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  1. I genuinely wish this was true, but it simply isn't. Race is very real. The idea that it is just skin deep or a social construct is the biggest lie being peddled to the West (and only the West).
  2. *
  3. *
  4. I'm in Staten Island. The only sacrifice I've had to make is buying the regular chicken thighs instead of organic at Costco.
  5. They are and I don't eat stripers.
  6. Yeah but you're full of ****. Stores are stocked of everything except paper products.
  7. Where are you shopping that you can't find decent food?
  8. And it's not just the weekends anymore as tons of people are out of work with time to kill.
  9. Party boats are a scourge and I do genuinely hope they go out of business
  10. lighten up, guy.
  11. Mine has been fully immersed in saltwater several times over 4 years and it still works good as new.
  12. Cracks in the drive well are a known issue.
  13. "that video is fiction" "what? no i didn't watch it" the drama on this board is hilarious
  14. You're Facebook famous
  15. Short butt is really all you need to make it kayak friendly.