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  1. The very best blank - rod for stand up tuna fishing was Gary Looomis hybrids! These were virtually indestructible with proper fast tapers to best big fish in stand up fast ! Ive caught hundreds of tuna on them and never a failure with fish up to 250#’s ! Ss far as drag strength is concerned I’ll stand by what I said 30#’s is it for average guy , yes 50#’s with proper stand up no big shakes if you know how to handle the rod and have a decent rod n reel combo ! I still do not understand the need for two speed reels , I’ve used several big game fishing over the years , the only ones I’ve ever liked were Duel , no buttons just reverse reel ! I also used Shimano , Penn , Fin - Nor etc , never bothered shifting gears on most chair or stand up applications ! Alwzys used rod or shifted boat on stubborn fish ! Party boats it was helpful around gaff time but not necessary , today RR it’s even less of an issue ! The low gear does not take in enough line your better off pumping fish hard to keep from swimming , short fast strokes keep them disoriented ! Many big tuna taken today on spin gear nothing two speed about that ! Those Loomis hybrids were way ahead of there time but now Gary’s EDGE rod company has developed a super duty blank that rivals anything I’ve seen to date ! Designed with proprietary material ther gonna be eye openers once testing is completed !
  2. 50#'s of drag is pure he'll by itself , if your standing up on that drag it's gotta be brutal ! For,mid size tuna I've used a 30 - 50 # Loomis Hybrid custom built for stand up use with 30 - 50# Alutecnos reel 80# HC line ! I doubt that the average guy couldn't even handle 30#'s of drag !! if you have a parabolic taper on your rod then you could be in for a long day , if you on the other hand using a rod the exhibits a fastertaper with a quick,stacking blank will tire a fish much quicker . Be a lot easier on the angler as well , I've always preferred a single speed reel for this application .
  3. Jeff leaves out of pier one Marina Yarmouth during fluke season party boat not on Cape Cod .
  4. I always am ! Let me know !
  5. I get it and totally agree with touch and feel ! I wouldn't either !
  6. If I had to define one do it all EDGE Rod for a veriety of inshore and offshore uses for bottom species it would be this model ; LRR 7630 -1 7.6" 30# class FT ive used this blank for several years for above applications and it my personal go to rod especially for DW jigging , eeling ! Luv it ! i haven used it on Tuna but several years back I had a reputable offshore tuna boat try the rod when slicked tuna were ld shy ! This rod landed fish in mid 50's plus with ease and using 35# fluoro leaders ! I'm sure bigger tuna can be landed providing circumstances permit .
  7. Understand and concur , u may also look at the "EDGE" LMX series , I've been using the LRR 7020 -1 20# class These models sport 15" butt instead of 16 on Pelagic & 8" foregrips . I've used this model bottom fishing on all front , plus BD for bass ! i sometimes jig offshore SB with this model with 20# braid I generally get away with 4-6 oz jigs in under 200' . The other models LMX rods LRR series 7.6" with 14" butts maybe something you can look at . I always opt for longer rods in deep water situations especially in water over 200' ! Hope some of this helps you and others with "EDGE" Rod selections I'll also go into custom rods I had built on Garys Northfork blanks several years ago and have plenty of expierance on the certain models might be helpful as well !
  8. PThe current Peladic series is built for offshore work , however the longer butts are preferred by some anglers that fish deep to rest under arm easily ! Those in conjunction with generous foregrips allow better fish control when hooked up and many like rail rodding this foregrips allows both . The LMX series offers these tapers in longer rods 7.6 and up with shorter butts but we contuine the generous foregrips , allows anglers a decent grip when fishing bigger fish in deep water or if you prefer to RR . All thes rods are extremely light weight coupled to fast stacking tapers that will best fish mquicker ! Also allow for a wider selections of weights / lures / jigs to be used comfortably .Ive personally used the Pelagics for deep water cod , pollock , SB , Stripers , tog , the rods extremely light weight makes for effortless jigging or bottom fishing all day
  9. Bottom guys in NE would use EDGE Pelagic series and LMX series of conventional rods ! The 12#, 15 # & 20# class in spin and conventional would suffice for all inshore species in both conventional and spin ! These are 7' rods extremely light and very tough blanks to take this abuse . i personally prefer the 12# for jig fishing whether tog or fluke ! Ive used these offshore wreck fishing as well ideal for SB , Cod , Haddock ,Pollock , the 15 &'20# class ideal for these applications ! My outfit with Daiwa Lexus 400 is barely overa LB ! Those who prefer longer rods the EDGE LMX series is the way to go, 7.6 rods with very much same tapers, in fact the 30# class I have is my go to deepater jig n rig rod! Bear in mind many of their 7.6 to 8' Salmon rods double for this use as well ! Hopefully they maybe seen at local,shows so everyone can get a feel for the rods ! Ill keep those who are interested in seeing them informed as to what shows they may attend . One thing you will be amazed at the EDGE HOVR series , ultra light weight rods that can handles most inshore fish with ease , great deep water fluke bucktailer , weighs under 4 oz's @ 7.6' ! Pleasure to fish with all day !
  10. Yes , new promoter !
  11. Luv it , the way those big fish are killed down there. Is not good for anyone !
  12. The lightest and best I've found are Aquaz by far , I have several pairs use the 3 layer in waiter ! On 5 season and just had some minor seam leaks ! Used every winter trout fishing probably 35 trips or so per year in winter . 36 degree water feet are toasty even if must and in for long periods just wear sweat pants or fleece under waders good to go !
  13. The issue is back order only , “ EDGE” Rods sell direct only at shows and internet period ! The backlog is real due to overwhelming orders at this new direct price structure . I’m not ware of any one that did not get a refund if they felt delivery was late We state up front when you order there may be a considerable wait time on some models . We never take an order without noting same , by the way many orders are processed earlier then expected ! Believe me they are worth waiting for , a quality American made product by Gary Loomis ! Ill stand by what I stayed , the Pelagic series is a top Tog jig rod , it incorporates a feather weight rod with super light tip sans a super fast recovery to move even big fish with those lightweights ! Tapers in these rods outpace anything in its class . Wait to you see our surf rods , mere ounces !
  14. The "EDGE" Pelagics are only made in following line classes 12, 15,& 30 ! They are are FT with plenty of backbone in lower taper ! Weight wise if your a togger or bottom fisherman they feel like a feather in your hand, you would be very hard pressed to find lighter rods with this taper and power. I've jigged cod n SB with the 12 & 15 class , several,cod being teenagers no issue ! The flex rate or recovery on these rods due to their lightweight is second to none ! The 15# class I sure could move any tog fast ! I haven't personally caught teenage tog on the 12# up to 9#'so far , on the jig with spin Rod no issue plenty reserve.
  15. Check out Northfork Composites , Gary Loomi's new company that manufactures blanks , all American made he has some exciting new material and designs at very reasonable prices !'