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  1. One of the hardest thing in life is to say god buy for ever to loved ones. May she rest in peace. God bless you.
  2. Are you sure that somehow your knot does not get stack on guides?
  3. This would be a first thing to do. Few sets of eyes are always better than one. Well, in most cases.
  4. Now That is a speech that should be loudly repeated on every corner in every city God bless you Killer Mike
  5. You may be right That means double shame on Dumicrats
  6. I have few of Rockaways rods. I would not use anything bigger than 4* size reel. For a lake, 3* size may be perfect. Even 2.5* will work well.
  7. Sumitomo 195/65/R15 tire. Never used; has been sitting in garage for few years. Nassau, Long Island Free, pick up.
  8. He is a bully He is a womenizer He is a politician, that means liar He is an arrogant SOB He is bullsh$$ter I agree on all of those But he is THE Mr President I knew that before I voted for him And I know that and I will vote for him AGAIN. Because, he is still much, much , much better than any Dem opponents. It is a shame, but he is the best that we have now. Thank you Democrats for ruining our country.
  9. Another $64,000 question
  10. This is a must. Does not mean that even if one past test he/she has a right to wear blue uniform.
  11. Don't know I am not big fan of Mojo
  12. BTW Rockaway rods are around $100
  13. Okuma Rockaway 10' or 11' On 10' you have options of 1/2 - 2oz, 3/4 - 3 oz or 1 - 4 oz On 11' options are 1/2 to 2 and 3/4 to 3 oz For South Shore I would go with 3/4 - 3 oz, maybe 1- 4, maybe. Depending how heavy lures you are planing to throw.
  14. And majority here agrees on that. But, also, person(s) who put that thing that was wearing police uniform, needs to be put away and few others who were giving blind eye to previous behaviors of a such imbecile.