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  1. The best I’ve found was to make ur own head out of L.C , try. Various lengths until you find which is best for you . Tha LC cuts wind the best however the best cast into wind is the reverse !haul . Mono running line is a must for a achieving distance easily .’
  2. I’ve not used their 8 carrier , just their H C which is excellent .
  3. One of the best line out there is Tuff Line , I believe they mad JB for awhile , in any event try are an excellent t braid , made in USA !
  4. Didn’t get in much fall trout fishing offshore a lot . Started after holidays , looking for # 47 over 5#’s to hit that 50.number ! So far managed 50+ o big girls but fishing been on fire
  5. It has little to do with line it’s the rod n reel especially blight start u drag
  6. PENN Fathom 25 N perfect ! I’ve used a pair for 6 seasons and I do 20 + a year
  7. Wreck outfit ; 7.6 - 8’ FT rod 20-40 class 40 # braid TS 7’ 50# I use cork screw swivel 100# to expedite rig changes ! All rigs 50# main - twisted dropper to hooks 130# spring barrel on top slides right into corkscrew Or u can opt for Grand Banks hook snell ! Whichever make sure the hooks stand off so don’t tangle on drop or in a strong current . Bottom 3’ rig , I surgeons loop a piece of 30# leader for sinker , if caught this will save your rig ! if you choose to jig over a wreck , tend bottom reel up a few feet then jig , otherwise you may be in for a long day of snags ! Open bottom you can be in touch if not to sticky ! Jig weights depending on depth / current , I use 6-10 Oz on any given day !
  8. My understanding 4/0 etc , the 0 simply referred to an ocean reel designation . The higher the number bigger the reel . many still used today and work just fine !
  9. I agree but cannot control the way they intend to do business ! I like you don’t like it but it’s not going to change for the immediate future
  10. I believe most dissatisfaction derived from communications & delivery , not quality of EDGE product ! Unfortunately they see fit to operate in this fashion at times and I can agree with skepticism shown on this board ! However these products are top notch and not much I’ve seen even compares . ive purchased both blanks and rods , Blank delivery was much faster but not perfect ! Thats really all I can add , I fish then heavily and so far more then I expected and alm American made !
  11. Their not showing to the best of my knowledge on any local East cost shows ! so not sure what you are referring to specifically , I simply made a statement not promoting business per se ! i wondered how other buyers made out thats all , no sales angle mentioned by me .
  12. No any quality line is half those numbers check Sunline or Tectan monos !
  13. None , just love their rods ! Customer u could say!
  14. It’s been a pick , some days better then others but overall slow , catch mostly market cod . If your going this WE it’s iffy weather wise , maybe Sunday ! its mostly a bait fishery I haven’t jigged since last fall , I would stick with bait ! if you don’t know have to rig ask mates on boat can set u up !