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  1. Thanks! No jumps, she made a few moves for fast water and I had to wade downstream a bit, but then netted her fairly quickly given her size. When I saw how big she was in the water...I think I might have jumped though
  2. Thanks to all for advice. I rigged a team of #20s through 3x. It can be done! And hiked down this afternoon to give it a shot keeping in mind all of the above. Now I don't usually tape fish, let alone take them out of the water, and I hate this photo, but i had to know. I revived her in the water after a brief fight, lay her down on the bank and then held her until she swam away. I believe this is a legitimate 25" fish if I stretched the tape. Taken on #20 black beauty variation with flash. My take on dorsey's top secret midge. With side pressure, tip in the water, and the heavier flouro I feel like we did this together. Thanks SOL for helping me land my PB bow. Im on cloud nine. I can't believe how this all came together! I'm celebrating tonight!
  3. Thanks DAQ. I will try fighting them below the water line - assume you mean at an angle almost parallel to the water's surface?
  4. These are relatively unpressured fish on a stretch of river with difficult access. Walking back up to the truck the hike is so steep I have to take breaks to catch my breath every 10 minutes or so. I have seen more bear than people down there. But, man, there are hogs and not just a few. I'll post photos when I can land em.
  5. Hi all - I spent the last few days fishing very rich tailwaters and focusing on a single 20 yard pool. I am catching many large trout on size 20 and 22 nymphs, but once hooked up there is a fast run downstream which the big boys flee to. Any advice on trying to keep fish in front of you once hooked? I can't follow them downstream due to current and depth. Running along the banks is treacherous so I really need to land them in the pool I'm wading in and keep them from going downstream. Hooking them has been relatively easy, but landing them I'm not having great luck. Any thoughts?
  6. Drive to the river and one of many. Slate drakes coming off were sizable. Big slow eats on spent bugs as the sun dropped.
  7. I think you guys covered this all really well. I would just second that a short sink tip to a floating line is in my mind the best option by FAR. Before moving to this type of line the amount of frustration from having line sink at my feet was unbelievable. I use a 7wt sage one for my streamer work and love it. The other thing I would add is I never throw one bug streamer fishing - I will throw a large articulated streamer trailed by a nymph or smaller streamer. Throwing even this small amount of additional weight also pushes up the need for a heavier rod. As far as leaders go, I just use straight mono to the streamer and then 4x to the nymph. One last thought on the articulated streamer topic is I also break off the stinger hook with the thought that aggressive meat eating trout target the head of prey and removing a two hook fly can be a real pain. Pun intended.
  8. Hey I did not go with the F in a 3 and instead bought ANOTHER 4wt which I'll plug here :). I ended up with the Winston Pure which I absolutely love. Definitely not similar to the F, but after casting it it was a must have. A lot of other 4wts will now collect dust. I can offer that I have the Ross Colorado LT and man it's pretty sweet. I'm still in the market for a small light glass stick tho...
  9. More from Steamboat. Big fish, frozen fingers and toes.
  10. I think it hit 20 degrees today. Report to come from Steamboat.
  11. I'd second Greg Moon and Bailey Short
  12. CO streamer bite has been crazy good for me last two weeks. Aggressive browns. I don't dead drift, but for what it's worth I never throw one streamer - always one dark and one light. I use a 7 weight. I think I'm with Kelly Galloup on this one in that dead drifting streamers just ain't as fun as stripping them. Another thought, you'll turn and see (altho maybe not hook up with) the biggest fish in the river when stripping this time of year.
  13. I vary retrieves to find what works. Most of the time I try to make the strips erratic rather than a boring strip strip strip. I also always try my best to have the fly broadside to the fish. A few more thoughts: I have spooked many fish by having the fly stripped at them vs across. Injured baitfish don't swim upstream or against current. And one that has cost me some big fish - prey don't slow down when being chased!
  14. Steamboat, CO. One of my favorite trout shots ever. Taken today on a Heisenberg articulated streamer. Not taped but I'd guess 20 inches. Released in this photo and chilling on the bottom.
  15. A few from today. Biggest taped at 22 inches.