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  1. That was Bill's hat that kid was wearing. I think story behind that red hat is that Bill bought it on the day kid was born.
  2. To bad you didn't have a table today at Ward Melville fish expo. You would make a killing.
  3. Thank you Justin And Thank you SOL
  4. Zero? No way Much, much lower than zero.
  5. Parking worked great for me. Friend of mine was leaving around 11 and waited for me to come to the show. Prime parking spot , straight across from main entrance. Thank you Justin, again. Unfortunately, due to work and kid situation, had to cut my stay short. Kid starting to get a fewer and was called from work.
  6. May be a little bit snowy.
  7. You have been trying to do that for last 3 months LOL
  8. I will be the one, walking with very small hammer over my shoulder
  9. And the 5lb hammer
  10. Why they are calling this stone, drunk piece of crap "boat captain"?
  11. Yea I see that; south of the school. Only place that I can think of is the church, half way between 7-11 and school.
  12. Can you tell us where is 2nd parking lot?
  13. Nice gesture I am in
  14. Move over Picasso Here we go
  15. Maybe not I think Tim will remove few posts, as he said.