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  1. You probable need something 8' and maybe longer. In that price range, Shimano FX casting rods may work very well for you. And those rods are actually very nice. They may be made for fresh water but they are very good for surf and pier fishing , too.
  2. I wish that junior can spent some more time here, in USA,.fishing, going from Massachusetts south all the way down to Florida.
  3. Nothing wrong with Sougayilang spinning combo for less than $45. I like 9.8' combo with 4000 reel; less than 20" in closed position.
  4. Still wandering, What was drag on that IRT 500 set on?
  5. That should be done long time ago
  6. 1. Buy a rod 2. Go down to the beach and wait for waves 3. Grab a rod, step in to the waves and wave rod 3 times in circles above you head as fast as you can Now, you have a surf rod.
  7. But If you insists on bikini, here is a one, for mens
  8. That would be really "unpleasant" thing to see. Maybe, instead of bikini, he could wear speedo. After all, he is a pal, not a gal.
  9. You may want to try any of those traveler's, telescope, rods.
  10. May be a "little bit" longer then OP is asking for
  11. Like I said, so many times in your posts Life is so hard May I ask what is a drag set to on that IRT 500? It was a pleasure meeting and talking to you at Melville show
  12. Wow Right across from me. Wait till I tell my wife; she will never go in the water again on Bayville beaches.
  13. I would say, Moral of this story would be Keep your rods and reels inside cars Especially custom made rods and expensive reels
  14. Great thing Kurt, We salute you SIR.