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  1. Sooner we realize this sooner we may be able to help ourself. Key words are: May be
  2. Latest UPDATE I must be THE Stupidest idiot that walks the Earth. I am getting all my papers ready for tomorrow morning court date. I got quote from insurance company stated that 98 Yamaha 15 HP has a fair market price of $680.00; I got print out from NADA site stating fair market value for same engine is $645.00; I have notarized statement from a friend who was with me 2nd time I went to shop to talk to the old d-bag when he said no final bill until I bring all cash. Got my registration for boat and trailer, etc And while, putting everything together in the folder, i am looking at the paper from the court that says INDEX # SC 1813/1803 DISTRICT COURT OF NASSAU COUNTY, with a stamp ROOM 380, 9AM and line #1 The trial of this Small Claims/Commercial Claims Action will take place on Tues - 9-18-18 That was today; Why I was thinking that my court day was Wednesday 09/19 I have no idea. That day was stuck in my head from the beginning. P.S.
  3. After reading about last shark attack Cant stop thinking about me swimming in the sound, with bloody bunker head in my hand so I can take it farther than I can cast with pole. What a stupid thing to do.
  4. Sunday was not so good. I took off from work so I can take wife and kid to beach and play try to do some fishing. Nice beach on central sound, clear view of Stamford, incoming tide, small waves and sunny afternoon. For about 3 hrs I was changing plugs and lures and nothing; only one small bite; most likely small blue took half of gulp on bucktail. On 2nd rod I had bunker head in water for long time that didn't have even a crab bite. After almost 2 hrs in the water that bunker head was still good. At least I got to spent nice day with family.
  5. Nothing wrong with #15 and #20 KastKing
  6. Thanks Sudsy Was thinking of help me Howard, I think he is on channel 11, not sure. Will see what judge will say Court day is on this Wednesday, Sep 19th.
  7. Probably just more headaches.
  8. I do not know if anything like that is here in New York. Thanks anyway.
  9. File a report with DMV? What kind of report are you talking about? I was looking at DMV web site but could not see anything tat would associate to mechanical work. I did file report with NY state Consumer Protection
  10. That is the only argument I have.
  11. Thank you vinnyb for all those useful information That is a same court I am going to.
  12. I think all clams filed in court may becoming public knowledge and that's how People Court got most of their cases.
  13. Looks like no go. Someone from the show called me today and said other party did not agree to go on the show. I was hoping I will become come movie star but nothing.
  14. LOL White bucket brigade?
  15. Thank you brother.