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  1. Mine has been fully immersed in saltwater several times over 4 years and it still works good as new.
  2. Cracks in the drive well are a known issue.
  3. "that video is fiction" "what? no i didn't watch it" the drama on this board is hilarious
  4. You're Facebook famous
  5. Short butt is really all you need to make it kayak friendly.
  6. That's not what he says. Re-watch the video.
  7. You can't put another drive in this hull. You can put the riot drive in other hulls with drive wells.
  8. First thing I thought when I saw that vid was how terrible the seat looks. Also, I don't think you can put another drive in that yak, he was saying you can put their drive in another yak as long as there's a slot. Somehow it's a one size fits all (most?) drive.
  9. Ok. I seem to have triggered the ultralight purists here. I'm using an ultralight rod and very small lures/weightless plastics. If 10lb braid means I'm not technically fishing ultralight that's fine. I don't care. I like using braid. I hate mono. Anything less than 10lbs is too thin for me. Thanks for the feedback.
  10. Make sure you sell that Hobie when the warranty is up.
  11. While I would certainly appreciate a lighter yak, cartopping my 86lb Radar 135 takes very little effort. Old rug on roof, lift bow onto rug, push onto bars from stern. I guess an SUV would require expending a couple more calories, but still not a big deal.
  12. Awesome man. Can't wait till my son is old enough to come out with me.
  13. If you want a pretty beach then go to the Caribbean side. I believe the better fishing is on the Pacific side, however. Those are all black sand beaches, which your family may like but I definitely wouldn't call them pretty. The best thing about Costa Rica is how safe it is. There's very little violent crime, but theft is an issue so make sure you secure your belongings. Rent a car and stay in multiple places. You could split your time between each coast and the rainforest. There's tons to see and do beyond just fishing.