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  1. So much for going to see the show. Everything worked well, instead of snow we got a rain. Roads a clear and was looking forward to go But Wife is in the bed with flu (perfect timing) and can not leave her.
  2. I noticed that in order for my rod to be at best, it needs a women's hand to give it appropriate polishing.
  3. Just realized It is this weekend, not a next one. Damn, I would be late for the show.
  4. We are talking about 20th of January, next week.
  5. Not a striper event. This one was at Hofstra last year. They also host regular show somewhere in March, that's the one you are thinking about.
  6. And I am sure you have Native Indian blood line , too.
  7. I was hoping we will make one thread without mentioning BlckHole. Not any more, lol.
  8. And don't try to score field goal by kicking blue fish, on well known spots and post on YuTube.
  9. I have seen people with less than 120 post kicked out of forum, too.
  10. Amazon services inc may soon be his Amazon prime may soon be her.
  11. There is a little bit better situation with summer flounder, but it is in decline also.
  12. My motivator is greatness of my wife. And the gun she keeps under her pillow.
  13. Raciest post. Race patrol here. Not politically correct post.
  14. Lets say she takes 99% and he is left with ONLY 1% Poor guy. Only 160 mil How can he afford to buy bread and milk tomorrow? I wont be able to sleep wondering how can he survive.
  15. People from the "west" do not know all those spots. Average Jo, or Jose, or Jung, or Jovan or Jamal, do not know every bay or every dock on north Sound. Its the people in the forum, who pointed those spots so "west" could read it And then, you have two buses from Flushing coming your way.