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  1. I’m at the show and EDGE RODS are alive and well ! This is the first time I.could actually flex a bunch of them ! All I say is they were worth the trip and surf rods amazing ! If your going to RISSA show I think they’re in 400 aisle !
  2. 4# Trilene XL fluorescent , Sunline flo , Gamma , 4# is all you will ever need for trout in most areas . I use all three always fluorescent so I can monitor my drifts .
  3. EDGE ROD delivery is in question by some and maybe some have had issues , however many get their rods in a timely fashion ! The price points are reasonable so to me their worth waiting for , the fly rods are compatible with any $500 Rod , I've owned !
  4. St Joes show is April 7 th ! I l listed 6th that's incorrect !
  5. *
  6. If you order try using this code Lou102019 when you order , may expedite rod order !
  7. Cod fishing is a shadow of what it once was , mismanagement , overfishing by commercials bait decimation , you name it killed the cod fishing ! Gulf of Maine has been shut down for taking cod for several years by hook n line anglers . Certain areas they are so thick you can't get thru them when chasing haddock or other ground species ! So I'm not sure what Portland paper is referring to , maybe a limited commercial catch due to closure .
  8. Well, my understanding is that they have an 120 day trial period , that may allow you to exchange rod if your not satisfied . I'm not sure of all particulars on this policy , however check it out with factory ! It seems like a win , win to me !
  9. St. Joes College April 6th
  10. Quick Rig Hooks , have all types of hi quality hooks !
  11. Only Tuna boats ask for long top shots any bottom boat we all use braid !
  12. Teeny Chuck n Duck extra fast sink tip ! Less line to worry about under water provides straight shot to achieve depth quickly !
  13. Quick Rig big game hooks hard to beat !
  14. Theirs a big electronics outlet in Ct, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to mention them since their not a sponsor like BP is I guess , anyhow Defender Marine Supplies sometime they have electronics on salle and there local ! Ive dealt with them no issues .