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  1. You are a brave man, posting wife's age in open forum, lol. Very brave.
  2. Shimano FX 7' rod, MH, rated 3/4 to 3oz Grip length about 13", for kid may be perfect to casts with both hands Get Shimano IX2000 R to pair it All for around $30 Light and nice; kid would love and so will you.
  3. New thing, with good reviews, you can bet lots of people would buy and try it. May not be surprised if you see same thing on T&B shelf for $9.99 or so.
  4. Wow Looks like we went way off here.
  5. We need more, much more news like this. Showing there are a lots of good people out here and support for our brave ones 3,000 strangers show up to funeral of Vietnam veteran with no family
  6. It will be much better sprayer on the side than pool down.
  7. He never left
  8. May want to post same question here https://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/forum/34-do-it-yourself/
  9. Thank you for sharing
  10. Fraud???? Blackmail????? Wow Are you for real?????
  11. I wish Bill, the Surf Rat, would chime in on this subject. Or any other guide. And, for the record My painter is worth more than any fishing guide.
  12. If you are sitting on the toilet, without surrounding walls and looking at neighbors kitchen window You may be a racist.
  13. If you are seeking a divorce from your first cousin, that you married when you were 16 You may be a racist
  14. If you are using duct tape instead of screws and nails You may be a racist