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  1. I lost an uncle in WW2, another got shot up in the Pacific theater , I’ll never forget , I served in the AF and dam proud I did ! God bless all our fallen servicemen and women who gave us the freedom we all enjoy !
  2. Aftco durable and decent fit !
  3. Suffix line I’ve had issues with as well , only use Momoi no issues !
  4. Teeny lines tend to sinks on an even plane with tip leading the way . I like that feature and use them for a lot of deep water presentations
  5. One of the best ever made Loomis IMX Mega ! 8.6 models with extended grip to reduce rod length for better control in big fish up n down ! I’ve taken dozens of fish over 10O#’s , bill fish , tuna , tarpon etc , best rod by far !
  6. South Bend is long gone ! They had quality way back when for sure . The name has been sold to another company that specializes in low end product !
  7. Yes drop weight is different for sure than casting lure weight ! Like was stated most 1-3oz lure rated rods will bottom fish easily with 3X that weight ! That's my general rule of thumb 3X lure rating fro bottom fishing ! Jigging it could be a different issue since the rod power or taper may not allow for jigging anywhere near that weight ! Alao on bigger fish line weight may be in question , as are a host of other factors !
  8. I use Trilne XL fluorescent or Gamma can see under most conditions !
  9. “ Edge “ Salmon Rod Model SAR 9115-2 9’11” Rated -10-30#. 1-6oz lures mod fast taper , rod weighs about 4.5 oz . Spin rod ! Bought this rod for some big water WC Salmon fishing . However I used it Jetty n Inlet fishing couple times . Amazed on how well it would cast 1-3oz lures ! In fact I measured a few casts with One ounce jig n worm averaged 70 yds without even pushing it ! Loads up nicely with lighter lures and can handle up to 3oz with no issues !
  10. So called ultra light rods are generally classified as 4.6 to 5.6 in length . Mast labeled 2-4 # line up to 1/8 oz lures ! i use ultra light to catch many outsize trout and other various species . Those UL short rods cannot compare withe the rods I prefer which are 6.6 and 7 light line series , rated for 1-4# line with a progressive parabolic taper ! They load easier to cast light lures You will not loose fish due to rods softer taper and length it doesn’t stack more accurate to cast It’s.nearly impossible to break off big fish with light lines with this type rod true UL rods or panfish rated rods over 6’ in length perform so much better it’s not even close for short rods !
  11. Shad : 6-7 fly rod shooting head 10# 3' ld shooting basket cast slightly up and across mend if water deep enough to sink fly once tick bottom , make sure u tight line drop ! begin short very fast strips , say about a foot per strip ! Faster u retrive the better.
  12. Unfortunately Gary is the design guru , everyday inquires are handled by other employees . Anyhow just got my second rod I ordered in March !
  13. It’s up there with the best ! Ive Been using it for over ten years no issues !
  14. Targeting big trout is proper methods combined with time on water ! Most don’t understand it’s not always one method or one lure , it really boils down to fishing with correct equipment , lures and very major selection of good holding water contained in a particular stream ! i fish several methods after selecting big fish holding water # 1 , lure spoons #2 lure spoons # 3 lure spoons , in winter when water dips into 30’s I go to bait . Nothing covers water like hardware , to fish properly forget so called UL rods under 6’6” . I always have used 6’6” and 7’ UL rods rated for 1-4 # line , use only mono 4 # my choice ! If your a good steel header then you present the lure same drift method , do NOT reel ! And don’t use spinners local streams they will snag too much using my methods !
  15. It’s not the etiquette , that’s missing it’s the knowledge of how to fish successfully ! So most who don’t follow the crowd to the so called “ hot spot” cause they believe that’s the ONLY places u can catch fish . it happens in boats , on trout stream everywhere it is what it is .