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  1. Sorry, not looking for partial trades.
  2. I've stopped with the hard hooksets this year. I gently lift up and if I feel weight, I start to crank as sy said. Often times, those little nibbles are undersized fish or possibly crabs. When you lift the rod tip up, they drop off, in which case I'll drop the bait back down.
  3. The Accurist is made for freshwater bass fishing and not comparable to the Tranx/Lexa/Komodo, given the op's intended use.
  4. I could do $165.
  5. $175 picked up in Queens. This is a brand new Lamiglas Carbon Surf 9' rod rated for 1/2 to 3 oz lures. 2-piece, 70/30 split. Model number is LCS9MS.
  6. Garmin Vivo series.
  7. I was under the impression that the VSX series replaced the VS series.
  8. Rod sold to BeachBum818. Thanks!
  9. Sorry, didn't see this. I will ship it to you but if you want to pick up, I am in Queens near JFK.
  10. Near JFK airport.
  11. $110 is the best I can do. This rod retails for $165 at Tackledirect.
  12. Daiwa Millionaire or Luna.
  13. Prices have gone up but the blanks are the upgraded SC III vs SC II on the purple Mojo. Prices are in line with the current Tidemaster, which are SC II as well. I'm wondering if the new Mojos are meant to replace the Tidemaster.
  14. I like the color on the Mojo Inshores compared to the purple ones. I'm interested in one of the casting models with EVA/Cork grip.