I fished Lew's for a while because they had the inshore model that was supposedly for saltwater use. Then I used the Shimano Curado 70XG for quite a while. Funny, because on both of those the magnet control knob on the tail plate started to bind and became nearly impossible to turn. Both had a couple of small screws going directly into plastic instead of a metal insert. Both had problems with the finish. It wasn't scratching on the outside, but more like deterioration of the pigment from under the clear coat. Both developed corrosion problems with a couple of small interior parts. They were both maintenance hogs and tedious to work on. I want a reel to be easy to palm think but think it was primarily the high maintenance that made me go back to simpler old-school round reels. You can pay any price, from tens to hundreds of dollars. Since you have a budget, I'd just get the one closest to $150 and be done with it. Yeah, I know. That's no help at all. -steve
  13. I don't trust electrical tape because it doesn't last. When it starts to stretch and unravel you end up with a loose strip of plastic tape dangling around while you are trying to fish. Lash the reel in place with some nylon cord and stretch it tight as you wrap. It will make a more solid connection but can still be undone with an awl. Reel seats feel cold, do not give a comfortable grip and the position cannot be adjusted. Cork wrap is too darn fragile. -steve
  14. I fish conventional with spectra and would not break off a snag by holding the spool. The braid will dig down into the spool and give enough resistance to screw up the next one or two casts. -steve
  15. If I had a walk-in business, I'd do the same. At some point, we should expect to see a lot of civil suits where someone feels they, or their deceased loved one, caught the virus because of another person's negligence.