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  1. Just wondering, what is the latest health guidelines? Should we (unvaccinated) stay away from those who took experimental shut? Or is it safe to mingle with them?
  2. Hi Bill If OK with TimSF I will take this one. Or, maybe open a new thread FS and I'll take it there
  3. Giovanni is Italian. Look at his appearance. Well, maybe, he stayed it the oven little bit longer, so got burned before he came out.
  4. How about recommendation to get a vaccine while you having covid? That was the big push among elderly people who got covid. They recommended them to get a vaccine. Or, Stating that natural immunity with antibodies is no good, in the begging.
  5. I can't help but feel there's a slight hint of sarcasm in your response Neah Maybe, just a little bit. Maybe.
  6. At this rate, is there a better word than “masterpiece” to describe the Serbian’s showing on this championship stage?
  7. You know You shave a wood, not a hand
  8. That's why you are taking all those picks.
  9. Is that from treble hook? Not a ring, your hand.
  10. But, maybe, just maybe, virus do have a wings? Do you think that water droplets consist only of water?
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