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  1. 30 and 50 braid generally over tests so leader should break first that’s the way I do it for the past 30 years
  2. They should allow as some companies do to tape off sections where rod broke and. Cut rod down to short pieces for shipping warranty ! This way broken area can be exaimend and cause of break can be established ! This won’t work in all cases but it will save u money on that ship back issue !
  3. Mason more abrasion resistance as is any hard type leader material ! Anything over 100 # if your doing a lot of hooks I would crimp , a few Snelling no big deal go with that ! I prefer eye up for Snelling for most of my hooks , except for tile where circle seem to be the ticket in the depths . Lighter leaders I would use 8-10 turns heavier 5-6 works Ok ! When Snelling use moderate tension wraps so when you pull leader they to tighten you don’t scrap or heat leader , seat snell by tightening back end first . If memory serves Dubro tool was better for wire applications , but don’t quote me on that one , I do all mine by hand . The tool I like for fancier knots is the aluminum tapered knot tool u see on internet once in awhile ! Very simple to use for nails or other big game smells !
  4. PVC is a good method , mine has 3 v’s cut in , simply wrap braid hold in two hands , if u know how to tie a good top shot knot and use same LB leader as braid or less , leader generally goes first ! The section of braid put under heavy pressure may weaken thus I always cut back !
  5. Manley or Sergeant , if your looking for a tough pliers , not braid friendly !
  6. I fish both fresh and salt , so my totals vary but 150 days about 3/4 of that fresh . This year was less so far since flooded streams limited my efforts ! Also I go offshore wreck fishing a lot and lose days to wind there as well .
  7. I don’t have the back bay series but use and own several Ballistics and there all excellent reels for my inshore use .
  8. I use an EDGE steelhead / salmon spin rod rated for up to 2 1/2 oz , The rod is 10.6”’s with a nice long butt to gain distance with light lures . I’ve used up to 1 1/2 oz lures with mine coupled to a Ballistic 3000 loaded with 15 # braid and fluoro top shot 12# ! Casts really well , rod loads very easily with the lighter lures , 200’ casts easy !
  9. FS Vintage Fenwick Lunker stick spin rod Model PLS 72 1/2 to 1oz 8-15# line MH action. 2 piece Rod in decent condition all guides and wraps solid ! cork grips ! overall rod very nice $75 shipped to east coast location only ! PM me for any ?’s thkd Lou
  10. Used PP since it came out , red was my idea way back when ! There should not be any strength difference via Color change ! Initially red would bleed a little but never effected strength only wear did ! Cut back occasionally no issue ! I was primarily a troller and bottom guy so red could be seen somewhat better then green in these thinner diameter product initially . However one of the best braids out there was and probably still is Tuff Line for general use
  11. I have a EDGE SURF rod , it’s an 11’ model 3 x 6! Oz , it weighs a tad over 8 Oz’s I don’t surf fish so durability wise who knows ? However based on the other 8 EDGE I own and fish heavily no issue , broke a guide on one but I did that, not rods fault !
  12. Fish finder rig works well , if your using braid there is a model designed for braid that slips on and off easily ! Kahle books work well for me I use 4/0 ‘s
  13. A 21’ Boston Whaler about 20 years ago ! Like new with a new motor 100 hrs on engine ! 10 K ! I previously owned one in 72 always loved that boat , I walked away since at the time owned a larger offshore boat , always regretted that one !
  14. I have a Grizzly 40 & liked the drain n handle system better then competitors plus it was on sale last fall about $60 bucks less then Yeti ! Bear proof entry system for those who care . American made comes with a shelf insert as well ! Holds ice for several days , no issue ! I compared to my marine coolers with ice and I would say twice as good !
  15. I simply buy bulk spoils , back it about 1/3 of spool with mono , then top off with braid ! I like having plenty of line and buying bulk saves bucks for sure ! Plenty deals around on bulk ! Too much ado about nothing !