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  1. $360 firm. Pick up in Queens near JFK or downtown NYC. Brand new Penn Torque 12 with box, papers, clamp, and oil.
  2. Hello, I will take a black knob.
  3. Do that with braid and you may very well rip its face off.
  4. A few summers ago, I wore Keen water shoes. They worked well but started to smell horrible after a while and washing it did not help.
  5. Is Wera better quality than Wiha? I used to think Wiha made quality miniature screwdrivers until I turned the tip of one of the smaller flatheads into somewhat of an S shape on a stubborn screw.
  6. I've found the cheapest to be USPS priority. Length plus girth must be a max of 108", which you are close to bumping up against with a 7+ footer.
  7. Hello, would you accept $475 shipped?
  8. Looks like the mag adjustment knob would get in the way of palming the reel.
  9. Shimano Teramar Northeast TMSE70M sounds perfect for your needs. It's a 7' with fast action.
  10. Could it be that ICast left them understaffed?
  11. I also ordered before the notice about system upgrade. I received a partial order unexpectedly, as they never sent me a shipping notice. The website lists my entire order as pending. I'm still waiting for the rest of my order. I've had no issues with them in the past so I'll chalk it up to a temporary system issue.
  12. Hello, which generation is the reel? Box, bag, and papers included?
  13. Sure, I can do $540. Please pm me your payment info. Thanks.
  14. Hello, would you accept $525 shipped? What do you mean by "42,4xx range"?