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  1. That's all?? LOL BTW Is that Husqwarna blower? Very nice. And nice Indian also
  2. As of November 18th at 11PM we have 1,979,462 Averaging 213.5 posts in last 12 days Still 20,538 to go With this pace "only" another 96 days to go.
  3. The old estimate was also to clean, power wash and repair boat, not just for engine. And since that estimate, there was work done on the engine by some of the previous owner's son friend.
  4. He said I told him that I said to do repairs at any price.
  5. There are more lights on the pier then on the Monday night football game.
  6. Here it is
  7. So neither do I 400 here we go
  8. 50 South Street Oyster Bay NY 11771
  9. Why bother? Just let Marty starts a new "Fishing with Marty" topic. We will hit 3 mill
  10. Bucket brigade and black bag keepers.
  11. 6Lbs???? WOW That was a monster Yesterday that was called snapper; today it is a tournament winning fish, in Montauk.!!!!! That should make us scratch our heads, not azzes. What is next? 6oz porgies? or even better quarter pound bunker. will become tournament winning fish.
  12. As of November 6th at 9:50PM we have 1,976,899 posts Still 23,101 to go. Getting closer and closer. Marty better get his story ready.
  13. No storage fees Total judgment for defendant is $2,149.71 That is how much repair bill was. With storage it would be almost $ 5,000.00 I will have two days off next week and I am planing to file an appeal. Will see. But like I said before I have no more desire for that boat.