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  1. Nice early mid coast morning with 5 fish in the 23”-25” range all bunched up in a current choke point (nada everywhere else I cast).
  2. Nice! Didn't know you were back. Just so happens this weekend was my first back on the water in a little over two weeks and I was in your 'hood this morning. Things were slow at daybreak but picked up with moving water: 7 fish with 28" the best. On a popper from the 'yak as usual. Also, belated report: Back on the 10th I caught my first ever striper-on-the-fly — a nice 27.5". Felt like a miracle since I'm not a great fly caster and even worse with a larger fly. I'd always assumed if I ever managed to get one it would be casting into a (very) nearby blitz, so it was satisfying that this one came from just working a ledge, casting to swells rolling off the rocks. I was so shocked I tried to take a video; looking at it later and realized I was fishing with my line wrapped around the rod (see above re: not great fly caster. This surely didn't help.)
  3. I have a pedal kayak with reverse, which I strongly recommend. I can back pedal to hold some position, and throwing the rudder all the way to one side can slow the drag-along too.
  4. I'm in a kayak so honestly even a spirited 24" can tow me along pretty good. Not sure how to quantify but a 30"+ fish in shallow-ish water—so it runs more than dives—can get pretty comical: spinning me around, pulling me towards rocks and buoys of course. I realize a 30" is not necessarily anything to write home about farther south, but in this neck of the woods where 33" is my PB, and on light tackle in a light 'yak, any slot fish will have me leaving a wake.
  5. keys under a streetlight... You know the joke about the drunk searching for keys under a streetlight? Guy trying to help asks him if he's sure that's where he lost them. "No, this is just where the light is." This a.m. was what I consider looking for keys under a streetlight fishing: when I choose a destination because it's convenient—short drive, easy kayak launch with no mud dragging, some shelter from the wind—even though it's not a spot where I've actually seen the most/biggest fish lately. So I was pleasantly surprised when this 30 incher smashed my popper around 6am and took me on a nice sleigh ride. It was a good thing I landed this one too because I was about to have one of the longest series of big-hit-with-no-hookups I've seen, where 6 or 7 consecutive casts to the exact same spot (with no visible surface activity) yielded a huge splash with no connection. But I did also get to chase a couple of pods of breaking 24"-range fish for a nice morning on the water. [Figured I'd post a midcoast report while @Roccus7 is on hiatus. My only chance to outfish him is when he's not on the water.]
  6. Always a pleasure to venture out with @Roccus7, who put me on the fish! Of course he spoiled a perfect morning by catching the big one. Rude. Haven't posted this summer but like others I've been pleasantly surprised by a nice supply of good sized fish here in the decidedly-north-of-portland. I caught my first striper in Maine in June 2020 and spent the rest of that summer wondering if I'd ever catch a keeper, eventually landing 1 if I recall. Last summer I did a lot of exploring, learning some spots, and had maybe 7 or 8 28"-31" fish across the summer. On my best day this summer so far I had 5 slot fish in about 90 minutes of fishing. Pretty much all topwater, all very early a.m., all from my kayak. (Love the thrill of a 'yak sleigh ride but my back was grateful for this morning's session with cap'n Roccus. Quite the luxury to skip the unload/load routine, skip the ol' drag-through-the-mud launch or land, skip the multi-mile pedal/paddle, *and* get to stand and cast the whole time!) A feisty fish from a previous outing:
  7. Tried a new spot this morning which required an undignified change in tactics: leaving the pedal kayak and its launch wheels at home and instead dragging my small department store paddle yak across the mud to access a promising cove. I was not particularly pleased with this plan when I was calf deep in muck trying to launch in the near dark. I liked it more as dawn arrived and I had a decent run of five feisty fish with aggressive strikes on my popper. Largest was only 25" but in this yak that's plenty big enough for a sleigh ride. No other humans in sight all morn but lots of seals, herons, and eagles for company. Incoming tide meant I got to skip the mud bath on the way home.
  8. Welp, Monday I had my first skunk of the season. Tired of slower, smaller action in home turf I loaded up the yak and drove south to explore new waters, exhausted myself paddling (pedaling) against tide in the early fog to get up to a promising spot, barely had juice left in the tank to set up good drifts, couldn't stir up so much as a splash. Today I overslept, raced out the door to a nearby spot to try to beat sunrise, got nothing in the usual spots, and then ended up having a decent run of mostly small fish at the tail end of the outgoing tide, well after my usual spots in this location stop being productive. And then on "ok, last cast" I met this greedy 28" fish which hit my popper despite being otherwise occupied. A nice way to end the morning and wash the skunk off.
  9. Fishing with @Roccus7 for a couple of hours last week was a blast. Quite a treat to get rare evening trip in and my kind host gave me every chance at promising casts. Plus I was grateful for the invite since my kayak was out of commission with a snapped steering cable. But I eventually got that sorted and have been back on the water and doing well this week, usually fishing the 4a.m.-ish to 8 .a.m.–ish shift with some exciting blitzes and surface strikes. Yesterday was great with lots of solid fish up to a beefy 27" and the fishing stayed good all morning. And then today, at long last, after an otherwise slower start, I finally managed the thing that has eluded me all June, a KEEPAH! Smashed the popper and took me and the 'yak on a nice sleigh ride.
  10. Yup - funny thing about last couple of days is they've actually been among my best so far this season*** but the sheer number of casts into feeding schools with little to show for it definitely gets on the nerves! (*** some nice fish to 26" beefy enough to take my kayak on little sleigh rides, fun if frustrating "whack a mole" miniblitzes, good learning experience of trying to single out patrolling bass on the margins of areas overstuffed with bait, this morning's adventures in chasing fish in the fog by sound . . .)
  11. I had an early meeting this morning that kept me off the water, which I knew pretty much guaranteed that I'd read about your keeper this afternoon!
  12. No problem — thanks for the tip! I eventually got a nice 25" bass drifting around the point where you left me. And a couple more eventually plus some follows and missed hits. But a frustrating morning over all — kept paddling frantically after distant, minimal signs of breaking bass always to have them disappear just before I rolled up. (I love how easy it is to load & launch my little dept store kayak but if I keep having to chase fish back and forth across the harbor it'll soon be time to switch to the pedal 'yak . . .)
  13. First belated day of the season for me. A couple of sub 20" fish and this feisty fellow — I forgot my measuring tape but guessing 24" or so. Plus I had the pleasure of meeting @Roccus7 on the water!
  14. Nice work! I think my season has alas come to a close. Hard to motivate loading the yak up for low odds, though i was somewhat tempted to try farther south, maybe the new mead riv. Normally I’d console myself with casting a fly for some trout (freshwater sacrilege I know) but the mid coast rivers are so dry not sure how that’s looking this year. Already thinking about next june...
  15. I went out yesterday morning and had a lovely paddle and enjoyed seeing the seals and birds . . . In other words I got skunked.