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  1. Hi guys - Looking forward to small creek fishing in Colorado this summer and spending some time with a new glass rod. Love the looks of these, thinking about pairing a 3wt with a Ross Colorado LT, but having difficulty finding more than a few reviews on the F series (probably due to price) so wondering if anyone has experience with this rod?
  2. Where are the supper pics?
  3. I've fished there twice and it was not for me. Lots of small reef fish, and trolling for bigger fish but no cigar. I'd leave the rods at home and just enjoy the island life.
  4. Thanks John. And thanks to all for the kind words.
  5. John do you recall what model glove they are?
  6. Thanks Ted - I was fishing the Yampa. Also, I should have clarified my 3 gloves comment. Not to wear all at once, but to have dry pairs to switch to.
  7. I fished tailwaters in Colorado the past two days. The first day the low/high temp was -4/18 and the next day -8/12. Talk about layering up. I used steelheader methods and had warmers in my gloves and on my feet + a back pain warming pad against my thermals. I was warm but should have brought at least 3 pairs of gloves. Started the first day nymphing zebra midges super deep and was picking up fish, but noticed rises in slow water downstream. Moved and fish were rising consistently including big splashes. Shifted gears and threw griffiths, other midge patterns, etc, but only picked up one fish with the dries. Frustrated, I rerigged for the next day with a bunny dun and an rs2 trailer fished as an emerger. That combo landed me over a dozen before the action shut down. Fish up to 20 inches. I am still smiling. My best winter dry fly day ever and probably the coldest day I've ever fished. Also did not see another fisherman either day. A few pics:
  8. Winter 17/18 Colorado snowpack levels were extremely low while Montana snowpack was so high it broke records on that end of the spectrum. Not sure what preliminary data suggests yet, but I'd keep an eye on those reports. I did a Henry's Fork and Yellowstone trip last summer I can tell you about if interested.
  9. No water craft needed for any of these except the Colorado. I wade all of these - very doable.
  10. Does it have to be August? The West saw much drought this past summer and August had lots of voluntary closures, wildfires, extremely low water levels. If it were me I would be sure I had a tailwater close by as an option. I always recommend Steamboat given you have the Yampa, Fish Creek, the Colorado, North Park, you can do a day trip to the Frying Pan or to the Blue and you have the Stagecoach tailwater too. Not all wild trout for sure but a lot of variation. Stay somewhere with options in August...that's my advice.
  11. Ted is spot on really the best option is to pick up a fly rod and fish the tiny stuff deep. Location wise focus on tailwaters in February. They won't freeze typically.
  12. I have A 2016 Colorado - can use an app on my phone to unlock the doors and start the engine. No additional fee for this which makes it even better.
  13. Nice!!!
  14. I have the glass 4wt. I love it for brookies. Are you thinking glass?
  15. I fish Colorado 3 months out of the year and I'm writing this from Bozeman right now. I carry a 4, 6 & 7wt quiver. I fish all three equally. The 5 is a great choice, but it's a compromise - not a bad one, but it means being over gunned some days (not fun) and under gunned other days (not fun). I'd buy used and try to get a 4 and 6.